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Author Archives: Loren Gormley

Join Chinese Club

Do you have a desire to expand you cultural side of learning, and have fun while doing it?  If you answered yes to that question, then I have the right club for you.  Join the Chinese Club!  Chinese Club provides students with fun, informational learning on the topics of: Chinese food, culture, games, and language.  The club regularly gathers on Wednesday’s during homeroom in Mr. Sandy’s room, which is located in C-137.  It doesn’t matter if you know or have taken Chinese because the club will welcome you with open-arms regardless.

The club is always open to new ideas and people to join, so if you are interested, come on down and bring your friends.  If you still don’t believe me on how fun the club is, then take it from Erin Javorsky, an avid Chinese Club goer, “Through this club it has broadened my mind and allowed me to feel as if I am multi-cultural.”  If you are interested in finding out more information on the club, please contact the president: Dayle Foster.


How to Have a College-Ready Mindset

For some students the topic of college is terrifying, but for others it means freedom.  The main reason that students view college-readiness as such a worrisome subject is due to all the stress and preparation it requires.  In order to make your student-life easier and less stress-based, then here are a few steps to consider following.  First, always… Continue Reading