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Author Archives: Evan Measures

Brandon And Gillian Oakes

OakesBrandon is a Senior at Kenston and he tolerates his younger sister Gillian, who is a Freshman.  Brandon’s favorite food is steak, his favorite color is red, his favorite song is “Callin’ Baton Rouge” by Garth Brooks, and his favorite thing to do is play lacrosse.  Gillian’s favorite food is chicken, her favorite color is purple, her favorite song is “When it rains it pours” by Luke Combs, and her favorite hobby is volleyball.  Thank you Oakes siblings!

Siblings Home Page

Morgan and Evan Measures

Evan is a senior at Kenston and Morgan is a sophomore at West Virginia University.  Morgan and Evan get along very well together.  Evan’s favorite food is burgers, his favorite color is blue, his favorite song is “Wilder Minds” by Mumford and Sons, and in his free time Evan enjoys blacksmithing with friends.  Morgan’s favorite… Continue Reading

Keep It Up Siblings!

We are so excited to have the Kenston’s Siblings page back up and running.  We have had a lot of great siblings fill out the survey to have their profiles put up on our excellent page.  Remember that it is much nicer to have a photo of you and your sibling with your profile so… Continue Reading

Wesley and Greyson Byrnes

Wesley is 17 and a senior at Kenston; his brother Greyson is 16 and a junior at Kenston.  Wesley’s favorite food is Chipotle, his favorite color is rose gold, and his favorite song is “Young, Dumb, and Broke”.  Wesley also has a favorite hobby of makeup.  Greyson’s favorite food is cheese, his favorite color is… Continue Reading

Sandara and Micayla Paglia

Sandara and Micayla are 3 years apart and fight all the time.  Sandara’s favorite food is cheese, her favorite color is red, and her favorite song is “We R Who We R” by Kesha.  Micayla’s favorite food is steak, her favorite color is orange, and her favorite song is “Give Me Everything” by Pitbull.  Sandara and Micayla enjoy… Continue Reading

Aya and Nicki Henry

Aya and Nicki are 6 years apart and they tolerate each other.  Aya’s favorite meal is Hunan’s Walnut Chicken, her favorite color is blue, and she loves to read.  Nicki’s favorite food is an omelet, her favorite color is black, and she is excellent at woodworking. Siblings Home Page Continue Reading

Emma and Claire Nidy

Emma is 18 and Claire is 15.  Emma’s favorite color is periwinkle and she enjoys knitting.  Claire likes to steal Emma’s clothes and her favorite color is purple.  The two like to eat flaming hot Cheetos and pumpkin seeds and they both get along very well. Siblings Home Page Continue Reading

Remy and Makena Maurer

Remy is 15 and a Sophmore at Kenston.  Remy’s favorite food is “Cincinnati Chili”, he loves hockey, and his favorite song is “Location”.  Makena is 17 and a senior at Kenston.  Her favorite food is “Quinoa”, her favorite music is Christmas music in October, and Makena enjoys swimming.  Remy and Makena are 2 years apart… Continue Reading

Matthew, David, Garrett and Michael Rosinski

Matthew and David are both 16 and sophomores at Kenston.  They are both members of our soccer team and David also competes in cross country for Kenston.  Garrett is 19 and Michael is 21 and both graduated from Kenston High School.  Matthew’s favorite food is watermelon, his favorite color is red and his favorite activity is… Continue Reading