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Bomber Bowlers Complete Another Amazing Season

The Bomber Bowlers have rolled yet another great season! The teams welcomed three, new members this year! The new blended with the old to form two well-rounded, unique, and close-knit groups all hoping for the same result—success! Both teams displayed improvement from last year throughout the season. Each player had specific tasks to focus on, such as walking straight and staying down. The ladies proved they were “here to compete” at all of their tournaments! Despite being the underdogs, the boys came out on top in a handful of their matches! Tough lane conditions and advanced oil patterns helped the players learn how to better adjust to varying situations.

The teams will lose five seniors this year, and the remaining members and coaches wish them the best! Four of the five seniors were named WRC Scholar Athletes, and three of them were 4 year letter winners! Head Coach, Bill Drsek, said, “I am proud of all of our bowlers for staying focused and trying their hardest.” Congratulations to the Bomber Bowlers on their accomplishments!

Season highlights for the boys included:

  • 7th place at the WRC Conference Tournament
  • Continuous high scoring by Seniors Zach Eyler and Ryan Conover
  • Senior Zach Eyler made the All Conference Team
  • Won 4 matches

Season highlights for the girls included:

  • Finished 2nd as a team in the conference
  • 4th place at the Knights Classic
  • 4th place in the Black and Gold Sectional Warm-Up
  • 8th place at the G-Men Classic
  • Senior Annie Rizzo placed 8th individually at the Knights Classic
  • Freshman Alex Drsek made the All Tournament Team at the Black and Gold Sectional Warm-Up
  • 2nd place at the WRC Conference Tournament
  • 4th place at Sectionals
  • Advancement to Districts
  • Senior Annie Rizzo, Junior Emily Thomas, and Freshman Alex Drsek made the All Conference Team
  • Ended with a 9-3 record

Sectional results are as follows:

For the boys, Zach Eyler finished 28th individually, Andrew Weisberg 38th, Nick Krenisky 43rd, Ryan Conover 46th, and Ethan Krause 57th.

For the girls, Annie Rizzo finished 11th individually, Alex Drsek 12th, Emily Thomas 18th, Samantha Fromet 25th, Betsy Ortner 50th, and Ally Schroeder 82nd.

2017 Sectionals at Sky Lanes

The ladies’ arrival at the school at 7:15 AM Sunday morning marked the beginning of a day full of bowling. The Bomber Bowlers traveled to Garrettsville’s Sky Lanes for the Division I Sectionals Tournament. Both the boys and girls were up against a completely different set of teams, with the majority coming from southeastern Ohio.… Continue Reading

WRC Bowling Tournament

Saturday, February 11, was a long day for the Bomber Bowlers. Facing the seven other teams in the conference was no easy task. The host alley, Wickliffe Lanes, put out the 41 foot sectional oil pattern. This shot is extremely difficult to score on. The area of mistake is practically nonexistent—bowlers only have the board… Continue Reading

Senior Night Success

Last Wednesday was an exciting night for the Bomber Bowlers. This was their final game of the season at Solon Freeway Lanes. Both teams battled and defeated the Solon Comets! The celebration was bitter sweet; the underclassmen are going to miss the five seniors an awful lot next year. Freshman, Alex Drsek, said, “It was a great… Continue Reading

Bombers vs. Brush

Monday, January 23, was a challenging day for the Kenston Bomber Bowlers. Both the ladies and boys had intense matches against the Arcs. The boys defeated Brush both regular games, putting them more than 200 pins ahead at the start of the baker’s. The girls won the first game, but lost the second by only 8… Continue Reading

A Sunday at Sky Lanes

Sunday was a long day for the Lady Bomber Bowlers. The girls attended the G-Men Classic in Garrettsville with eleven other teams. The tournament host, Sky Lanes, has sixteen, wood lanes; the girls’ home alley, Freeway Lanes of Solon, has synthetic. Continuous suggestions from teammates and Coach Drsek helped the ladies adjust the best they… Continue Reading

The Boys’ Battle with Eastlake North

Wednesday evening, the boys battled against the Rangers at home. The team was close the first game, losing by less than 100 pins. With determination, they scored over 1000 pins the second game! With an eight strike streak, Senior, Zach Eyler, bowled an amazing 264 game! Going into the baker games, the Kenston Bombers were… Continue Reading

Kenston takes on Brunswick

The Bomber Bowlers battled at home against the Brunswick Blue Devils this Wednesday. The ladies gained another win, making their record 3-1. Freshman, Alex Drsek, bowled an amazing 257 in her second game! The boys suffered a loss, but great bowling was displayed. Senior, Ryan Conover, said, “Bowling is right up my alley.” He bowled… Continue Reading

Knights Classic

The Lady Bomber Bowlers performed great at the Knights Classic this Sunday. The seven hour day at Roseland Lanes was tiring, but the girls pushed through. The three regular games went well; senior, Annie Rizzo, bowled a 243 in the last game. The team totals increased each round, meeting Coach D’s goal. After three baker… Continue Reading

Bowling Team

The Bowling Team has started off with a great season once again this year. They all work hard and have fun while they practice. At practice they try to get only the 7 or 10 pin or whoever gets higher than 8 on their first throw then they get to move onto the next round.… Continue Reading