Mrs. Somich

Welcome to 6th Grade Math!

Below is a great link for both students and parents. The parent guide has lots of great examples broken into steps along with additional practice problems. Enjoy!

Ebook Access- Please copy and paste the URL into your browser and create your own username and password. (Students will be given the needed PIN in class)


Monday, Nov. 20th
Finish 2nd page of packet
Retest Tomorrow

Monday Nov. 13th-
Problems 128- 132
Chapter 3 Test Thursday

Tuesday Nov. 14th-
Finish Closure Problems in book
Test Thursday

Wednesday, Nov. 15th-
Finish Review packets
Test Tomorrow

Thursday, Nov. 16th-
Scavenger hunt due tomorrow-
use math note boxes in your textbook (chapter 4) to find the answers. 🙂

Friday, Nov. 17th-
Review packet
Team Challenge Monday
Chapter 3 retest Tuesday

Monday, Nov. 20th
Retest Tomorrow