Acceptable Use Agreement

The Acceptable Use Agreement must be signed and filed with the Technology Department by all users beginning in Fall 2015. The Agreement can be downloaded, filled out electronically, printed and signed. All users under the age of 18 require a parent signature.

District Technology Plan

The District Technology plan outlines where we are going, and what we expect to happen in terms of technology in the next few years. While the plan formally addresses 2014-2017, we expect the pace of expansion and implementation to vary, depending on available funding sources and changes in the technology landscape. The overall goal of the plan is to move towards a mobile campus, where Kenston provides users with high speed access to the internet in a least restrictive environment.

Current RFPs

The Request for Proposals is our formal mechanism for the bid process for larger projects like internet service, network projects, etc.

Please see our current RFPs here.

New to Kenston?

If you’re a new staff member, the Technology Department will find you and communicate your new accounts, access to email, etc. If you’re a new student, you may request access at your building.

Leaving Kenston?

It’s easy to manage your data once you’re planning to leave Kenston, either for retirement, graduation, or other reasons. All your data in your Google Apps account is easily transferable either to another Google account, or downloaded to your device. Follow these steps to migrate your data.

If you’re a staff member, and wish to export / save your data from your H: Drive, please let us know in advance via email, and we’ll help you export to your own storage media like a flash drive, or external hard drive.