Network Project Planning & Execution

The team has worked actively in the past ten months to plan out a network infrastructure improvement project for the entire Kenston Campus. With levy funding now available, the project will become a reality in the summer of 2015, with all new wiring and hardware throughout campus, providing a new level and quality of service to our users, both internal and external.

Using WIFI as an example, the number of wireless Access Points are increasing from 41 to 220+, resulting in a 400%+ increase in availability. We have designed our new system with the future user in mind, and expect more than 7,000 wireless clients to be able to connect at one time to our new network.

Furthermore, the new network will be able to control access to resources such as bandwidth much better than our current system, and quality of service will be maintained at a much higher rate than we have been able to do in the past.

Three wireless networks will be available for the end user – a staff network, a student network, and a guest user network, each with specific settings and authentication requirements.