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Annual Information Filing for Fiscal Year 2014 and Audited Financial Statements for Fiscal Year 2014

Annual Information Filing Highlights

The Kenston Local School District is operated primarily by tax monies voted
directly by residents of the district. Kenston’s voted operating tax rate is 77.49,
plus 4.50 mills assigned to the district from the State of Ohio’s 10 mill
limitation. The 2015 total operating millage was 81.99 plus 4.44 for bond

Financial Information 
Actual millage paid by real estate taxpayers in 2014 was:
Residential and Agricultural 35.04 Mills
Commercial and Industrial44.19 Mills
Student/Staff Data
District Data
FY 2014/2015
Certified Personnel211
Classified Personnel165
Average Teacher Salary$69,149
Maximum Teacher Training
Spending Per Pupil (3,010)$11,843 (Includes all funds $48,362,768.01), $16,067.36 (General Fund $35,647,628)
General Fund Summary
FY 2014/2015
Beginning Balance$11,701,388
Total Resources$46,769,896
Total Resources$46,769,896
Less Expenses$35,647,628
Less Encumbrances$2,120,164
Ending Balance$9,002,104
General Fund Revenue/Expenses
FY 2014/2015
Local Revenue$25,044,911
State Revenue$9,798,279
Other-Refund prior yr. expend.$169,492
Other Advances$55,827
Total Revenue$35,068,509
Support Services$13,920,100
Bus/Van Purchase$18,171
Total Expenses$35,647,628
*Financial Facts and CAFR/Audit Report reflect financial information from the previous year.

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