May?! 2nd – 5th

Remember Way Back When?


Monday, 5/1:  Chemistry Test including Spelling, Symbol, and Atomic Number of Elements 1-20 AND Note Book Check 

Find Test Kahoot Review HERE

Tuesday, 5/2: Dichotomous Key activites

Wednesday, 5/3:  Notable STEM Contributions ws and Sputnik ws due.  Camp!

Thursday, 5/4: Prepare for 7th Grade Camp with Camp Counselors

Friday, 5/5: Prepare for 7th Grade Camp with Camp Counselors

Extra Credit Option:  You may earn up to 10 points by selecting one of the scientists on the “Notable STEM Contributions” worksheet and creating a 5 slide Google presentation. Slide One: Cover Page with title, your name and class period.  Slide Two: Where born and early history.  Slide Three:  Education and key facts  Slide Four:  Date of discovery and events surrounding this discovery.  Slide Five: Future impact/usefulness of discovery

We’ve Got Chemistry!

Enjoying a Louisiana swamp hike. Check out the Cyprus trees!

I was definitely part of the swamp food chain!

Lot’s to see in this very different ecosystem!

Important Dates for the next few weeks:

4/19, Wednesday: Quiz over Elements 1-7  Memorize Spelling, Symbol, and the Atomic Number of each element.

4/24, Monday: Quiz over Elements 8-14

4/28, Friday: Quiz over Elements 15-20

4/28, Friday:  Wanted Poster Assignment Due

5/1, Monday:  Chemistry Test including Elements 1-20 on the Periodic Table.

Week of April 3rd – 7th

Image result for spring break

Hurrah, we’re almost there!   I’m so impressed with your hard work on the ELA Test and your navigation of our altered schedule!

Monday 4/3:  Continue or exploration of characteristics of the atom and elements.

Tuesday 4/4:  Continue our review for Post Test with an in-class Kahoot session.  (I have Chromebooks for this session.)  Find the Kahoot link on last week’s Friday posting.

Wednesday 4/5:  Post Test

Thursday 4/6:  Introduction to electron shells surrounding the nucleus of an atom.

Friday 4/7:  We’ll continue exploration of the information found on the Periodic Table.  We’ll view Bill Nye explaining Atoms and Molecules.

Week of March 27 – 31

Monday:  Review Atom homework.  AIR Test groupings announced. Sunken Treasure review game.

Tuesday:  We’ll explore the Periodic Table with the help of a PowerPoint presentation and notes.

Wednesday:  AIR TEST DAY

Thursday:  AIR TEST DAY

Friday:  Periodic Table Notes Activity.  You may wish to access the 7th Grade Science End of Year Test review Kahoot:  Post Test Kahoot Review


Chapter 21 Outline: 3/14 – 3/23 Thursday 3/23:

We are starting a new unit on Populations and Communities in an Ecosystem.  The test for this section will be on  Friday 3/24:  Chapter 21 Test over Populations and Communities

Monday 3/13:  Teacher Work/Professional Development Day

Tuesday 3/14:  Snow Day!

Wednesday 3/15:  Snow Day!

Thursday 3/16: Review competition, population density, carrying factors, and limiting factors in an ecosystem. Homework : Read pp.759-764, “Communities”.  Be familiar with vocabulary.

Friday 3/17: Exploration of carrying capacity, population size, and energy flow with station activities.  Homework : Read pp.749-755

Monday 3/20: Complete and review station explorations.   Homework : Page 771 (13, 14, 16, 17, 19-22)

Tuesday 3/21  Mark/Recapture Population Estimation activity  Homework: Food Chain/Web Packet due on Wednesday

Wednesday 3/22:  Exploration of relationships in communities: a.) Predator/Prey b.)Cooperative  c.) Symbiotic Complete Key Concept builder:Communities WS 58/46.  Please bring device tomorrow if you have one for Kahoot.  Review the Chapter 21 Test Study Guide you received last week.

Thursday 3/23: Review Chpt. 21 Populations and Communities  Bring phones for Kahoot Review please.

Friday 3/24:  Chapter 21 Test over Populations and Communities Complete Atoms worksheet for Monday 3/27

Extra Credit Opportunity: (10 Points) Earth Day Photo Contest  When you submit your entry photo and paragraph, bcc to submit to me for the extra credit points.  

Last Week of the Quarter! March 6th – 10th

16047.png (1392×955)

Monday:  We’ll finish viewing the video “A Legend Returns to Yellowstone: Reintroduction of Gray Wolves” and review trophic levels from Chapter 20.

Tuesday:  Trophic level worksheet and review of Chapter 20 Reading Guide.

Wednesday: Note Book Check.  Organize your notes using the blue link at the top left side of this page.

