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Our first set of new words is “in the books”.  We have worked with the language to be successful employees at a job.  Next week we will be applying for our new jobs in the building and putting the words to work!  A great way to reinforce the words at home is to visit the website spellingcity.com.  Our list is up there with lots of games to play to practice the recognition of the words and understanding their meaning.


Preparations are underway for the opening of the Schweickert Super Snack Stand at the next home volleyball game.  We will be open during the games this coming Monday 9/11.  Be sure to stop and buy a snack if you are at the game.  We will be selling candy, chips, drinks, popcorn, pizza, and more.


The Schweickert Super Snack Stand is preparing to open for the next home volleyball game.  Please check folders tonight for information about the stand as well as a sign up sheet for workers.  I would like each student to work at least 1 game this season.  If you miss the notices click on the links below for the information.

The Business Adventures of Room 222 intro letter 2017

Volleyball Concession Stand Sign Up 2017


We had a great day at the fair today!  The rain held off and we were able to find tons of examples of science for our project for Ms. Burton’s class! Be sure to check out the weekly photo gallery for all the pictures from our outing today!


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Just a reminder that tomorrow we are heading to the Geauga County Fair to explore the exhibits and work on our project for Ms. Burton’s science class.  It is going to be a perfect temperature, but there might be some rain.  I would encourage everyone to plan their outfit for it – a raincoat and not your best shoes are suggested.  Just a few reminders to keep in mind:

  1. If you have one, bring a chinch sake to carry your stuff in.
  2. Lunch will be provided tomorrow (a hot dog, drink, chips). You DO NOT need to bring a lunch, however if you would like to pack instead of eating what is provided that is fine.  I would suggest bringing a water bottle to keep hydrated.
  3. It is suggested to wear close toed shoes. You just never know at the fair.
  4. Bring some extra spending money if you would like to buy a fair food treat! I already have my money packed for an Elephant Ear.