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Kenston Dogs


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Welcome to the Dog page, Adrianne Tackitt, Jay DeCaro, and Alexis Lytle will be editing this page. Bennett Wenger, Kyle Mcabier, and Luke Smith started this page because of their love for dogs. If you love dogs too, send a picture of your dog to KHS@kenstonlocal.com. We will be posting different dog things as often as we can.

National Senior Pet Month

Age is but a number! November is National Senior Pet Month and ASPCA’s Adopt A Senior Pet Month. Everyone loves puppies, but old dogs need homes too!

The Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is a well known shelter for old pups, so in honor of this month here is their twitter, facebook, and website where you can donate, buy merchandise, foster a dog, get to know the dogs better, or simply enjoy their adorable pictures.

Facebook Page

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

Pet Obesity Awareness Day

On one day during the year animal lovers get together to promote healthier diets for animals. That day is October 9, Pet Obesity Awareness Day. People today are too concerned with their own and other’s weight; but what they do not see is that animals also are suffering and trying to fight obesity. In case… Continue Reading

Dog(s) of the Day — October 5, 2017 #VegasStrong

In the aftermath of the shooting on October 1st, 17 dogs were brought to Las Vegas by the Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dogs group. These wonderful dogs visited hospitals and vigils to help comfort the victims and their loved ones.       The whole country thanks Aaron, Reuben, Lois, Titus, Cubby, Eddie, Katie, Moses, Nicodemus, Angel, Eve,… Continue Reading