Play Blue

Play Blue History

In 2010, Kenston was one of two school districts in Ohio to receive money from the federally funded Carol M. White Physical Education Program Grant (PEP). Since then, district employees and parent volunteers have been working to roll out the program, now known as PLAY BLUE. As a result, in 2011, Kenston unveiled a new age-appropriate state-of-the-art Play Blue physical fitness center in each of the five Kenston school buildings, which Kenston students use in physical education class, in addition to the traditional P.E. curriculum.

In 2012, Kenston students are continuing to use the Play Blue Fitness Centers, and also enjoying the district’s renewed focus on health and wellness as promoted in all Kenston school cafeterias. Sodexho, Kenston’s food partner and supplier is working closely with Kenston staff and administration to provide healthier and better-tasting meal choices, from eliminating fried foods, to adjusting portion size, offering more fresh fruits, vegetables and grains, working with local suppliers and more.

On April 14, 2013, the 2nd Play Blue in Motion event. Like our hugely successful inaugural event in 2012, this event was at Kenston High School. We brought back all the popular opportunities for physical activity for every member of the family and we will add several health and wellness elements with more food vendors, cooking demonstrations, a Future Chefs contest and much more.