Thursday:  Open note quiz over Chapter 20 and Gizmo computer simulations.  We’ll begin our study of populations, competition, and limiting factors of populations.

Friday:  We’ll explore carrying capacity and limiting factors of populations with an Owl activity.

Week of February 27 – March 3rd

Great job on the pH and Acid Rain Lab!

Monday, Feb. 27:  Conclude Photosynthesis Gizmo and begin study of relationships between flow of elements and producers, consumers, and decomposers as we prepare to study animal and plant populations and limiting factors.  Homework ONLY for 7th, 8th, and 9th Periods:  Complete front face of Forest Ecosystem Warm-Up.  The Bear side is extra credit.  (5 pts.)

Tuesday, Feb. 28:  We will actively explore relationships in the food chain through a Forest Ecosystem pre-activity and Gizmo introduction

Wednesday, March 1: You will manipulate biotic and abiotic features of a forest ecosystem in a computer simulation.  We will complete a graphic organizer reflecting the movement of carbon through the forest ecosystem.

Thursday, March 2:  After reviewing the graphic organizer, we will begin a composition using your “Academic Voice”.  We continue to work on 7th grade level communication skills.  Many excellent examples are on exhibit as we refine our informative writing processes.

Friday, March 3:  We will transition to animal populations and limiting factors by watching a video describing the re-introduction of wolves into the Yellowstone National Park ecosystem.

TEST DATE CHANGE! Biogeochemical Test Date has been changed to Wednesday, Feb. 22

The Biogeochemical Test will be on WEDNESDAY 2/22.   Following are some resources you may wish to use in preparation for the test.  Click on the blue links.  

Biogeochemical Kahoot

Biogeochemical Concepts Review

Excellent site for nitrogen cycle with links to the other cycles 

Monday, 2/13: Complete Biogeochemical Booklets.  We’ll complete the Phosphorous Cycle in class.  Use notes and text to work on Review Page and Concept Vocabulary

Tuesday, 2/14:  Discuss characteristics of all living things.  Review the Nitrogen Cycle with game activity.

Wednesday, 2/15:  Computer Gizmo Quest

Thursday, 2/16: Computer Gizmo Quest

Friday, 2/17: Lab Experiement

Monday, 2/20: Professional Development Day – No Classes for You!

Tuesday, 2/21: Kahoot Review

Wednesday, 2/22  Biogeochemical Test

What On Earth Is a Biogeochemical Cycle?! 2/6 – 2/10

It’s good to be back after after a terrific Super Bowl Sunday weekend!  Enjoyed conferencing with your weather newscast teams and glad we managed to fit in  2 days of a Webquest on Global Climate Change during our shortened week.  Global Climate Change Webquests are due, at the latest, on Wednesday, 2/8.  Please hand them in as soon as you are finished. Don’t wait, we have a very busy week ahead!

Monday: What IS a biogeochemical cycle?  We’ll define that term with examples.  Bring your text so we can exchange it for your new book.  (If your class hasn’t already done this.)  We’ll construct a flip book that will guide you through the various cycles as well as receive a sheet outlining the learning objectives for this unit.  Use your 15 Minutes of Science each night to read Chapter 20 and build an understanding of the cycles described.  Focus on the water cycle tonight. (pp. 707-715)

Tuesday:  The water cycle will be our focus for the day.  As always, we will be elevating this concept to the 7th grade level using various resources. NASA Water Cycle Clip and Water Cycle Rap  Be ready for a 2 or 3 question comprehension check at the end of class!  Focus on the oxygen cycle and carbon cycle sections of Chapter 20 tonight. (pp. 717 – 719)

Wednesday:  The carbon cycle will be our focus.  We’ll use cut-and-paste as well as other learning strategies to build our understanding of the carbon cycle.  Be prepared for a short quiz over the water and carbon cycles tomorrow.

Thursday:  We’ll start with a short quiz over the carbon and water cycles.  The next cycle to explore is the nitrogen cycle and it will take a few days.  Tonight, be sure to read over the nitrogen cycle section in Chapter 20 of your text.  Be sure you know why nitrogen is so important.

Friday:  Be prepared for a 2 or 3 question comprehension check on nitrogen.  A Nitrogen Cycle Game will help us build the concept!

Snow Day Changes!

Two Snow Days!  Well that changes our week!  We’ve made a few adjustments to adapt to 2 fewer days in our quarter.  We will not have an in-class test over Chapter 4.  We will have 2 short essays due on Friday over main ideas in Chapter 4.

We will move forward with our Climate Change Web-quest on Thursday and Friday.  By Monday, we will be starting a new unit on Biogeochemical Changes.

Please bring your textbooks on Monday so we can collect and exchange them for the new unit.