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Seniors 32 ~ Juniors 6

11/1 For the 2nd year in a row, the Class of 2018 dominated the Annual Powder Puff Football Game; Game Photos

Do You Want to Live a Healthier Lifestyle?

Do you want to live a long healthily life? Let’s get you and I on the road to beginning a healthy lifestyle. On this page you will find the beginner, intermediate, and expert on the track to a healthier lifestyle. Lets start this journey together.

People tend to think that running is the main concept in excising, but it’s not. Running is a bonus when it comes to working out, start at the bottom and work your way up. You never rush into anything when it comes to working out.


  • Get excited and know that you can do it. It is your time to start on the road to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Throw out or give away the unhealthy things you have in the house.
  • In the grocery store, be strong and walk past the junk foods and read all the labels on the food you get.
  • Drink lots of water, to flush out the waste and getting rid of the urge to drink pops and drinks.
  • Everything does not have to be home cooked, you can have veggies and soup in a slow cooker. You can never go wrong with veggie soup.
  • Start off by walking a few miles a day then begin to speed walk and then jog.
  • Less anger be Happy.


  • Spice up your food with herbs.
  • Become what you think, have a mental diet.
  • Give Yourself a bedtime.
  • Pack healthy snacks.
  • Cut down sugary drinks.
  • Stay out of the sun.


  • Pay attention to your eating habits.
  • Eat with others so you won’t over eat.
  • Combine healthy eating with exercise.
  • Continue staying focused and keep the goal in mind.

How to prepare for the Air tests.

It is almost time for the Air tests again. Teachers will start to prepare you to take these tests. It is important to good on the test because if you don’t get a good grade then you can’t graduate. Teachers make sure that you have all of the information that you will need to pass.… Continue Reading

Getting To Know Kara Kaseda:

Here are some questions to get to know about Kara Kaseda!. What grade are you in? I’m in 9th grade. What’s your favorite subject? My fave subject is Science. What sports do you play? I play Lacrosse. What do you want to be when you get older? Dermatologist. What college do you want to go… Continue Reading

Preparing for Finals

It’s coming close to finals. Make sure you start preparing and organizing your binders. To prepare for your test make sure you know all the  information that you have learned over the past semester. By doing that, you should be making quizlets, flashcards, or using study guides the teachers provide for you. A student from… Continue Reading

Interview With Alexis Lytle

What do you like to do in your free time? “Draw”. What classes do you love and hate most in school? Why? “The class I love is life studies and I don’t hate any classes”. Describe your favorite teacher. What types of things did you do in that class? “I don’t have a favorite teacher”. How… Continue Reading

Things to Do to Help Seasonal Depression

As the seasons change from fall to winter the sun begins to set about 2 hours earlier, decreasing the amount of daylight we have. When this begins to happen we often find ourselves planted in front of the television or hiding under the covers to stay warm. Not being active or spending time outside often… Continue Reading

Bomber Bash

On November 17th the Kenston High School Bomber Bash will be held. This event will be held to raise money for a foundation “A-Kid-Again.” This foundation raises money to give kids who did not get the opportunity to have a normal childhood due to hospitalization. The Bomber Bash is a 12 hours event that goes… Continue Reading

Bomber Bash

The Bomber Bash is coming up this Friday, November 17! The Bomber Bash is an event supporting the A-Kid-Again organization by having our students stand for 12 hours straight for those who can’t.  The Bomber Bash will have lots of games and events to do while we stand together as well as lots of food… Continue Reading