12 October 2017

Soil Assessment tomorrow.

You are allowed on note sheet (two sides) and this will be turned in when finished with test.

If you have not completed Gizmos please do so by next Wednesday

9 October 2017

Happy Monday.

Please be sure to check google classroom for today’s assignment.  See you tomorrow at KIS

6 October 2017

On Google Classroom I posted an assignment with all material that is relevant to the soil unit.  Please look it over and complete questions for soil conservation.  I will be posting another assignment for Monday on either Sunday night or Monday morning.

If you have any questions I will do my best to get back to you.  It may not be until Sunday as I will be camping and have limited access to technology.

Enjoy your weekend!

5 October 2017

Hey Gang…please check your google classroom for some announcements! I miss seeing you smiling faces:)

2 October 2017

Soil test Thursday – use study guide, reading packet, guided reading, soil lab and enrichment questions.

Gizmos (growing plants) yellow packet due Wednesday if not done in class.

28 September 2017

HW: Soil questions (Enrich Worksheet) Answers in complete sentences on separate piece of paper.


Test over soil next week 10/5

27 September 2017

If you did not finish bottle lab part 3 complete for homework.

Soil test next Thursday 10/5.  Begin to study vocab.  Labs will be passed back and will be helpful for studying.  A study guide will be provided on Friday with additional information related to the assessment.

26 September 2017

No Homework tonight!

Today we continued to work on our soil bottle lab.  Overnight the soils settled into different soil layers, we continued to discuss and discover what is beneath our feet.  We will finish up this investigation in class tomorrow.