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Boys Playoffs

The Kenston Boys Soccer playoffs are coming up soon! Plus it is at home. Their first opponent is against Nordonia, and the boys hope to defeat Nordonia so that they can have a shot at taking down Hudson next round. Kenston did pretty well in the conference but they were one goal away from becoming Conference Champs. Kyle Mcabier said that ” We should’ve performed better when we had the chance but we’ll make up for it during playoffs!” Therefore Kenston ended up coming second to Mayfield who won the WRC. The boys though are very excited to kick off their playoff postseason at home!

Boys Soccer Conference Game Victory

The Kenston Boys Soccer Team won against the Riverside Beavers, which was a key victory in their conference. This important game against Riverside meant either having a chance of winning the conference or no chance at all. Even though the Boys Soccer team won the game against the Beavers, other teams in the conference had… Continue Reading

Brush vs. Kenston boys soccer: Arcs rally for key WRC road result

Published in The News-Herald September 19, 2017 Chris Liilstrung Josh Burton and Bryce Gordon scored second-half goals as Brush rallied for a vital 2-1 Western Reserve Conference victory Sept. 18 at Kenston. Halftime tactical changes by Arcs coach Mike DiMatteo triggered a much more rhythmic attack in the second half, and Brush got the dividends… Continue Reading

Boys Soccer Meeting

The boy’s soccer season is approaching. A meeting will be held on May 10th in the High School Auditorium at 6 p.m. Josh Sladick, the head coach, will be giving a general overview of the season with dates and times of some events. Everyone is welcome to come whether you have played soccer for multiple… Continue Reading