TEST DATE CHANGE! Biogeochemical Test Date has been changed to Wednesday, Feb. 22

The Biogeochemical Test will be on WEDNESDAY 2/22.   Following are some resources you may wish to use in preparation for the test.  Click on the blue links.  

Biogeochemical Kahoot

Biogeochemical Concepts Review

Excellent site for nitrogen cycle with links to the other cycles 

Monday, 2/13: Complete Biogeochemical Booklets.  We’ll complete the Phosphorous Cycle in class.  Use notes and text to work on Review Page and Concept Vocabulary

Tuesday, 2/14:  Discuss characteristics of all living things.  Review the Nitrogen Cycle with game activity.

Wednesday, 2/15:  Computer Gizmo Quest

Thursday, 2/16: Computer Gizmo Quest

Friday, 2/17: Lab Experiement

Monday, 2/20: Professional Development Day – No Classes for You!

Tuesday, 2/21: Kahoot Review

Wednesday, 2/22  Biogeochemical Test

What On Earth Is a Biogeochemical Cycle?! 2/6 – 2/10

It’s good to be back after after a terrific Super Bowl Sunday weekend!  Enjoyed conferencing with your weather newscast teams and glad we managed to fit in  2 days of a Webquest on Global Climate Change during our shortened week.  Global Climate Change Webquests are due, at the latest, on Wednesday, 2/8.  Please hand them in as soon as you are finished. Don’t wait, we have a very busy week ahead!

Monday: What IS a biogeochemical cycle?  We’ll define that term with examples.  Bring your text so we can exchange it for your new book.  (If your class hasn’t already done this.)  We’ll construct a flip book that will guide you through the various cycles as well as receive a sheet outlining the learning objectives for this unit.  Use your 15 Minutes of Science each night to read Chapter 20 and build an understanding of the cycles described.  Focus on the water cycle tonight. (pp. 707-715)

Tuesday:  The water cycle will be our focus for the day.  As always, we will be elevating this concept to the 7th grade level using various resources. NASA Water Cycle Clip and Water Cycle Rap  Be ready for a 2 or 3 question comprehension check at the end of class!  Focus on the oxygen cycle and carbon cycle sections of Chapter 20 tonight. (pp. 717 – 719)

Wednesday:  The carbon cycle will be our focus.  We’ll use cut-and-paste as well as other learning strategies to build our understanding of the carbon cycle.  Be prepared for a short quiz over the water and carbon cycles tomorrow.

Thursday:  We’ll start with a short quiz over the carbon and water cycles.  The next cycle to explore is the nitrogen cycle and it will take a few days.  Tonight, be sure to read over the nitrogen cycle section in Chapter 20 of your text.  Be sure you know why nitrogen is so important.

Friday:  Be prepared for a 2 or 3 question comprehension check on nitrogen.  A Nitrogen Cycle Game will help us build the concept!

Snow Day Changes!

Two Snow Days!  Well that changes our week!  We’ve made a few adjustments to adapt to 2 fewer days in our quarter.  We will not have an in-class test over Chapter 4.  We will have 2 short essays due on Friday over main ideas in Chapter 4.

We will move forward with our Climate Change Web-quest on Thursday and Friday.  By Monday, we will be starting a new unit on Biogeochemical Changes.

Please bring your textbooks on Monday so we can collect and exchange them for the new unit.


January 30th – February 3rd

Congratulations to the KMS Cast and Crew of “The Sound of Music”!  You were fantastic!

Image result for the sound of music images

Congratulations to the newscast crews of our 7th Grade scientists last week!  We enjoyed many wonderful weather presentations.  They were informative, creative, and entertaining! Terrific work!

Monday, 1/30:  Using the internet, you will explore climate changes around the world and collect passport codes along the way during our Climate Change WebQuest.  Please bring earbuds on Monday and Wednesday if you prefer them to KMS headphones. 🙂

Tuesday, 1/31 Ms. Burton will present information about 7th Grade Camp!  I’m already excited!

Wednesday, 2/1 This will be our 2nd and final day working on the WebQuest.  If you do not finish in class, you will need to finish this as homework.

Thursday, 2/2  Using only your notes, (no text) you will complete an assessment worksheet covering the Chapter 4 Target Objectives.  (Gold paper in your notebook.)

Friday, 2/3 We will begin a new unit on biogeochemical changes on our planet.

ALL Weather Forecast Projects are due on Wednesday, January 25

Notice this rock lifted into the air by tangled tree roots!  Severe weather likely toppled the tree, exposing the roots to rain and weather which washed the roots and rock clean.  Saw this on a hike through Frohring Meadows.

