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Girls Tennis

2nd in the Tournament, 3rd in the Conference!

9/27 2nd in the Tournament, 3rd in the Conference!

Things Every Tennis Player Knows

January 2017

  • When people ask “Are you sure?”.  Yes, of course I’m sure.
  • Forgetting the game score because the last point was so long.
  • Having a routine before each serve.
  • “Up or down?” “M or W?” “P or D?”
  • The satisfaction of opening and smelling a fresh can of tennis balls.
  • Tan lines.
  • Tennis balls are everywhere. In your home, your car, your bags, your shoes, under your bed.
  • You have a very precise serving routine.
  • You and your doubles partner share an impenetrable bond.
  •  Unleashing a guttural sound after returning a pretty powerful serve and wondering what zoo you escaped from.

Kenston duos advance to district tournament

Published in The Chagrin Valley Times October 8, 2015 Tony Lange Following a runner-up finish in the Western Reserve Conference earlier in the week, the Kenston Lady Bombers had their eyes set on Mayfield when they took the courts for Division I sectional action at Solon Community Park last Thursday and Friday. During the WRC… Continue Reading

Singles serve Lady Bombers CVC title

Published in The Chagrin Valley Times October 4, 2012 Tony Lange The Kenston girls tennis team didn’t “put a ring on it” after claiming the Chagrin Valley Conference title last Thursday, but the Bombers could have jammed out to Beyonce en route to triumphs from all their single ladies. At the conference tournament, senior Mandy… Continue Reading