Board of Education

Regular Board Meeting Location

Kenston High School – Auburn Bainbridge Room (9500 Bainbridge Road, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023) 

The board will hold its regular monthly meeting on the second or third Monday of the month at 7 pm.
Additional special meetings/work sessions may be scheduled as needed.

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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Kenston Local School District is for each student to achieve individual academic excellence and to maximize personal growth in a community which demonstrates and develops mutual respect, responsibility, and life-long learning.

Community Partnerships

An exemplary school district is committed to establishing and maintaining effective partnerships with its community – parents, residents, businesses, government agencies and other educational systems. It continuously develops the community’s allegiance, ownership and support. Such a district:

  • Establishes and promotes active two-way communication
  • Initiates, sustains, and is receptive to collaborative efforts among all partners
  • Provides access to the district’s resources
  • Develops programs to engage members of the community
  • Provides continuing education for life-long learners
  • Works with parents to have an active role in the education of their children


An exemplary school district is a community, which demonstrates and develops mutual respect, academic excellence, and life-long learning. The schools of such a district:

  • Promote relationships based upon mutual respect and consideration
  • Achieve a sense of pride through recognition of student and staff accomplishments
  • Provide an emotionally and physically safe environment
  • Establish and administer an effective discipline policy that promotes a safe and positive learning environment
  • Maximize instructional time

Vision Statement

The Kenston Local School District believes that to sustain and exceed its exemplary status, there must be a clear sense of goals in which all stakeholders have an investment.  In order to transform ideals into reality, the following Vision Statement is intended to provide the standards that the Kenston Local School District shall strive to achieve and continuously seek to improve.


An exemplary school district requires effective leaders who facilitate academic excellence and maximize collaborative progress towards the district mission, vision and goals. In such a district the leaders:

  • Facilitate stakeholder participation in an effective decision-making process
  • Are committed to continuous improvement with high expectations for students, staff and community
  • Create an environment focused on planned, sustained professional development aligned with district goals
  • Foster leadership in others and develop effective communication among community members, parents, staff, students and faculty


An exemplary school district continuously evaluates the effectiveness of its resources to optimize their impact on maximum student achievement and personal growth by:

  • Demonstrating fiscal responsibility by providing resources that enable long-range financial planning to safeguard the community’s investment in education
  • Rigorously utilizing and maintaining facilities, transportation, and food services by providing an emotionally and physically safe, supportive environment that meets the needs of the students, staff, administration and community, creating pride in the district
  • Continuously planning, evaluating and providing for future facility needs
  • Providing and utilizing technology to impact student achievement and preparing students to use the tools of the modern world
  • Pursuing and securing financial resources to supplement operating funds (donations, grants, etc.)
  • Supporting the courses of study with appropriate texts, materials and supplies

Student Achievement

An exemplary school district provides opportunities for all students to achieve individual academic excellence and maximize personal growth by:

  • Providing instruction to ensure all students achieve established standards of excellence
  • Inspiring students to develop their individual academic, career and personal goals
  • Developing and implementing procedures by which students’ behavior, academic progress, and emotional well-being are continually monitored and appropriate services are initiated as needed
  • Teaching all students to accept responsibility for learning, decisions, and behavior and to become problem solvers and critical thinkers
  • Providing a dynamic curriculum that includes mastery of academic content and integrates acquisition of essential life skills