13 December 2017

If you have not turned in your cell poster please do so! It was due YESTERDAY.

We will have an assessment next Tuesday (12/19)17). This will include labeling parts of the cell, difference between prokaryote and eukaryote, cell theory, and cell functions.


8 December 2017

Plant/Animal Cell poster due Tuesday.

We will have a quiz on TUESDAY 12/19 labeling the cell parts, eukaryotic vs. prokaryotic cells and information from this coming week.

27 November 2017

Finish reading and annotating pages 7-10 in text.  Answer questions 7-11 in complete sentences.  All due tomorrow.

16 November 2017

Quiz tomorrow on:

Parts of the microscope

pages 4-6 in text (cell theory, scientists, surface area to volume ratio)