End of the year…

It has been a pleasure to teach all of you this year!  I have enjoyed this year immensely!  Thank you for your hard work and it has been amazing to see all of the progress you have made!

As many of you know, I was out last week because my husband and I adopted our second son, Hudson Graham!  He is 7 weeks old today and is the sweetest little guy!

I hope you all had a wonderful year and have a relaxing and fun summer break!  Best of luck to you as you enter 7th grade – I know that you are very prepared for the rigor and high standards of the 7th grade teaching team!


Mrs. Sedmak

IR presentations

IR presentation dates:

IF your name is NOT on a list, then you will be presenting your IR on the regular due date, May 17th.  Those of you whose names are on the list have volunteered to go early for extra credit.  This list along with the rubric for the assignment can also be found in Google classroom.  


5 April 2017

Homework:  Read and annotate chapter 15 in Stepping on the Cracks

Finish class work:

Write a personal pronoun to replace the blue words:

  1.  The father asked the sons for a bundle of sticks.
  2. The father tied the bundle up with string.
  3. The father gave the bundle to the sons.
  4. The father said, “Break the bundle.”
  5. The boys tried, but the boys were too weak to break the bundle.