Technology Support

Our technology staff will be available to help.

The Kenston technology department will continue to support the district owned Chromebook devices during the online learning process.  Below is a guideline for how the process will be performed and completed.  It is important to check your school email through this process for repair updates and completion.

Drop Off /Pick Up Times – Every Wednesday from 10 AM to 12 PM

Drop Off/ Pick Up Location – Kenston Middle School Front Entrance


            • Student will fill out the Chromebook Repair Form
            • The Technology Department will be notified and send a follow up email to the student via their school provided email account with a drop off date and instructions.
                    • Devices should not be dropped off without prior confirmation from the technology department.
            • Once instructed, student / parent / guardian will drop off their device in the Kenston Middle School front entrance.
                    • If loaner is required, the student / parent / guardian  will pick up the chromebook with the student’s name on it.
                    • This front entrance is under camera surveillance and will be checked if necessary.
            • Once the Chromebook is repaired, the student will receive an email in their school provided account with instructions on when the Chromebook will be available for pickup.
                    • If a loaner Chromebook was borrowed, the student must drop off the loaner Chromebook when they pick up their repaired Chromebook
                    • Depending on the issue, a Chromebook repair could take multiple weeks to be repaired if it must be mailed out for a warranty repair.

How to Clear Cache in Chrome

Chromebook Tips

Hold down the power button until you see the ‘Power Off’ show on the screen.

            • Powering off is different than just closing the lid.

Remove the user from the device (don’t worry, you will not lose your files)

            • On the sign-in screen, click the ‘down arrow’ on the profile
            • Click ‘Remove User’
            • Click ‘Remove this User’
            • Click ‘Add Person’ on the bottom left of the screen to sign back in

Update Your Chromebook

            • Click on the settings tray in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
            • Enter the settings using the gear icon.
            • Click on “About Chrome OS” on the bottom of the left column.
            • Select the “Check for updates” option.
            • Once the update finishes downloading, click “Restart.”

Chromebook not turning on?

              • Make sure your Chromebook is charged.
              • Plug in the Chromebook and look for a light on the side of the Chromebook
                        • No Light? Check to be sure everything is plugged in correctly
              • After it has charged for 15 minutes, hit the power button and wait.

Google Classroom tips

  • When you have multiple children in the household using the same device to access their Google Classroom, it is advised that each Google User log out of their account before the next User logs in.  This will prevent one student trying to access a document in their classroom and being denied access because the account being used was not their own.

Student Google Login Information

The student Google login account information is as follows:

Video: How to sign-in to your Chromebook

password: firstinitial lastinitial student ID


  • Name: John Smith
  • Grade: 1st grade
  • Student ID (lunch code): 654321

Google username:
Google password: js654321

Grades with their Graduation Years

  • Kindergarten: 2034
  • 1st Grade: 2033
  • 2nd Grade: 2032
  • 3rd Grade: 2031
  • 4th Grade: 2030
  • 5th Grade: 2029
  • 6th Grade: 2028
  • 7th Grade: 2027
  • 8th Grade: 2026
  • 9th Grade: 2025
  • 10th Grade: 2024
  • 11th Grade: 2023
  • 12th Grade: 2022