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2017 Kenston High School Fashion Show

Kenston High School’s annual “Fashion Show” will be taking place on March 31st at 7 pm in the KHS auditorium. Every year, this thrilling event takes place in order to raise money for Kenston’s “After Prom.” Juniors and seniors are allowed to participate in this show with a group of students in the same grade level and with approved music.  You can sign up for slots with your group members during lunch blocks on Thursday, February 16th and Friday, February  17th. In years past, juniors have fulfilled the casual wear portion of the show while seniors have represented the formal wear and sponsored tuxedos.  With different themes for each year, the 2017 theme for all students will be “No Place Like Home.” Student band, “White Lightning,” will be performing at intermission, as well. Get your dances choreographed, music mixed, and costumes coordinated for this fabulous night of fun and entertainment! Tickets can be purchased by everyone in the community at the auditorium doors on the day of the show or by the students participating.

“I am so excited to be participating in my first fashion show this year! As the choreographer and music mixer, I am expecting a great routine out of my group,” said Sam Holodinski.

Hobbies at KHS

Kenston students all have hobbies they participate in during their free time. Each hobby varies in different categories, such as Electronics and Sports. These are what differentiates our students from one another, and what provides the uniqueness at Kenston High School. Here are some examples of such interests. Electronics Many people at Kenston play on… Continue Reading

Wrestling Sectional Tournament

After a long season, winter sports are coming to an end! If you were not able to attend any wrestling matches this year, here is your chance. On Saturday February 25th, Kenston High School will be holding Sectionals. The event will begin at 8 in the morning and will last almost all day. Wrestler Cory… Continue Reading

Prom Dress Donations

Prom is coming up quickly, and everyone is in need of dresses. This year National Honors Society is accepting gently used dresses and shoes that they will be able to donate to less fortunate girls for Prom this year. If you have a dress you already wore or no longer are using, please bring them… Continue Reading

De-stress With Some After-School Yoga!

Did you know that Kenston has a yoga session after-school every Thursday?  Senior, Evan Frank, is a certified Yoga instructor that created this fun and relaxing after-school activity for all to join.  Yoga has been proven to help relieve stress and anxiety from the mind, contributing to improving your overall mood and health.  During the… Continue Reading

Rec Season is Under Way

Last year’s rec basketball season was full of friendly competitiveness. Everyone wanted to have a good time and also win against their friends. This year is shaping out to have well rounded and even teams across the board, whereas last season was dominated by only a few teams. Multiple players are already talking about how good… Continue Reading

Annual Draft Starts the Rec Season

The rec basketball season kicked off last night with the annual draft.  Ten coaches came out and drafted from a pool of seventy-one kids which made nine teams of 8 and one team of 9. Team one consists of Josh Kain, Nick Dottore, Ryan Toft, Nathan Mcknight, Sam Laygraf, Anthony Leoni, Andrew Wright, and Zamier… Continue Reading

Wanted: Fundraising Ideas

The Class of 2018 is always looking for new fundraising ideas and opportunities. Sarah Ward, the Vice President of the Class of 2018, said, “If anyone has new ideas for fund-raising, just let me or Trey Petrella, the President, know!” Currently the four class officers, Trey Petrella, Sarah Ward, Evan Measures, and Aya Henry, are… Continue Reading