Wed. 9/6

  1. Submit “Out of My Mind” essay on Google Classroom before 11:59PM
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Tues. 8/29


  1. Read over syllabus (return it signed by you and parent) and class norms/expectations.
  2. Get an IR novel. Must have it in class by next week.
  3. Check your email and Infinite Campus ELA grade.
  4. Visit Scholastic’s Book Club website. You can order using class code MKYYH. Remember, all students must buy a copy of The Outsiders and I Will Always Write Back. Both books can be ordered for a very cheap price and delivered right to my classroom. Periods 2,6,8 must also buy The GiverĀ which is also available on Scholastic.
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Mon. 8/28


Syllabus needs parent signature

Precept due tomorrow: typed precept and paragraph on paper with artistic design

(must submit typed precept and analysis using Google Classroom, too)

Get IR book for Quarter 1

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