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Class of 2018

Class of 2018

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Class “18” Picture

This Friday (10/20) during homeroom, our class will be going up to the turf and take a picture of us standing in an “18” for the yearbook.  If you are not there Friday, you will not be in the picture!  This picture is a Kenston tradition that has been done for years.  That’s it for now, See you all this Friday during homeroom!

Homecoming 2017

Jakob Miller [KHS Web Builder]

Alright seniors, it’s our last high school homecoming. It’s time to crack down on your dates and get your outfits ready. We need to make this homecoming historic. Go support our Bomber Football Team as they take on Brush for our homecoming game, it’s going to be a good one. Rio Carnivale is going to be a great theme, make sure you’re prepared for it. Be sure to participate in spirit week. Have fun, be safe, be smart Bombers.

Make This Year Count Bombers

Jakob Miller [KHS Web Builber]

This is out last year of high school Seniors, make this one count! Make sure you stay involved in the school this year and go to as many school events and support our Bomber athletics. Make this year the best and most productive year EVER. Make sure to stay on top of your grades so you can have the bright future that all of you deserve. Always help any underclassmen as you can and enjoy the last year of high school! Also involve yourselves in as many clubs and sports as possible so this year is an exciting one. Adulthood is just around the corner and it can be intimidating but KHS has prepared us for anything that the world may throw at us, remember what you have learned in the past four years. This is it Seniors, let’s make sure Kenston remembers us!!

How to Have a College-Ready Mindset

Loren Gormley [KHS Web Builder]

For some students the topic of college is terrifying, but for others it means freedom.  The main reason that students view college-readiness as such a worrisome subject is due to all the stress and preparation it requires.  In order to make your student-life easier and less stress-based, then here are a few steps to consider following.  First, always challenge yourself in High School because the education level in college is only going to get harder.  Secondly, communicate with adults such as, parents or counselors to gain knowledge on the true experience of college-life.  Lastly, take advantage of every opportunity you are offered in order to acquire the greatest amount of knowledge possible.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” ~Theodore Roosevelt

!!!Speaker Series!!!

Connor Kure [KHS Web Builder]

Attention all students there will be a speaker series on engineering. The event will be held on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 in the Auburn/Bainbridge Room during Block 2. These speaker series are full of professional advice from local successful engineers. On the panel will be Chris Como, Julie Hildebran, Shelley Kiley, Jeffery Lechak, and Theresa Yogi. All are revered professionals in their field of engineering. Having the knowledge and experience of these men and women and the ability to ask questions and advice for the future is an opportunity like no other. The panel will address questions such as prerequisites to take in high school which can set you up for success while still in high school. Sign up Monday while you still can there are a limited amount of sign ups, only 75 students will be admitted.

Cool Math 4 Kids

Kali Gruden [KHS Web Builder]

Cool Math 4 Kids is an all-time favorite game that we all used to play way back in elementary school, but it is still kind of fun. Click here to play!

Create Your Own Avatar!

Kali Gruden [KHS Web Builder]

If you are ever bored, you can use this Create An Avatar website to create an avatar to look like you or whoever you want to look like!

Top 10 TV Shows on Netflix

Kali Gruden [KHS Web Builder]

Netflix is used by about 58% of teenagers across the nation. It fills up our free time, getting to watch whatever shows we want to, continuously without any commercial disturbances. This is a list of the Top 10 TV Shows watched on Netflix this year. Maybe you have watched some of these, maybe one of these shows sparks your interest and you may want to watch it once you have the chance.

The 2015 American Music Awards

Kali Gruden [KHS Web Builder]

Did you get to see the American Music Awards? It contained some of the best performances performed by the best artists in the country. If you did not get to see the AMA’s of 2015, Here are the links to different things that happened.

Pray for Paris

Kali Gruden [KHS Web Builder]

As we all know, there was a terrorist attack Friday night in Paris, France, resulting in several deaths and/or injuries. For the past few days, everyone in the country of France and other places around the world have been in mourning for the loss of their loved ones. To gain more knowledge about this tragedy, check out these different links.

Veterans “Armstice” Day

Kali Gruden [KHS Web Builder]

As we all know, today is Veterans Day, which is a day reserved for honoring all of the people who have served or are currently serving in our armed forces. So if you know a friend or family member who has or is currently serving in our armed forces, thank them and tell them how much you appreciate them for all they have done because they risk their lives every day just so our country can have its freedom.

Which Career Best Suits You?

Kali Gruden [KHS Web Builder]

Do you know what career you wish to take part in? Some people yes, and some people may have no idea what they want to do as a career. If you have no idea what you want to do, take this quick and easy Career Quiz to give you different options as to what career you wish to pursue in your future. If you find a career that sticks out to you, there is a link connected to it giving a basic summary of what the job requires such as basic skills and schooling requirements. It also gives a brief summary of what the career does, similar jobs in the same field, and the salary of that specific job. This quiz will help you decide your future because it is quickly approaching!


Senior year can be tough. It makes or breaks people. Although it might be difficult to keep motivation, it is important to keep motivation. There are multiple reasons for this. Here is a link for 5 important things to remember about senior year.

How to Have a College-Ready Mindset

For some students the topic of college is terrifying, but for others it means freedom.  The main reason that students view college-readiness as such a worrisome subject is due to all the stress and preparation it requires.  In order to make your student-life easier and less stress-based, then here are a few steps to consider following.  First, always… Continue Reading

Interview with Class President

Interview with  President of the Kenston class of 2018, Trey Petrella   What made you decide to become president?   After my 8th grade year of being a PEAK Ambassador. I wanted to connect with the grade and get to know my fellow classmates better.  At first was not considering running for president because I… Continue Reading