A big shout out goes to Mrs. Seitz for helping us to complete our endangered animals project! Today we removed our animals from the kiln so they could be placed in their habitats we had made.  Be sure to visit the District Wide Art Show at KHS to read our reports and see our endangered animals in their habitats.  The Art Show opens on Sunday at 1:00.


Our endangered animals have been fired in the kiln and are ready for the final details to make them truly look like the animals they are.  We used what we had learned about what our animals look like during our research to glaze our animals. Our animals will be fired in the kiln again tonight and will be ready to be placed in our habitats we created tomorrow!


The first Friday of the month means the Kids Baking Challenge!  Today’s bake-off was looking for the best pan of brownies!  Each group followed a 3 step recipe and our kitchen safety rules to a tee!  In the end it was the girls’ group with the winning brownies!


Our habitats are ready, so today we went to work to create the endangered animals that live in them.  Thank you Mrs. Seitz for spending some of the morning with us to learn a bit about working with clay.  We used the facts we learned during our research time about what our endangered animals looked like to create the animals from a ball of clay.


Today it was time to create our endangered animals’ habitats.  We took what we had researched and learned about the type of habitat each of our animals lives in, and then set to work to recreate those habitats in our shoe boxes.


OT Day today!  Today we used our fine motor skills to thread a needle and sew our eyes onto our creatures.  We learned how to do a running stitch and a ladder stitch and then followed the steps for the stitch chosen to use to sew the eyes on.