Sept. 18-Sept. 22

Our 4th Graders are learning some INFOhio resources this week!  This includes, Storia, Book Nook, and a review of BookFLIX.  Students have been given a username and a password to be able to add to their “bookshelf” in Storia.  Many students are also interested in creating their own book trailer, as kids across the state of Ohio have in Book Nook.  It was fun exploring!

Fifth Graders have been reading, “The Hive Detectives: Chronicle of a Honey Bee Catastrophe” by Loree Griffin Burns, and learning how to decipher non-fiction text.  In Integrated Technology, students were reminded of INFOhio resources and other new current event .org resources.  Combined with the study of the book, students researched this bee catastrophe to create a poster in Google Drawings to educate and persuade the world to help save the bees and why we need to do so!

Sept. 11-Sept. 15

This is our last week of Internet Safety as our focus.  We will be visiting this topic throughout the year and discussing safety measures in each class, but this week ends our formal focus on safety.  Fourth Graders finished up their poster, meme, or own design, while then working on a PBS webonauts safety training.  Students also had an opportunity to collaborative with another student to create a second poster, meme. or design.

Fifth Grade Students spent a few minutes tightening up their collaborative slideshows.  They then critiqued each slideshow using a rotation schedule.  They wrote down evaluations for each group to improve.  After book check, groups got back together to make changes based on peer review before submitting.  It was a great activity for everyone!

Sept. 5-Sept. 8

Internet Safety continues to be our focus.  Fourth graders are learning how to use Google Drawings.  They have a choice of creating a safety poster, safety meme, or something of their own design.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Fifth Graders are creating safety slideshows collaboratively at the different collaboration/presentation stations.  They are very engaged in this project, and everyone has a role.


Internet Safety is the focus this week for Integrated Technology classes.  We are discussing scenarios and how to handle them.  Students are gaining information by viewing different videos linked to their Google Classrooms and responding to thoughtful questions guided by the Ohio Technology Standards.

Happy New Year! Aug.17-Aug.23

Welcome Back!

This week in Integrated Technology, students were able to see the new, renovated Media Center!  We are very fortunate to be able to have 5 collaboration/sharing stations with 2 Elo boards, a Smart Board, 2 projectors, and big screen with Chrome Book hook up.

Students learned about how Integrated Technology class will work with library check out, and they got to meet our librarian, Mrs. Sanders.  Students also enrolled in the Integrated Technology Google Classroom and filled out a Google Form titled, “All About Me.”

April 24-April 28

Our 4th Grade students had a choice this week to choose one of two projects.  Both use Google Slides and are 7 slides in length.  The first choice was a “Hero Comic Strip” complete with animations and transparent png images.  The second choice was a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story where students link different pages to other pages within a slideshow to make the adventure happen.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Fifth Graders are creating a Google Site on any topic: school related.  In this site, they can use current Google Docs, Slideshows, or even Googlinks they created earlier in the year, and include them for other Kenston students to see.

April 18- April 21

In preparation for next week’s math AIR test, students worked on a very short scavenger hunt to be sure to know how to write a fraction, mixed number, use the protractor, set the text-to-speech tool, and use the connect line tool within the program, to name a few.

When students finished, fourth graders began a lesson on virtual pattern blocks with tessellations, symmetry, and creating a picture with writing.  Fifth grade students are beginning to create a Google Site on any educational content of their choice.

April 3-April 7

This week, students were able to visit the San Diego Zoo, the outer edges of our solar system, the Smithsonian in Washington D.C, Mount Everest, and the 7 Wonders of the World without ever leaving the lab!

Virtual field trips were the focus for all students this week.  Students chose which field trip(s) they wanted to visit.  We noticed a condor egg was about ready to hatch during a visit to the San Diego Zoo!  The animal cams were the most popular trip for sure.  However, some really enjoyed the Smithsonian and the gorgeous panoramic views of the 7 Wonders of the World.

March 27-March 31

Fourth grade students are working with the Quiver App from to learn some augmented reality!  They got to choose a a picture to color (coloring is a stress relief!) and scanned it with the Quiver App on the iPad to see their colors come to life!

Fifth graders made a short slideshow and created a QR (Quick Response) code to place on their trifold boards to WOW the judges for the Invention Convention.

March 20-March 24

Students are finishing up and reviewing their scavenger hunts for the testing tools.  We are also going through a simulated test session so all students are ready and know what to expect on testing day!  They are prepared and ready to go!