Education Infographic

As a district, we are committed to providing an enriched, holistic educational experience for each Kenston student.  As part of this holistic curricular approach, we focus not only on the academic content but in creating a culture that promotes healthy lifestyle choices, values mutual respect and inclusivity for all learners and inspires environmental citizenship and innovation.

This snapshot of our district illustrates the framework of the Kenston education.

Our 2,800 student body is supported in their learning by 220 certified faculty members, with 80% of our teachers holding masters’ degrees in their areas of expertise.  Kenston is fortunate to have the support of Counselors and Health Aides in each building to provide for the important emotional and health needs of our students. Music, Art and Physical Education are offered beginning at the kindergarten level and continue through our secondary schools with additional opportunities in band, chorus, technology, world languages and vocational programs, 17 Advanced Placement courses and a wide variety of college course offerings both at Kenston and at higher education institutions in the area.