Facilities & Maintenance

The Kenston Local Schools Maintenance and Grounds crew is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of 123 acres. The goal of the maintenance department is to assure students across the district have a safe learning environment. As part of district values, we believe in inspiring and empowering students by fostering innovation and creativity within our classrooms which is impacted directly by maintaining our facilities.


Our maintenance team is trained and serves essential functions in areas of HVAC, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing. Examples may include helping to maintain temperature, humidity, air quality, lighting in all facilities and classrooms throughout the district.


Our grounds crew perform duties in regards to maintaining district grounds, mowing, fencing, signage, furniture repair and relocation, roofing, painting, and general carpentry projects.


Our custodians are responsible for daily thorough cleaning of all facilities district wide. From floors to ceilings and everything in between, custodians make every effort to keep our buildings clean each and every day ready for students, faculty and staff.

Water Quality Reports

Kenston Schools are a public water system (PWS) responsible for providing drinking water that meets state and federal standards.  Quarterly, the water is tested in all our school buildings.  Specific lead and copper testing is conducted on a three (3) year schedule.  The monitoring checks our drinking water for specific contaminants.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting:
Kenston Board of Education Office – 440-543-9677

Josh Goodridge
B&J Environmental – 440-543-2585

2022 Kenston Middle School Lead and Copper
2021 Gardiner Lead Consumer Notice
2021 TES Lead Consumer Notice
2021 KMS Lead Consumer Notice
2021 KHS Lead Consumer Notice
2020 KIS Lead Consumer Notice
2020 KMS Lead Consumer Notice
2019 KIS Lead Consumer Notice
2019 KMS Lead Consumer Notice
2018 KMS Drinking Water Notice
2018 District-Wide EPA Drinking Water, Lead Copper Monitoring Report

As the district continues to grow, collaboration between these departments and others is essential for district operations to run efficiently. Daily activities become more challenging as more facilities are added to their respective duties. Keeping district clean, safe and in good working order for students and staff is an ongoing assignment for Kenston Local Schools maintenance operations.