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Kenston High School Hallway Page

Question of the Week Second Semester 2016-2017:

Welcome back to the Kenston Hallway Page! Every week we are on quest to find out more about the students at Kenston High School! Find Alexis Long, Jenna Blackburn, Eva Thorne, Maddie Engoglia, Megan Randall, Bransen Stanley, Sam Holodinski, and Allison Kosinski in the hallway to answer the random question of the week. Find us and you will be featured on the website! 🙂

Question of the Day First Semester:

Welcome back to the Kenston Hallway Page! We are here to get your answers to our random questions.  Keep an eye out for Julianna DiMarco and Caroline Lucey in the hallway 🙂

Question of the Day Second Semester:

Welcome to the new and improved Kenston Hallway Page! We ask, you answer. Lauren Alarie and Michala Jepson are off on a journey during fourth block to ask random people random questions. Stay tuned to see what your friends answer!

Questions of the Day First Semester:

By: Kristen Krystal Triangle Mroz, Marisa Triangle Salsa Marrengo Pavone, Jamie Jamer Jamerson Skerlec & Gianna Constantpooptino

Welcome to the Kenston Hallway Page! Just your average high school students roaming the halls as class is going on. Caught in action, I think not!!! How about your question of the day? Report back to us with random questions about your fellow classmates. If we catch you in the halls be prepared to be smile and answer our question of the day… 🙂