Week 11: October 23-27, 2017

In Physical Science…we are ready to use all the measurement skills we have been practicing. Physics is next…motion, speed, and forces.

Image result for relative motion images

In Chem…we continue to work with the periodic table and chemical bonding. Next we move onto chemical reactions and equations.

Check out this cool PT, it shows which type of stars  elements came from.

Week of September 18-22, 2017

This week in Physical Science we move on to chemical bonding.

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This week in Chemistry we wrap up atoms with a test on Tuesday. Next we move onto electron configurations and orbitals.

What a great week:

  • Homecoming Parade is on Tuesday
  • Fall arrives Friday afternoon with the Autumnal Equinox.
  • Friday night is the homecoming football game.
  • Saturday night is the homecoming dance.


Week of September 5, 2017

Welcome back after a long weekend!

This week in Physical Science we will be continue looking at atoms and Bohr models,  then turn our focus to Lewis e-dot diagrams, isotopes, and ions. We end the week with our Unit 2 test at move on next to the Periodic Table.

Image result for atoms ions and isotopes

This week in Chemistry we will continue to practice dimensional analysis and density. We then turn our focus to the scientific method and round out the week with a clean up day and our Unit 2 test on measurement.

Image result for dimensional analysis