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REMINDER: KGAP Cancelled 2/24

Reminder that due to the unseasonably warm weather, KGAP will not be having it’s weekly Friday after school meeting tonight. Enjoy the nice weather! If you have any friends in KGAP, please let them know so we don’t have anyone staying after school! Hope to see you next week (3/3)!

KGAP Cancelled 2/24

Due to the unseasonably warm weather, KGAP has decided to cancel their weekly Friday after-school meeting tomorrow (2/24). Hope you enjoy the sunny weather and get outside for some fresh air! Happy Spring! Continue Reading


KGAP’s new podcast series will be starting next week (3/3): anyone interested in talking about a favorite show, or anime, or manga, should speak to either Mr. Mason, David Morgan, Jordan Spehar, or Heather Hudy. Hope to see you next week so that we can learn about your interests! Continue Reading

KGAP Has Announcement

KGAP has an announcement: tonight at the meeting we will be talking about our new podcast series. Please come if you are at all interested in talking about an interest to the rest of the school via video podcast. Hope to see you tonight, 2:30/3:30 in Mr. Mason’s room!   Continue Reading

KGAP TV Show Recommendation of the Week

This week’s show recommendation is Flash, produced by the CW (the station that also produces Supernatural and Arrow). Flash is a superhero show about Barry Allen, a young police investigator. After a freak lightning accident puts him in a coma, Barry wakes up to discover that he has become meta human (a human with preternatural… Continue Reading

KGAP Announces New Podcasts

KGAP is proud to announce that we will be making podcasts during meetings. These will be an opportunity for people to talk about their interests, and to tell others about them. We will be recording them during meetings; anyone is welcome! More information to come soon! Hope to see you there! Continue Reading

Games based off anime

Ok so if you remember I did a list of anime based off games. I decided to check into the opposite and good luck going through everyone….. of….. those…. Oh wait, that’s my job, dang it! As a note there are a lot of game series based off of an anime, I will only do… Continue Reading

Anime Recommendation of the Week

This week’s recommended anime is Yuri! On Ice. It is a 12- episode sports anime focusing on Yuri Kastuski, who suffers a crushing defeat at the Grand Prix of Figure Skating. Unsure about his future, he travels home and perfectly mimics his Russian skating idol Victor Nikiforov for a friend. When the video of it becomes… Continue Reading