One Week Before Camp!

Did you know that Trilliums are native to Ohio and are actually Ohio’s state wildflower? Scientific name: Trillium grandiflorum


I found this trillium in my back yard.  Soon we’ll have the entire outdoors as a classroom!  I’m so excited for camp!  However, first we need to complete some important classroom days.  Find an Extra Credit link below.

Monday 5/7:  Math Break Out Box Activity

Tuesday 5/8 and Wednesday 5/9:  Math testing during periods 2 and 3 in the same testing room as your ELA test.   In the afternoon you will remain in period 6 for an ELA activity.

Thursday 5/10 and Friday 5/11:  Time to meet your camp counselors and prepare for camp!

Monday 5/14 – Friday 5/18:  Off to Camp!  You will complete a 50 point Camp Journal which will be collected on the last day of camp.  I will be grading your journal.  Please be sure to offer 7th grade quality entries. 

Extra Credit:  Go to this Extra Credit Link for an extra credit opportunity.  Follow all directions carefully.



April 30th – May 4th

So proud of your effort and diligence on the ELA Test this past Tuesday and Wednesday.  Can’t wait to see the final product of your work on the Element Wanted Posters!  Our week ahead is certainly full, so tie your shoes on tight!

Monday:  Data collection assessment for potential Honors 8th Grade science class.  We will continue work on our Elements Wanted Posters.  Element Wanted Posters are due on Thursday.

Tuesday:  In class review for the Chemistry Test.  Bring a device to use Kahoot Live.

Wednesday:  Chemistry TEST

Thursday:  Element Posters are due.  We will use them in a Periodic Table activity.

Friday:  We will learn to use Dichotomous Keys through a variety of hands-on activities.

April 23 – 27


Students found their study of decomposition reactions very engaging!

Last week students completed an introduction to the Periodic Table.  Students also completed a chemistry lab demonstrating how molecules can break apart, transforming into different substances and releasing heat energy.

This week students will complete ELA testing and then research an element from the Periodic Table.

Chemistry Test:  Wednesday, May 2nd

Monday, 4/23:  Meet the Break-Out Review challenge!  Our ELA review includes a series of reading challenges with raffle tickets and a chance to win prizes along the way!

Tuesday, 4/24:  You will attend 1st Period, then stay in your 2nd period class for both 2nd and 3rd periods.  We will watch the movie Hidden Figures and complete a viewing guide.  The viewing guides are due on Thursday. 

Wednesday, 4/25:  Today’s schedule will be the same as Tuesday’s .

Thursday, 4/26:  Hidden Figures viewing guide is due today. Turn the viewing guide in to your Science teacher. 🙂    Elements Crossword is due today.  We will start research on “Element Wanted” poster.

Friday, 4/27:  Research on the “Element Wanted” poster will continue.

April 16th – 20th

We are rounding the last corner of 7th grade achievements!  So proud of how far you have all come and the progress you have made this year!  We will move forward with our Chemistry Unit this week.  Please view due dates carefully.

Monday, 4/16:  We’ll explore the Bohr and Lewis Models of electron configuration.  Don’t know what makes an element stable or reactive?  Now you will!  See Google Classroom for Element Quiz study resources and assignment.

Tuesday, 4/17:  Notebook Check is today!  Organize by looking to the left and opening “Clip It In Science Notes”We’ll continue exploring electron configurations.  

Wednesday, 4/18:  Element Quiz covering Elements 1-10: Symbol, Atomic Number and Spelling.  See Google Classroom for Element Quiz study resources and assignment.

Thursday, 4/19:  Now that you know how molecules form from atoms, lets do a lab that breaks some molecules apart!

Friday, 4/20:  Element Quiz covering Elements 1-20: Symbol, Atomic Number and Spelling.  See Google Classroom for Element Quiz study resources and assignment.

April 9 – 13

Very beautiful….but May flowers will be most welcome!

