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April news

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This month, we celebrated our final Mix-It Up Day for the year.  Each month, students have been working to strengthen their conversation and friendship-making skills.  Our emphasis has been on asking open-ended questions to facilitate conversation and also finding two things in common and celebrating a difference with a new friend.  Many thanks to the high school PEAK ambassadors, high school counselors, and other high school students who have come to Timmons during these special lunches to facilitate and reinforce the friendship-making skills.


Our PEAK trait for this month is integrity.  We have been emphasising the idea of doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.  Dr. Michelle Bora, in her  book Building Moral Intelligence: The Seven Essential Virtues That Teach Kids to Do the Right Thing, shares some ideas to help reinforce and build your child’s integrity.  Here are seven parenting tips:


1. Know What You Stand for So Your Child Knows

2. Walk Your Talk

3. Share Your Moral Beliefs and Take a Stand

4. Ask Moral Questions to Stretch Moral Development

5. Boost Empathy

6. Reinforce Assertiveness Not Compliance

7. Teach Assertive Skills

You can read more specifics at this website:

Groups now forming

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If you are interested in your child participating in a counseling group.  Groups are currently being formed.  Groups sessions are 30 minutes long.  Sessions run for a minimum of six weeks and rotate during the day of the week and the time of the day, so students are not missing the same class twice.  Please contact me at 440 543-9380   Ext: 3078  to sign up.

Peer Mediation Program

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This year at Timmons as we continue to grow our H.E.R.O program, we have added a conflict manager program.  In Early April we trained 16, 3rd grade Peer Mediators. During training students learned about how to be good listeners, brainstorming techniques, viewing both sides of a conflict, confidentiality, staying neutral during a mediation.  The mediations are student lead, and moderated by the school counselor.  Mediations have been taking place during 3rd grade lunch and recess periods.  Mediation is a wonderful tool to empower students to help keep our school a safe and peaceful place.

Kindness Counts at Timmons

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During the month of April, we focused on the PEAK trait of Integrity and doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Our P.E.A.K program has a Kindness Counts initiative, a wonderful example of which came into focus at Timmons. The goal was to collect 5000 acts of kindness in the four weeks leading up to spring break. Students were challenged to notice, choose and act. Notice when someone needs help… choose what you could do to help… and act on your choice. Students were provided with Kindness Counts hearts to fill out to recognize the kind acts that were done for them. To date, we have collected an amazing 4927 acts of kindness during our Kindness Counts drive. The acts of kindness have been displayed on our Kindness Counts board in the third grade pod, outside the Library. Our students showed that one small act of kindness can make a big difference!

Poppy demonstrates bravery on her journey to become a H.E.R.O

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Last night in chapter nine, our heroine Poppy finds inner strength inspired by the feeling of Ragweed’s earring against her ear.  She demonstrates bravery as she crosses Glitter Creek.

How Poppy becomes a H.E.R.O

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At the end of chapter 7, we see the first evidence of Poppy showing true H.E.R.O traits.  She demonstrates her determination when she decides she needs to travel to New House to find out what Mr. Ocax is hiding.

What characteristics do true H.E.R.O’s demonstrate?

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In an informal survey taken during lunch periods, I asked students what were the qualities that H.E.R.O’s have in common.

Here is the list of qualities they generated:







determined, (they don’t give up)



responsibility, and


As we read Poppy we are going to track her adventures to see if Poppy becomes a H.E.R.O.

Timmons H.E.R.O kick off

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In October we officially kicked off our H.E.R.O program for Students.  HERO stands for Help Everyone Respect Others.  It is our proactive school wide student expectation program.  We believe that there is a “hero” inside each and every child.  To be a hero students need to follow 4 simple expectations:


These posters are displayed in classrooms and throughout our building.

In October your child watched an original interactive play called ”Becoming a Hero” performed by Accent on Youth, comprised Kenston high school students.  The play demonstrated the power of making safe and positive choices and depicted how to be a Timmons HERO every day. Your child received a “Be a Timmons Hero” scrambler to remind them that they all need to work together. Each student is a part of the solution, helping to create a caring and safe school community.  During the next few weeks our Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Rolf will be meeting with classes to reinforce the concepts resented and to give students proactive tools to prevent and stop bullying.  Becoming a  Timmons H.E.R.O


Read for the Record 2013

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On October 3rd, 805 Timmons students and faculty participated in Jumpstart’s Read for the Record.  By reading the book Otis by Loren Long the organization named “We Give Books” donate 805 books to early  literacy programs on our behalf.  Students also helped set a new world record for the most people reading the same book on the same day.

Timmons students read for the record

Adopt -a -Beach OSOB Service Learning Extension

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On Saturday April 27th, Timmons families and teachers volunteered their time at Mentor Headlands Beach for a beach clean up.  The Adopt-a-Beach program is part of the Alliance for the Great Lakes.  The Alliance for the Great Lakes strive to conserve and protect the Great Lakes and our fresh water supply.  In two hours, Timmons volunteers managed to collect and remove over 205 lbs of trash from the beach.  Some of the more interesting items that were found were a tire, part of a car bumper, and a large lid from a trash can.  Participants also took note of the bather load- how the beach is being used, took a water sample and learned how to calculate water speed.  All the data will be sent to the Alliance for the Great Lakes to be entered in their data base.  The information helps them write grants to  support keeping our water source clean

A special thanks to the families and Timmons faculty who participated; The Meyer family, the Simone family,  the Lupoli family, the Shukaitis family, Mrs. Poe, Dr. Petrick and her Husband, the Turcovsky family, Mrs. Brown,  Mrs.  Mc Knight, Miss. Edds, Mrs. Schickler, the Rolf family,  Miss. Hasenohrl.  A wonderful time was had by all involved.