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Class Officer Election Information

April 24 – Candidates pick up election information packets from the Main Office or download online.Candidates handout (3) recommendation forms to former or present teachers or to any adult supervisors you have been involved with. (community service, church advisors, etc).  Recommendations are to be collected by the candidate and submitted to Main Office with their… Continue Reading

Senior Fees and Fines

This Friday, April 21st is the last day to turn in all outstanding school fees and fines. In order to be allowed to participate in mentorship, the money you owe must be handed into the Guidance Office before the due date. Not taking time off for mentorship means you will be required to come to… Continue Reading

The End Is Near

With the official ending of our senior year in sight, many seniors are making sure that all of their requirements and qualifications are met to ensure that they are able to graduate and attend mentorship.  If you are planning to leave school for Senior Project on May 1st,  make sure you are passing your  classes… Continue Reading

Spring Break Weather Outlook

You know what they say about the weather in Ohio…If you don’t like it, wait a minute! After today’s snow showers it seems the weather gods have finally bestowed upon us a week of warmth and sunshine. Zach Penton had this to say about the week’s upcoming weather, “I am pumped for the sunshine!” Here’s… Continue Reading

Job Board

Students, summer is just around the corner. Will you need something to keep you occupied over break? Or do you just need some extra money? Well you can take a look at the job board and see all the new positions open for you! Employers have specifically posted jobs here at the High School for… Continue Reading

Indian’s Home Opener

The Cleveland Indians had their season opener last night against the Texas Rangers. The first run of the game was from the Rangers, they hit a homerun and led the game in the beginning. The game continued on and the Rangers kept on getting runs until the Rangers had 5 runs and the Indians had… Continue Reading

Kenston Will Be Missed By The Seniors

Kenston will be losing most of the seniors as the go off for mentorship within the next few weeks and go on stage to get their diplomas. Many seniors are shocked at how the past four years flew by so fast. Maria Da’Mico said, “My journey through high school has been crazy. I’ve tried many new… Continue Reading

Promposal Season

Prom is right around the corner and if you are planning on asking someone, you better do it before it’s too late. Many people have been asked so far, as seen on social media. A senior who wishes to remain anonymous said, “Today, during homeroom I was asked by someone. He came in and yelled, asking if… Continue Reading