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Our goal is to provide world class service to our end users.
Customer Service

We pride ourselves on being able to service our end users across the district with punctual, timely, and on-target repairs, services, and maintenance.

24/7 Uptime

Providing a network and wireless environment to more than 3,500 users is no small task. We work hard every day to make sure your environment is up and running.


We love working with others to solve problems, streamline workflows and procedures, and enhance the experience with technology. Give us a call today!


Need help? We are probably around the corner right now… From help with basic stuff like saving a file, to more advanced challenges – let us know what you\’re working on, and we\’ll help craft the solution.

Our Team

We work hard to support you in what you do. Every day.
Andreas Johansson
Director of Technology Integration
Andreas leads the Technology team and overseas district functions including budgets, teacher technology training, and more. He also spends time on district continuous improvement projects and other initiatives that help drive the organization forward.
John Molnar
Technology Coordinator
John leads the hardware team day-to-day operations, and takes point in all things system related. Phones, network, fixing a hard drive – there\’s nothing John can\’t handle!
Evan Kuckelheim
Network Lead
Evan manages the network operations, including wiring, switching, the wifi, and many other aspects the end user never sees. When your website works, and you can connect with your laptop, it\’s because Evan makes it happen!
Les Evey
Computer Technician
Les is our go-to guy for all the little things that go creek in the night. Printers, user accounts, or a SMART Board that just won\’t connect – Les can fix it all within minutes.

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