April 24-April 28

Our 4th Grade students had a choice this week to choose one of two projects.  Both use Google Slides and are 7 slides in length.  The first choice was a “Hero Comic Strip” complete with animations and transparent png images.  The second choice was a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story where students link different pages to other pages within a slideshow to make the adventure happen.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Fifth Graders are creating a Google Site on any topic: school related.  In this site, they can use current Google Docs, Slideshows, or even Googlinks they created earlier in the year, and include them for other Kenston students to see.

April 18- April 21

In preparation for next week’s math AIR test, students worked on a very short scavenger hunt to be sure to know how to write a fraction, mixed number, use the protractor, set the text-to-speech tool, and use the connect line tool within the program, to name a few.

When students finished, fourth graders began a lesson on virtual pattern blocks with tessellations, symmetry, and creating a picture with writing.  Fifth grade students are beginning to create a Google Site on any educational content of their choice.

April 3-April 7

This week, students were able to visit the San Diego Zoo, the outer edges of our solar system, the Smithsonian in Washington D.C, Mount Everest, and the 7 Wonders of the World without ever leaving the lab!

Virtual field trips were the focus for all students this week.  Students chose which field trip(s) they wanted to visit.  We noticed a condor egg was about ready to hatch during a visit to the San Diego Zoo!  The animal cams were the most popular trip for sure.  However, some really enjoyed the Smithsonian and the gorgeous panoramic views of the 7 Wonders of the World.

March 27-March 31

Fourth grade students are working with the Quiver App from http://www.quivervision.com/ to learn some augmented reality!  They got to choose a a picture to color (coloring is a stress relief!) and scanned it with the Quiver App on the iPad to see their colors come to life!

Fifth graders made a short slideshow and created a QR (Quick Response) code to place on their trifold boards to WOW the judges for the Invention Convention.

March 20-March 24

Students are finishing up and reviewing their scavenger hunts for the testing tools.  We are also going through a simulated test session so all students are ready and know what to expect on testing day!  They are prepared and ready to go!

March 6-March 17

Students are preparing to take the AIR tests coming soon.  Fourth graders will take ELA, math, and social studies.  Fifth graders will take ELA, math, and science.  This will be the first time KIS students are taking these tests online.  To learn the different tools available, students are completing a scavenger hunt using an online practice test provided by the Ohio Department of Education.  Teachers have been instructing students on the new format as well.

*Check out my Twitter post of an example of a hunt!

February 21-March 3

Invention Convention work is here!  All students are learning the design process to come up with an invention.  Fourth graders are completing this as a class, and are learning a shortened version.  Our 5th graders, who learned this process last year, are designing and creating either independently or as a pair.  In Integrated Technology for two weeks, students are learning the SCAMPER process to have a strategy to solve problems.  After this lesson, students apply this knowledge to their own problem and come up with solutions.  From here, students search Google Patents and other sites to be sure their solution does not exist.  After March 3, the students will sketch their prototypes and be on their way!

February 6-February 17

Fourth Grade Students are finalizing the mission patch assignment.  Students had to either CREATE a mission and patch from scratch (fiction) or REDESIGN a mission patch and provide evidence of research of a previous mission.  Students who are finished are working on a Neil Armstrong web quest and filling out dialogue, thought, and fact bubbles about our amazing Ohio astronaut.

Our 5th graders have been SO creative making props for their iMovies on the Inca, Aztec, and Maya people and the characteristics of a civilization.  They have been up to the task for this Design Challenge! I don’t think they want this project to end!

January 30-February 3

Fourth Graders are starting a four week project aligned with the book they are reading in their ELA classes, Who was Neil Armstrong?  They will be either creating a new mission from NASA and designing a mission patch, or redesigning a mission patch from an already existing mission.  They are viewing videos to learn about the meanings of patches, researching the NASA website for missions, filling out a graphic organizer in Google Drawings, and then creating or redesigning the patch in Google Drawings.

The Fifth Grade Classes are off an running with their iMovie projects.  Students started saving images, shooting video, and capturing pictures to insert into their movies.  Some have even brought in props to help with the pictures.  I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

January 23-January 27

Growth Mindset was the topic this week for students.  They completed a Google Doc with videos and response questions relating to growth mindset vs. fixed mindset.  It is good practice also for them to turn in assignments to the Google Classroom.

Our 5th graders had a planning week for the iMovie trailers on the 8 characteristics of a civilization.  They were given the paper copy of their templates, and were to plan out the text boxes, and photo/video/image boxes for their trailer.  Students are encouraged to be creative and even bring in props for the project.