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Kenston Connection Mentor Leader Program

Attention all Sophomores, our school has created a brand new program taking place during the 2017-18 school year, called “Kenston Connect.” It is an opportunity for students selected to serve as a leader and mentor for the incoming freshman. Coming into high school can be a really hard and scary process, and the goal of the program is to make this transition easier and offer the new students someone to come to and get an idea of what to expect in their freshman year. As a freshman last year, I sure would have liked an upperclassmen friend to give me advice, help me study and manage my time wisely, guide me around the hallways, and a lot more. Not only is this great for freshman, but it is an awesome leadership opportunity for incoming juniors and looks really good on college resumes. Each sophomore selected will be put with a partner to lead a group of about 10 freshman.  Unfortunately, only a certain amount of students could be selected for the program so if you applied, check your email. If you received an email from our teacher, Ms. Joyce, you were selected and should fill out the commitment form attached and turn in to her by Wednesday, May 17th. Some dates to be aware of are May 22 and 25, as well as August 8 and 10. These are mandatory meetings and get togethers that if you got excepted and don’t think you can commit to them, please let Ms. Joyce know as soon as possible. We hope this program works out really well and can be a regular opportunity for Kenston students.