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Where Are They Now?

First Sergeant Drew Weninger It’s Thanksgiving week, and that means Kenston Alumni come back to KHS for a visit. 2014 Kenston graduate Drew Weninger stopped by to visit.

Drew is currently with the 14th Company and is a First Sergeant at US Navy Academy.

First Sergeant Drew Weninger gave us a brief synopsis of what he is doing now.

Currently a rising junior at the United States Naval Academy and the 14th Company First Sergeant. I am attending USNA for a Bachelor of Science in Physics following the astrophysics track as well the theoretical and mathematical physics track. I take pride in my academic achievements through maintaining a solid grade point average throughout my collegiate career at all three universities I have been a part of (Case Western Reserve University, United States Naval Academy, and Nanyang Technological University) and participating in various extra curricular activities. I aspire for professional experience in research within the fields of quantum optics, quantum networking, particle physics, and theoretical and mathematical physics. My perseverance, dedication, and goal-oriented attitude allows me to stay positive about my future career endeavors. I am seeking opportunities that will allow me to learn and build upon the knowledge and skills that I have gained through my courses and previous professional experience thus far, and I am eager to show the real world what I can accomplish within the physics research community.

Kenston Alumni Association

Well it’s official! Kenston now has an Alumni Association. Mr. Tewksbury, Mrs. McGrath, and Mrs. Miller, are responsible for the formation of the association. Credit also goes to Kenston alum Matt English and Board member Neysa Gaskin for securing tax exempt 501c3 status for the Alumni Association.The main idea or goal of The Kenston Alumni… Continue Reading

Legacy Graduates (Seniors & Senior Parents Look)

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Kenston Alumni Association. This overarching 501c3 organization is looking forward to celebrating the success of our graduates and the spirit and heritage of the Auburn, Bainbridge and Kenston Schools. One of the ways that we plan to do this is by creating a new tradition at… Continue Reading

Kenston Alumni Form Famous Band

Nate Milstein, Vince Gillman, Matt Devonshire, and Matt Bryson formed a hard rock band in May of 2013. Devonshire graduated from KHS in 2008 and both Bryson and Milstein graduated from KHS in 2009. Bryson is the drummer, Devonshire produces the bass line, Milstein plays the guitar and Gillman is the vocalist. Their first successful… Continue Reading

Alan Frygier: Kenston Alumni

Alan Frygier graduated from Kenston High School in 2015.  After high school, Alan took his education to the University of Akron to study civil engineering.  Alan is enjoying his experience in Akron and recommends anyone looking for a quality college experience to apply there.   Alan said, “I love Akron; it was hard at first leaving… Continue Reading