Week of 9/19

This week in Exploratory French, the class started learning adjectives in French to describe a person. For example, we learned the masculine and feminine forms of adjectives like français(e), américain(e), and créatif/créative. This week we also continued to practice the colors in French. By the end of the week, students were prepared to take a quiz on 10 colors in French. And, Exploratory French read their first story in French.

In French I, we continued to develop autoportraits to describe a friend. We also described some famous people/characters like Harry Potter, Shirley Temple, and Kevin from Home Alone. We used our ever-growing adjective vocabulary to describe these people. To check for understanding on some descriptions, students drew a picture of what they read.

Week of 9/12

This week Exploratory French took their first test. After the test on Wednesday, we moved on to learning colors. This was taken as a welcome change from the sometimes tricky French numbers we were studying!

French I also took their first test in French class. The 8th graders have been learning some adjectives and using those adjectives to describe a celebrity. Second period French chose Youtube singer Jacob and Sixth period chose a wrestler named John. While the teacher learned a lot about these two fellows from the students, the students had fun using their new vocabulary to describe these public figures. French I also read their first story in French about un garçon and une fille, Roman and Isabelle.

Week of 9/5/16

This week in French I and Exploratory French we learned classroom objects in French and on vendredi, Friday, the days of the week in French were introduced. We continue to get in practice with the numbers and the greetings, topics from the first couple of weeks of class.

10 best apps for learning languages

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This is the first post of the “M’aidez! MAYDAY!” category. Did you know this distress signal came from the French m’aidez meaning help me? They’re even pronounced the exact same. So, any helpful information or links that can be useful for you or your student will be in this category.