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Why You Should Join PACK

“If you don’t take an interest in politics, it will take an interest in you.” ~ Mrs. Smith.

The Political Action Committee at Kenston, known as PACK, is the perfect club for anybody who wants to explore the depths of American politics and government. The club is headed by AP Government teacher, Mrs. Anissa Smith. PACK meets every Monday during homeroom to discuss current domestic and world affairs, and to focus on important decisions and actions by congress and the rest of the government. Every year, PACK hosts Candidate’s Night–an event that focuses on local political affairs. Students are able to hear what local officials think about; and what is happening in Auburn and Bainbridge Townships, as well as Geauga County. PACK is an incredible way for students to become involved in politics; anybody who wants to get involved, have a voice, or just listen and learn about American government and politics is encouraged to join! Chris Fantauzzo said, “PACK is a great way to have peaceful debates about political issues and allows you to speak your mind freely.”