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Congratulations to the May Students of the Month!
Congratulations to the May Students of the Month!
Back Row L-R: Zach Eyler, Patrick Persichetti. Alex Hubert, Joshua Masters
Front Row L-R: Kiara Kestranek, Aya Henry, Kate Taylor, Gia DiDomenico
PhotosRotary Senior | Grade 12 | Grade 11 | Grade 10 | Grade 9

AP Exam Schedule

AP final exam tests began this week!  The first AP exam test was Monday, May 1st with students taking Environmental science and Psychology.  Tuesday tests followed with Computer Science, Spanish, and Physics.  The AP exams are extremely important for students to succeed on and try to receive college credit for the class.  Students need to be studying for the exams in order to receive the highest scores possible.  Kenston students are prepared well by their teachers and from their study habits.  Keep an eye out for teachers holding last minute review sessions.  Also, get together with your friends to incorporate some fun into what could have been long, boring hours of studying.  Currently, some AP Government students are thinking of meeting up at Panera in Chagrin tonight (5/3/17) to study.  Helpful study tips for individuals or groups include:

-Crash Course books

-Heads Up vocabulary game

-Released AP exam questions



Keep up the hard work until the end of the year.  “I have been studying hard for my AP exam in Government and feel prepared by my teacher and from study groups with my peers.  I am ready to get a 5 on this exam!” said junior, Lauren Eyler.  I wish everyone the best of luck on their tests and hope you end the year strong!

AP Exam Schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, May 3
English (IV) Aux Gym 7:45 AM
Thursday, May 4
US Government Aux Gym 7:45 AM
Friday, May 5
US History Aux Gym 7:45 AM
Studio Art A101 11:00 AM
Monday, May 8
Biology AB Room 7:45 AM
Tuesday, May 9
Calculus Aux Gym 7:45 AM
French Language Library/IVDL 11:45 AM
Wednesday, May 10
English Language (III) Aux Gym 7:45 AM
Macroeconomics Main Gym 11:45 AM
Thursday, May 11
World History AB Room 7:45 AM
Comparative Government Library 7:45 AM
Statistics Aux Gym 11:45 AM
Friday, May 12
Microeconomics Guidance Conference Room 7:45 AM
European History Aux Gym 7:45 AM


The Band Pops Concert

The Band performed its final concert April 23rd for the finale of the Fine Arts showcase. The Concert Winds will be performed How to Train Your Dragon, Night on Bald Mountain (from Fantasia 2000), and Rondo for Horn with soloist Dr. Margaret Tung. The Symphonic Band performed Raiders March, Barnum and Bailey’s Favourite March, and Wizard Of Oz.… Continue Reading

Kenston Academic Awards

With the school year nearing it’s end, many have received their invitation to the freshmen through junior class Academic Awards. The awards ceremony will be on May 11, at 7 p.m. These awards will include Best of Class, Department Awards and Grade Point Average awards. There will be awards for every class by every department,… Continue Reading

Freshman Year is Almost Over

My first year of high school was a breeze and it just flew by. Overall I felt that it was a great year and maybe even the best year of school I’ve had so far. All of the teachers I had this year have been great and have taught me a lot. They’ve not only… Continue Reading

AP Exam Tips

Advanced Placement exams are just around the corner! At this time of the year students are preparing a whole semester’s worth of information into a timely study schedule. Having a few key strategies and test taking tips can help boost your confidence going into the AP exam to ensure a good score. Senior football player,… Continue Reading

ACT Study Tips

The ACT can be one of the most stressful tests for any high school student. This is one of the tests that people feel will determine their future. Junior Corenna Maynard said, “Look at the amount of time allotted per section compared to the amount of questions.” The biggest struggle for most students is the… Continue Reading

4th Quarter!

Can you believe that we have 11 weeks of school left until summer and only 5 weeks until Spring Break? Although excitement is brewing for the warm weather and breaks, it is very important to make sure that you are prepared for the end of the year and plan for the upcoming school year.  If… Continue Reading

The Most Efficient and Effective Ways to Study

Many of us put off studying for tests until the last minute, but using different methods can help you gain knowledge faster and more effectively. In the end, you will end up doing less studying and will improve your ability to retain material. Here are a few ways to improve your studying: Approaching your studying… Continue Reading