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Congratulations to the April Students of the Month
Congratulations to the April Students of the Month!
Back Row L-R: Cole Lombardi, Hunter Ray, Jacob Spencer, Blake Torres
Front Row L-R: Andrea Rengers, Izzy Krzys, Delaney Kramer, Abby Bednar
PhotosRotary Senior | Grade 12 | Grade 11 | Grade 10 | Grade 9

AP French Class and Independent Study visits Timmons

The AP French class and Independent Study recently went to Timmons Elementary School to perform two skits, “The Three Little Pigs” and “The Three Wolves and the Big Bad Pig”, in French to the second grade class. Before performing the skits, students went into each second grade classroom to teach them French vocabulary that would be mentioned in the skit. Students were dressed up and used many props throughout the skit. The second graders laughed and interacted with the French students as they performed. Jenna Blackburn said, “It was a very fun experience being able to teach some French vocabulary to second graders and exposing them to the French culture. I hope they take French class in their future!” Overall, it was a very educational and fun experience for everyone!

AP Exam Tips

Advanced Placement exams are just around the corner! At this time of the year students are preparing a whole semester’s worth of information into a timely study schedule. Having a few key strategies and test taking tips can help boost your confidence going into the AP exam to ensure a good score. Senior football player,… Continue Reading

ACT Study Tips

The ACT can be one of the most stressful tests for any high school student. This is one of the tests that people feel will determine their future. Junior Corenna Maynard said, “Look at the amount of time allotted per section compared to the amount of questions.” The biggest struggle for most students is the… Continue Reading

4th Quarter!

Can you believe that we have 11 weeks of school left until summer and only 5 weeks until Spring Break? Although excitement is brewing for the warm weather and breaks, it is very important to make sure that you are prepared for the end of the year and plan for the upcoming school year.  If… Continue Reading

The Most Efficient and Effective Ways to Study

Many of us put off studying for tests until the last minute, but using different methods can help you gain knowledge faster and more effectively. In the end, you will end up doing less studying and will improve your ability to retain material. Here are a few ways to improve your studying: Approaching your studying… Continue Reading

Kenston Clothing Company

The Kenston Clothing Company has come out with a new website to visit follow the link below and check out what is new. Kenston Clothing Company Website Kenston Clothing Company is a new innovative clothing company selling products never seen before in the Bainbridge community. The company is projecting to get products to the hands… Continue Reading

Large Group Contest for The Band

While the band will not be attending the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) Large Group contest this year they and will play for mock judges (real OMEA judges) who will be proving the same experience and rating (which is not official) as the real thing at the February 28th concert featuring Jazz Band, Chorus, Concert Winds… Continue Reading

Kenston Art Students Visit Akron Art Museum

On Friday, February 17th, the art students of Kenston visited the Akron Art Museum followed by a walk through downtown Akron to take reference photos for future projects. The museum had a wide variety of different types of art on display. The exhibit on grotesque anatomies contained pieces related to warping the human body in… Continue Reading

Web Design Bodyguard

Our Web Design classes provide a great way to socialize and connect with others. We can meet other people who share the love of modifying the website, as well as bounce ideas off of each other to further better the website. However, from time to time there are some students who should not be in… Continue Reading