WOW! I can’t believe we are here already.  I am amazed by the growth of knowledge our students have shown this year!  Have a safe and relaxing summer, everyone!

Our 4th and 5th Grade Students are working on a collaborative slideshow to thank homeroom teachers that will be shared with each teacher.  This is a challenge since all students have access to 1 file! All students are finishing up any work that wasn’t previously finished.  Also, students are organizing Google Drives with folders and deleting any unwanted files.  This is also happening with Gmail.  We want to start fresh in the fall!  Students also filled out a Google Form as a survey to communicate their favorite projects here in Integrated Technology, anything they may not have liked, and some things they will want to learn.  This will help shape next year’s work.

Best wishes, 5th Graders, and see you in the fall, 4th Graders!

May 1-May 7

4th Grade Students are continuing work on their “Hero Comics” and “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories.  I am so happy to see all the animation, linking, transparent images, green screen ideas, and creativity going into these projects!

5th Grade Students are also continuing work on their Google Site.  Some students are choosing to create slideshows and use the green screen for more tutorials!


April 24- April 30

In Integrated Technology this week, students who needed to finish iMovie Trailers did so.  Students who were finished were introduced to Hero Comic Strips and Choose Your Own Adventure Stories.  Both projects are 7 slides created in Google Slides, but are not typical presentations.  Students watched screencasts to decide which project they would like to create.

Fifth Grade Students began to create a Google Site (website) based on academic content of their choice.  Students are able to add any Google Tool (doc, slide, form, drawing, video) to their site to make an awesome learning experience!

April 17-April 23

The 4th grade iMovie trailers are coming along beautifully! Students will be viewing these videos after completion either in their individual classrooms or in Integrated Technology.

Our 5th grade students are finishing up required tasks and also exploring some activities of their choice.  Nearpod Virutal field trips and Chrome Music are a couple choices.

April 10-April 16

KIS 4th graders are on their second week of creating iMovie Book Trailers.  Students are having fun bringing in props and costumes to add to the project!

Our 5th grade students are working more on Internet Safety, as this is always a good reminder and some review!


*Please be sure your child has a set of headphones for class.  Students use headphones in their homerooms, switch classes, and for Integrated Technology.  Thank you!

April 3-April 9

Welcome back from Spring Break!

KIS 4th Graders are starting an iMovie Trailer book project!  They are very excited to use the iPads and create!  Some students are working on a book from classwork, while others are using independent reading books.  I can’t wait to see the final projects!

Fifth Graders are reviewing AIR technology tools and learning the new tools for this year’s testing.  After they finish, students have an opportunity to brush up on their Inca, Aztec, or Maya project.  Students who are finished worked through a choice of 6 virtual field trips with 360 degree views.

March 19-March 23

This week, before Spring Break, 4th grade students are reviewing technology tools needed for online testing.  Students are watching screencasts and answering questions, while working at their own pace.

Our 5th Grade Students are finishing their work with the Aztec, Inca, and Maya projects, which will be presented in their ELA/Social Studies classes.

March 8-March 16

This week was a “catch up” week for 4th Grade students.  Students reviewed certain projects and resubmitted them to the Google Classroom.  Early finishers were given different sites to discover: Chrome Music Lab (students made their own music), (creating pictures from sand), Blobz electric circuits activity, to name a few.

Fifth Grade students are in week 2 of the Inca, Aztec, and Maya project.  Some students are choosing to be reporters and use Adobe Spark and green screen videos to record their findings, while others are creating a Jeopardy Game, writing a diary in first person as an Inca, Maya, or Aztec citizen, creating a “choose your own adventure story,” or making a travel brochure.  They are very creative!

February 28-March 7

KIS 4th Graders are finishing up searching Google Patents and other resources to be sure their Invention Convention solutions do not already exist.  We also discussed the differences between patents, trademarks, and copyright.  We even played a “Guess the logo or slogan” game!

Fifth Graders are beginning a three week project that coincides with their ELA and Social Studies classes.  All classes are researching either Maya, Inca, or Aztec civilizations.  Students choose 4 of the 8 characteristics and research for further information.  Students then bring this information to Integrated Technology, where students choose from 6 different projects.

February 21-February 27

Our Fourth Graders began learning about the SCAMPER process to help find solutions for their Invention Convention “problems.”  Ask your child what a piece of white paper can be turned into!

Fifth Graders researched solutions this week to be sure their solutions do not already exist.  Early finishers are sketching their prototypes and working on the next steps!