You worked all last week in class and for homework to prepare for your Weather Forecast Presentation.  This week we will enjoy those presentations!  Please notice that ALL Weather Forecast Projects are due on Wednesday, January 25th.  This is an extension from Tuesday January 24th.  You may have signed up for Thursday or Friday, but you MUST be ready to present on Wednesday because if someone is absent from another team, your team must be ready to fill that time spot and present.  If your team is called upon to present, and the team is not ready, your team will be graded as late.

Monday, 1/23:  Finish script in Library Computer Lab.  You may print out one script in the library.  If your team wants me to make more, leave it with me on Monday and I will make black and white copies for your rehearsal on Tuesday.  If you want a color script, you will need to print it at home.

Tuesday, 1/24:  Be sure you have costumes and props for your dress rehearsal during class time.

Wednesday, 1/25 – Friday 1/27:  We will enjoy 2 presentations each day.  


Chapter 3 Weather Test This Week! 1/9 – 1/13

We live in a lovely part of the world, but we still need to respect nature and be safe!

Monday:  Review of Weather Chapter 3.  Also due date for the Weather Station Map and questions packet.  Looks like very bad weather on Tuesday, so I switched our Kahoot review to Monday.  The test will be on Wednesday whether or not there is school on Tuesday, so please be prepared.  Click Here for Kahoot Review.

Tuesday:  Review game and a few minutes for binder organization.  Binders will be graded on Friday 1/13.  All notes and papers must be CLIPPED INTO YOUR SCIENCE NOTEBOOK.  As written on the board in class, you may wish to use Text pages 102-105 as review tools for the test.

Wednesday:  Chapter 3 Weather Test

Thursday:  Short and long term causes for climate changes on earth.

Friday:  Science notes will be graded.




Welcome to 2017! Here we go on another trip around the sun!

Hope you enjoyed a wonderful break.  I enjoyed wonderful food, time with family and friends, and a  nice change up of schedule!  We will finish 2nd quarter on Wednesday and jump into the 3rd quarter on Thursday.  Tie your shoes on tight because we have a busy quarter ahead!

Chapter 3 Test will be on Wednesday, January 11.  The test covers the entire chapter.  Use this Chapter Review Sheet to help you prepare.

Wednesday, 1/4:  Assembly schedule due to school wide “Fat Boy” presentation.  We will work on our Weather Station map/questions.  These are due Monday, 1/9.

Thursday, 1/5:  Review reading and interpreting weather maps.

Friday, 1/6:  View Hurricane Katrina video clip and discuss economic and social decisions resulting from severe weather

Monday, 1/9:  Weather Station Map/Questions due.  Chapter 3 Review

Tuesday, 1/10:  Chapter 3 Review

Wednesday, 1/11: Chapter 3 Weather Test

Last Post of 2016!


Hope you are all enjoying Winter Break!  Between Holiday Frenzy and Furnace Failure 🙁 can’t say I’ve done much relaxing, but you know how I love twinkle lights, so I’m enjoying my house filled with them, and time with my family.  Looking forward to going to the Winter Solstice Program at The West Woods (Geauga Park District) on December 21st.  It runs from 7:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M.  If you happen to see this in time and see me there, say hi and it’s worth 5 Extra Credit points.  (You’ll have to describe your favorite 2 stations first.) ö

If you haven’t already turned in your SCIENCE SHOW ASSIGNMENT don’t forget to get this done by January 6th.  It was assigned the first week of school and is worth 50 points.  You may share a Google Doc with me or hand in a hard copy by Friday, January 6th.

Remember. I am accepting the Extra Credit posted on the Homework/Assignment page until your first day back.  OR you may share a Google Doc with me over break.

Last Academic Week of 2016!

Does it get better than a Star Ship Enterprise Cookie Display?!


Assignment Alert!  Complete and turn in your Science Show Assignment as soon as you are finished.  Many students have not yet turned this in.  It was assigned the first week of school and it MUST be turned in on time.

Important:  Check you Infinite Campus and make sure all assignments are turned in as Friday is the last day of the 2nd Quarter!

See the Homework/Assessment page for Extra Credit Opportunity

Monday, 12/12:  Weather Station and Isotherm/Isobar Activity

Tuesday, 12/13:  Weather Stations Activity – Plot weather patterns using information from weather stations in the continental United States

Wednesday, 12/14:  Weather Stations Activity – Draw conclusions using the patterns plotted on the weather station map from Tuesday

Thursday, 12/15:  Engineering Design Process and Challenge

Friday, 12/16:  Assembly Schedule to accommodate Fat Boy Chronicles video.  We will explore social and economic consequences of Hurricane Katrina