December 19-January 5

KIS Fourth Graders reviewed Prehistoric Indians and landforms with QR Code activities, searched and located books on CAT JR (library catalog system), and designed pottery that the Prehistoric Indians would have decorated, along with cutting and folding structures where the Indians would have lived.

Our Fifth Graders finished their Googlinks and worked on their choice of winter related activities of their choice including: winter magnetic poetry and building a snowman and writing about it in Google Slides.

I hope you all have a safe, happy, and restful holiday break!

Dec. 11- Dec. 18

This week, KIS 4th graders are finishing up the design of their mission patches.  It was interesting to see many patches from NASA were not circles, but squares, ovals, and even triangles.  In addition to finishing up the patches, students had a short introduction to the green screen and were able to take a visit to the moon!

Our 5th graders started a project on creating Googlinks. (in the words if Google Certified Innovator, Eric Curts..

“If you are not familiar with Thinglink, it is a powerful online tool that lets users annotate images with pop-up text, pictures, videos, weblinks, documents, and more.”)

So, students are using Google Drawings to create a Googlink on content of their choice.  Some students are even making educational videos via the green screen to add!  This project will be completed in the new year.

Dec. 4- Dec. 8

Our Fourth graders have been reading, Who Was Neil Armstrong? in their ELA classes.  In Technology, the students are being challenged to either create their own future space mission and design a patch for that mission, or research a mission and redesign that patch.

Fifth graders are finishing up with their Adobe Spark commercials for Math Money Madness.  They are turning out so well!

Nov. 27-Dec.1

This week in Integrated Technology, fourth grade students are creating Wacky Web Tales, which are similar to Madlibs.  This provides them review of different parts of speech, as well as, appropriate sharing settings.

Fifth graders are still working on creating their commercials for their Math Money Madness project and filming on the green screen.  Next week will conclude this project.  All commercials will be shown during lunch periods during the week to showcase all the products.  I can’t wait to see all the finished products!

Nov. 15-Nov. 21

Fourth grade students are finishing up their Search vs. Research lessons this week.  In addition, students will explore different interactive sites, games, and videos on different landforms.  Lastly, students have the choice to create a holiday gram for our holiday gram creation contest!

Fifth grade students began their commercials for the Math Money Madness project.  They are coming up with some creative ways to persuade a buyer to purchase their product!

Nov. 8-Nov.14

Fourth graders will be starting a research paper the next few weeks in their ELA and Science classes.   To prepare for this, students learned searching vs. researching, how to identify a credible website, and how databases are a perfect choice for researching.  We will continue our discussion and learn more next week.

Fifth graders are finishing up their work with the biome projects.  Finishing touches are being added, and they are filling out Google Forms which will be shared with their science teacher for the whole class to view.  Next up, commercials for their Math Money Madness project!

Oct. 31-Nov.7

Fifth graders are closing in on the due date for their biome project.  They are learning a lot about working in groups, their researched biome, as all the technology that is used for this project.  I can’t wait to see finished products!

Our Fourth Graders learned how to clear out e-mail, how to change the theme in their e-mail, and a few other tips and tricks as they cleaned up their inboxes.  They also began a project in a web based program, Storyboard That.  This will be a fun way for early finishers to produce fun comic strips, timelines, chapter summaries, and more!

Oct. 24-Oct. 30

KIS 4th graders completed a Google Drawing activity placing stars in correct places for where the Federal Government, State Government, and Local Government offices reside.  In addition, the toured Mt. Vernon and the White House, and explored a government website.

Our 5th graders filmed their green screen productions this week!  Many groups also started and finished their food web creation in LucidChart Diagrams.  Only two more weeks for this project to be completed!

Oct. 17- Oct. 23

Fourth graders explored scanning QR codes leading to different websites and Google Map locations to make an informed decision with level and branch of government was being featured.  Along with this activity, students were able to create a decorated pumpkin using Google Slides and write about it.  Lastly, all landform dictionary URLs were distributed so all students were able to view all 4th grade work.

Fifth graders are continuing work on the Biome project.  This week, students planned scripts and props to bring for filming next week.  Many groups finished mapping their biomes in Google My Maps, copied the image on a slide, and linked the image to the live map.

Oct.9-Oct. 13

KIS 4th graders are finishing up their Landform Visual Dictionaries this week.  Along with all of the inserting of images and videos, they were introduced to animating images and slide transitions.  They are getting really creative!

Our 5th graders are beginning a longer project on land biomes.  Within this project, students are asked to use Google Slides, but not in the traditional “presentation” method.  They have choices to create a Jeopardy board, Choose Your Own Adventure Story, Interactive Quiz, to name a few.  Students will map their biome of study in Google My Maps and embed it on the slide of choice.  A food web will be created using Lucid Chart Diagrams.  The Green Screen will also be a choice to show knowledge of biome characteristics as well.   All of these standards fit with science and technology courses of study and sure to pack a lot of fun!