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Congratulations February Students of the Month
Congratulations to the February Students of the Month!
Back Row L-R: Joey Belsan, Will Grendell, Tanner Mulhern, Frank Hegedus
Front Row L-R: Jenna Barrett, Chloe Boutton, Rhianna Patrick, Sarah Soryal
PhotosRotary Senior | Grade 12 | Grade 11 | Grade 10 | Grade 9

Kenston Art Students Visit Akron Art Museum

On Friday, February 17th, the art students of Kenston visited the Akron Art Museum followed by a walk through downtown Akron to take reference photos for future projects. The museum had a wide variety of different types of art on display. The exhibit on grotesque anatomies contained pieces related to warping the human body in gross and disturbing ways. Another contained works related to minimalism, a type of art that focuses on conveying messages with as little detail as possible. The main exhibit was celebrating the alternative art magazine Hi-Fructose, which has readers from all over the globe. Artists featured at the museum included Tomiyuka Sakuta of Japan, Los Angeles based illustrator Todd Schorr, and the legendary pop artist Andy Warhol. “It was fun. I liked the red room with all the lights,” said senior Liz Burr. Later, the students perused the streets looking for great architecture, beautiful landscapes, or anything else they could snap a photo of with the cameras. The trip was inspirational and beneficial to those taking art classes.

Kenston Clothing Company

The Kenston Clothing Company has come out with a new website to visit follow the link below and check out what is new. Kenston Clothing Company Website Kenston Clothing Company is a new innovative clothing company selling products never seen before in the Bainbridge community. The company is projecting to get products to the hands… Continue Reading

Web Design Bodyguard

Our Web Design classes provide a great way to socialize and connect with others. We can meet other people who share the love of modifying the website, as well as bounce ideas off of each other to further better the website. However, from time to time there are some students who should not be in… Continue Reading

The Band Performs in Severance Hall

Kenston High School band students had a wonderful opportunity to perform at the world renowned Severance Hall for the 14th Northeast Ohio Band Invitational on Sunday, January 22nd. Severance Hall is known as the best concert hall in the United States, if not yet world, for its amazing design and acoustics that carry sound to… Continue Reading

Have You Taken The ACT And SAT?

If you are planning on attending college, it is important to take the ACT, SAT, or both depending on the location and type of college. By taking any of these standardized tests, it increases the chances of being accepted into the college you would like to attend.  There are many resources that can be used… Continue Reading

Study Tips

Many students feel stressed about upcoming quizzes and tests and are often unsure how to approach studying for them.  Studies show that students with better study methods and strategies are more likely to score better on exams.  Different methods work for different people, so here are some suggestions on how to improve your current studying… Continue Reading

The Young Entrepreneurs At Kenston

January 2017 Many classes are underway this spring semester, some of the classes that stand out to us at Kenston are the Business Management classes taught by Mr. Kepreos, Mr. Murphy, and Mr. Tripi. In these classes the bright students at Kenston run their own business, in the classroom the students are in charge of… Continue Reading

World Language

The world has many different countries with many different languages. At our school we have a few language classrooms we would like to mention to you. There is Spanish, French, and Russian. We believe that in these language classrooms, we will not just learn a new language, but also learn about other cultures. Some of the… Continue Reading

Why you Should Take Web Design Class

These are just a few reasons to take Web Design next semester or next year. It really helps if you want to learn how to use Photoshop. You can sign up to take photos at sports events. You can go around the school asking your classmates funny questions and film them singing even if they… Continue Reading