We slipped out of Spring Break into a snow storm!  Students worked to wrap up our Ecology Unit and took the test on Friday.  Ahhh….speaking of testing, April is the month!  Please encourage your student to offer their best effort this month.  On-line, formal testing is a skill set they will want to develop as students move forward in their academic careers.  From driver’s ed. testing, to ACT/SAT, to college board exams, students will need to use these skills.  How wonderful that students have an opportunity to practice on exams that offer useful feedback, yet bear little weight on their future.

Our 7th grade science test will be on Friday.  Please find a Quizlet and a Kahoot Review on your Google Classroom Account.

Monday 4/9:  We’ll begin our study of the Periodic Table

Tuesday 4/10: We’ll explore the basics of atomic structures and review for the 7th Grade Concepts Science Test

Wednesday 4/11:  Time for a little hands-on science!

Thursday 4/12:  Final review for the 7th Grade Science Test

Friday 4/13:  7th Grade Science TEST

Spring Break and Beyond!! April 3- 6

Ecology Test on Friday, April 6th.  Use your text, notes, and handouts to prepare.  Review the Learning Targets handout and Vocab./Concepts list.  Use the Quizlet  on last week’s post.  PLEASE VISIT YOUR GOOGLE CLASSROOM FOR A KAHOOT ECOLOGY REVIEW LINK

For students who were absent on Thursday, find the Symbiosis Power Point Presentation here.

Monday, April 2:  No School

Tuesday, April 3:  Test Review

Wednesday, April 4:  Review food webs and trophic pyramids

Thursday, April 5:  Review all vocabulary and key concepts

Friday, April 6:  Ecology Test

7th Grade Science Concepts  TEST DATE, APRIL 13.


March 19th – March 23rd

Students determine the size of an animal population by working together on a Mark/Recapture Lab.

We had a great week of science as we completed an owl simulation, worked on a water purification lab, and explored the amazing transformation of Yellowstone National Park as a result of the reintroduction of wolves!  Review using this.Ecology Quizlet

Science Ecology Test:  Friday, April 6th  

Monday, March 19th:   An Internet Safety Expert, Jesse Weinberger will make a presentation to 7th Grade Team Justice.  We will finish each of the Ecology Stations and review our work.

Tuesday, March 20th:  We will explore Trophic Pyramids and the characteristics of each trophic level, along with Food Webs, and Exponential Growth.

Wednesday, March 21st:  Our focus today will be on the Carrying Capacity of an ecosystem through the use of an otter population simulation and graphs.

Thursday, March 22nd:  We will begin our study of Symbiotic Relationships.

Friday, March 23rd:  We will continue our study of Symbiotic Relationships and examine some amazing examples from nature.

Enjoy a wonderful, refreshing Spring Break!

March 12th – 16th

Students examine the results of the water purification system they designed.

Monday, 3/12:  No classes for students

Tuesday, 3/13:  Welcome to the final quarter of 7th Grade.  Let’s make it a terrific 4th Quarter!   After finishing up our Water Purification Experiment, we’ll review the homework sheet that was due on Friday.  We’ll take notes on trophic levels and construct a food web.  Homework:  Read Chapter 21: Section 1

Wednesday, 3/14: The wolves of Yellowstone National Park will show us how disrupting a food web can alter an ecosystem and the populations within it.

Thursday, 3/15:  A presentation on internet safety will occur during 2nd and 3rd period.  Limiting factors of a population will be illustrated in an Owl Hunt activity.

Friday, 3/16:    Various activity stations will build our understanding of competition, carrying capacity, and food webs in different ecosystems.

Mini Animal Extra Credit, Due 3/22 (6 possible points) :  Choose ONE of the following mini-animals: Marmoset monkey, Jerboa, Pygmy hippo, Ruby-Throated hummingbird, Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel. 

Write a short paragraph explain where the animal lives, how it has adapted to its environment, an interesting fact you learned, and a food chain containing your mini-animal.