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Persona Tarot Cards

In the Persona series tarot cards appear constantly. In persona 3 and 4 each social link is represented by one of the 21 major arcana. This article is gonna be on the meaning of tarot cards and their relationship to persona 3 and 4. Since the arcana have multiple meanings I”ll name just a few. In persona 3 Most major bosses are the Arcana shadows which represent the reversed position of the cards, but the only ones are 1 through 13. also note that for The Fools Journey section its my interpretation.

#0/#22 The Fool: The Fool originally does not originally have a number so it is seen as 0 or 22. The Fool represents innocence, madness, creativity, and destruction. The Fool also represents the journey. This is symbolized in the games/anime because the protagonists start of as blank slate and go through their own journey and end up finding their place in the world. In the persona games the Fools tend to be jacks of all trades. SEES/The Investigation team: both of the social links represent a journey because the progress through the story. The Fools Journey. In The Fools Journey this represent the start of the journey. This arcana has the base personas Orpheus (P3 Protagonist) and Izanagi (P4 Protagonist).

#1 The Magician: The Magician arcana represents concentration, action and self-confidence. Personas of this arcana tend to use fire. With the exclusion of Junpei Iori those represented by the Magician arcana tend to be magic users. Also those represented by this arcana tend to have some kind of tragedy in love. Arcana Magician: The Shadow, Arcana Magician represents the inverse of the Magician arcana. It has no Head for its mask showing that it just attacks aimlessly. The Fools Journey: In the fools journey this represents action and concentration.

#2 The Priestess: The Priestess arcana represents knowledge and potential. In the persona game the priestess usual represents support. Arcana Priestess: The Shadow Arcana Priestess Represents having knowledge but not being able to use it and the conflict between knowledge and instinct. The Fools Journey: In The Fools Journey this represents potential.

#3 Empress: The Empress arcana represents mothers, fertility, and protection. In the games this arcana excels at ice and healing. Arcana Empress: The reverse of the empress card means someone who is selfish and or gluttonous. This is show by the fact the shadow is big and circular. The Fools Journey: In The Fools Journey this arcana represents a mother who cares for the child.

#4 Emperor: The Emperor represents the want to control and strong will. These personas excel at physical and lightning attacks. Arcana Emperor: This shadow represents corruption and weak will, because it can’t fight on its own. Both this and arcana Empress appear in the same boss fight. The Fools Journey: In The Fools Journey this arcana represents a father.

#5 Hierophant: The Hierophant represents Education and conservatism. Personas of this arcana have no strengths or weaknesses. Arcana Hierophant: The Hierophant in reverse represents the misuse of divine knowledge. this can be seen as the shadow looks like a priest and it has 2 crucified “people” attack for it. The Fools Journey: In The Fools Journey this represents a teacher.

#6 Lovers: The original meaning was a choice, but it now represents romance. These personas tend to be healers. Arcana Lovers: This arcana shadow represents forced love. The Fools Journey: In The Fools Journey this represent the Fool’s yearn to be part of a relationship.

#7 Chariot: The Chariot represents victory and conquest. Personas of this arcana specialize in physical attacks. Arcana chariot: This represents inflexibility and anxiety which is represented by it taking the form of a tank and Arcana Justice driving it. The Fools Journey: In The Fools Journey this represents the vigorous ego.

#8 Strength: This arcana represents courage and self-control. Like Chariot strength specializes in physical attacks. Arcana strength: This shadow represents the desire to help a single person instead of multiple. This shadow appears with Arcana Fortune, Who takes the form of the lion from the card. The Fools Journey. In The Fools Journey this arcana represents patience and tolerance.

#9 Hermit: This arcana represents wisdom and solitude. Personas of this arcana excel in ailments. Arcana Hermit: This arcana shadow represents being inhumane because it drains the city’s power with no regard for the consequences. The Fools Journey. The Hermit represents the want to find a deeper truth.

#10 fortune: This arcana symbolizes fate and opportunity. Personas of the fortune arcana specialize in wind. Arcana Fortune. This shadow represents the lack of patience due to the fact that it may also deal damage to strength when it attacks. The Fools Journey: This arcana represent fate in The Fools Journey

#11 justice: The Justice arcana represents analysis and rationality. Personas of this arcana use light skills. Arcana Justice: This shadow represents corrupt reasoning. The Fools Journey: In The Fools Journey this represents decision.

#12 Hanged Man: This arcana represents self-sacrifice. This arcana specializes in their ability to survive with skills that can stop instant death magic. Arcana Hanged Man: This shadow represents the sacrificing of others because it will sacrifice its allies to attack you. The Fools Journey: In The Fools Journey this arcana represents the Fool giving up trying to fight life and the joy it brings him

#13 Death: this arcana represents not only death but regeneration and cycles. Personas of this arcana specialize in dark spells. Although there is no arcana shadow for death, this arcana is represented by the super boss the Reaper and The final boss Nyx. The Fools Journey: In The Fools Journey the Death arcana represents change and reincarnation.

#14 Temperance: This arcana means opposites and balance. The personas of these arcana are well-rounded in stats and spells. The Fools Journey: In The Fools Journey this represents equilibrium and synthesis.

#15 Devil: This arcana can mean impulse or commitment. Persona of this arcana specialized in dark skills. The Fools Journey: In The Fools Journey the Devil represents Ignorance

#16 the Tower: This arcana represents prejudice and doom. These personas can be physical. The Fools Journey: In the fools journey this is when the fool sees his ignorance and decides to change.

#17 Star: this arcana represents hope and faith. These persona excel at wind and ice but air weak to fire. The Fools Journey: In The Fools Journey this represents hope and inspiration.

#18 Moon: This arcana represents madness illusion and fear. The personas of the Moon arcana are physical attackers with alright magic. The Fools Journey: In The Fools Journey the Moon represents the imagination and fear of the fool through illusions.

#19 Sun: This arcana represents joy and optimism. The personas of this arcana specialize in light and fire skills. The Fools Journey: In The Fools Journey the Sun represents clarity

#20 Judgement: The Judgement arcana represents absolution. The personas of the Judgement arcana specialize in light and dark skills. The Fools Journey: In The Fools Journey the Judgement arcana means rebirth and purity. The ultimate Of The Persona 3 protagonist belongs to this arcana, Messiah.

#21 World: the card represents totality and fulfillment. The world arcana is unique because it doesn’t have any specialties. The only persona of this arcana Outside of persona Q, 1 and 2, Izanagi No Okami, The ultimate persona of the Persona 4 protagonist. The Fools Journey: In The Fools Journey this arcana is the end of this journey where the fool found his place in the world.

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