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Celebrate Bisexuality Day and Awareness Week

This week, starting September 17, is Bisexual Awareness Week, leading up to Celebrate Bisexuality Day on Saturday, September 23. This has been celebrated by the bisexual community every year since 1999, when three rights activists — Wendy Curry, Michael Page, and Gigi Raven Wilbur — started it.

Also known as Bi Visibility or Bi Pride Day, this day (and week) is about educating people, recognizing, and celebrating bisexuality. While the Gay and Lesbian communities have gained strength ever since the Stonewall Riots in June of 1969, the Bisexual community remains in the shadows. With biphobia inside and outside the LGBT community, the B is often erased or forgotten as bisexuals are told they they’re “confused,” “greedy,” “doing it for attention,” and labeled as gay or straight by others depending on who their partner is at the time. A bisexual dating someone of the opposite gender is still bisexual, just as if they are dating someone from their same gender.

The official website for the holiday is “#BiWeek 2017“. You can also visit Bi Visibility Day to learn more about bisexuality and find related events.

Join Interact!

Are you interested in giving back to the community? Are you behind on your community service hours? Then join Interact club! We meet every Wednesday during homeroom to discuss upcoming service projects and volunteering. Just by showing up to a meeting, you earn community service hours. If you don’t want to join, you can still… Continue Reading

New Photography Club

Do you have a love or interest for Photography? If so, join the KHS Photography Club! Take part in helping document events at the school and the surrounding community while learning and getting advice from professionals. Club includes monthly themes, competitions, workshops, photoshoots, and more. Members will get the opportunity to show off their work… Continue Reading

Kenston Pack

Join Kenston’s PACK club in Mrs. Smith’s room! The club is for anybody that wants to learn about political current events, and politics as a whole. Meetings for the club take place on Mondays during homeroom, so for people that have extracurricular outside of school will be able to attend. It is very important to… Continue Reading

What is Unity Club?

You may have heard of Kenston’s Diversity Club, founded last school year by former seniors (now Kenston Alumni) Madison Thomas, Jack Formica, and Libby Sparks. Near the end of the 2016-2017 school year it was re-branded as Unity Club in order to better describe what the club represents. If you did hear about the club… Continue Reading

Chinese Club

Did you take Chinese class or do you have an interest in learning more about the Chinese language? If so, you should stop by Chinese Club every other Wednesday during homeroom in Mr. Sandy’s room. There will be many fun games, food, and crafts! Please stop by if you are interested! Will Grendell, a member… Continue Reading

Math Club Is Starting!

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year. As you know, school has just started which means Kenston clubs are starting again – including Math Club. Math Mondays take place every Monday during homeroom. On Math Mondays we usually discuss interesting math topics or watch videos on how to do math puzzles such as the “four fours”… Continue Reading

Volunteer Opportunities

September 23: Meal-packaging Event Rise Against Hunger September 24: Bike Ohio September 29: Breathe Ongoing: School Supplies and Toiletries Drive for Houston, Soup Kitchen, Rotary, Womensafe, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Rescue Village TBD: Food Drive Continue Reading

Join CEC Club!

Want to join CEC Club? You’re in luck, it is an easy process with many benefits. CEC is a club that students get together to work with other peers with a disability. We go on field trips, spread acceptance, become friendly faces, do after school activities, and much more. There is a Google Classroom where… Continue Reading