Ship to Shore 1-16-18

Homework this week will be due Friday Jan. 19th. Students were provided time in class to complete the MLK pages and a math page as packets weren’t distributed Friday due to calamity day nor Monday due to the holiday. Students should’ve also brought home a newsletter. Please continue to read to and with your child, review sight words for Q3 while continuing to practice Q 1 and 2, and be sure to complete the January genre activity sent with the January reading log. Reading is the most important support at this time! Thank you.

Ship to Shore January 2, 2018

Ahoy First Officers and First Grade Sailors! How is everyone? I hope
this all finds you happy and well. I want to thank you each for all
the thoughtful cards, gifts, and goodies. It is nice to be thought of
and appreciated. Your children and all their handmade cards and notes
are just the sweetest! 🙂

School resumes tomorrow, Wednesday January 3, 2018. For some of our
sailors, they may need a little extra reassurance in finding their sea
legs post break. Please give them an extra hug out the door that they
will do just fine, and that I will be in the classroom doorway
awaiting their smile and arrival. It is bitter cold. Be sure you
bundle them up in the Big 5. Send an extra sweatshirt or sweater to
keep here in the room as temperatures vary throughout the day too.
Return December Reading Calendars.

Tomorrow begins the 3rd quarter. Q 2 Report Cards will come home at
the end of the week. Please sign and return the envelope. Q 2 ran
from the middle of October through the last school day of December,
covering much time and curriculum. First grade is a stretch year, and
I see their growth. Please continue to read to and with your child.
If a student is reading below benchmark Indep. E, while we want them
to make a year’s growth, the ultimate goal is to fill in their gap to
get them to on grade for reading. The benchmark for Q 3 in reading
will be independent G. As they move up in E books and beyond, they
will now be exposed more to long vowels – flippy dolphin strategy can
help. If they try a short vowel and the word doesn’t sound right,
encourage them to try a long vowel sound. For those reading at or
above,really work with your child on their fluency and expression.
Read complete phrases/sentences in 1 breath, get into character, and
heed punctuation. Retelling reinforcement along with sequence of
events is always important. They can do it!

Happy 2018! Please tell your child I can’t wait to see them tomorrow
with their “I can do it” positive attitudes. 🙂

Ship to Shore 12-8-2017

Thank you PTO!! We had a wonderful day today at school for 50s Day! Be sure to ask your child all about the lunch and surprise dessert.

Please reinforce with your child Timmons HERO behavior and school rules. They are in effect everywhere we go and with and for everyone. We cannot be putting hands on other students, trashing the restrooms, tattling, be unkind, and having directions repeated beyond what is expected developmentally. Yes, there is excitement in the air, but we are also in the middle of gathering final assessment data for end of quarter 2. Please reinforce smart choices with your child. I know they can do it, holiday excitement and all!

Please return the holiday December Family Homework for hallway display. Homework labeled Q 2 # 6 was due this past Tuesday and # 7 is due Thurs. 12-14. Keep on reading. Students who have been completing reading logs, checking out books in library weekly, and returning weekly leveled readers are growing by leaps and bounds. 1st graders need to be read to and with daily. It will pay off and make a difference in them becoming independent learners more quickly and needing less support later if invested in now. I believe in each one of them and their abilities, and I appreciate your on going support!

Remember the Big 5 for winter ware here at school!  Please soap and check zippers operate properly and sleeves don’t get all twisted in coats – these things frustrate younger learners who need to get outside to play!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!! Stay warm.

Captain Edwards

Ship to Shore Memo 11-28-17

Hello parents!

We had a wonderful motivational assembly about kindness and listening today. Please have your child share with you what they learned.

As the holidays approach, we are planning a commemorative craft for each child to complete for their families this year.

As such, we are collecting $1.50 from each child to help cover the cost of supplies. We have been learning about acts of kindness and services vs goods. Please have your child vacuum like in the OSOB or complete another chore to earn their money and please help us by sending in your child’s portion by Monday 12/4 so that we can begin crafting soon!

Thank you for your assistance!

Ship to Shore News 11-17-17

Ahoy Parents,

We sure have had lots of excitement this week. What an amazing Monday coming into school with the high school band playing to welcome us. Upon entering, we discovered our whole school transformed into our OSOB. There are scenes in every pod. Please continue to support the reading and vocabulary discussion nightly.

In math we are becoming quite the problem solvers now. We recognize clue words in questions and know many different strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems. Continue to reinforce writing number sentences, showing work, and writing the answer that includes the unit. They aren’t easy, but we persevere and try our best! In English we have written many different How To selections this quarter.

For project read we have been introduced to the 4 H brothers and know these digraphs can come at the beginning or endings of words. Red words = are and put.

We are loving our History unit of study in S.S. especially making our own butter! We know history is the written study of the past. Knowing that things change, we are using Venn diagrams to compare and contrast then vs now. The Artifact speeches will make the learning authentic. Remember to help your child practice his/her speech due Monday November 27th. If your child lost his or her packet, he/she may pick up an extra copy in the extra bin of our mailbox.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

The treasure of the week was seeing and hearing your children whole heartily laughing at the humorous story our mystery reader brought in called, “Purple, Green, and Yellow.”

I am whole heartily thankful for each of you, your children, and that I get to shape and impact their learning! I am proud of the growth each has displayed! Thank you for all of your on going support!

Enjoy family time this upcoming Thanksgiving Break and be sure to let your children know how much they are cared about and appreciated.

Captain Edwards

Ship to Shore 11-10-17

Ahoy Parents:

A couple reminders:

  1.  Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day.  Please have your child wear red, white, and/or blue.  Reinforce HERO behavior for our first all school assembly.
  2. Coats MUST be brought to school along with hats and gloves now please.  There are many issues with getting outside on time for students needing to go back, borrow from lost and found, not even having coats, etc.  ALL students go outside every day.  They must be dressed properly.  When heavy snow comes, all students will need snowpants, boots, and a scarf is always helpful.  Please label all items with your child’s name even boots as there are many students with similar ones and sizes.
  3. I want to give you the heads up regarding a letter that will soon come home about an upcoming S.S. Then vs Now project where your child will need to select an item of the past, interview a family member, and be prepared to share about it after Thanksgiving break.  Please read the letter and help your child to prepare along with complete the project and speech.  We look forward to bringing in pictures of or the artifacts and use them as primary sources to learn about the past while recognizing things change with time.
  4. There is one more homework packet between now and break.  There will be no official packet over the holiday.  Please, however, continue to read to and with your child and have others read with them too.  Reading is the most important foundational skill at this age as it carries into all subject areas.

Thank you for all you do!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Captain Edwards

Ship to Shore

No Homework Packet
Happy Halloween!!!
Please . . .
1. Read – see your child’ s book
2. Review Q1 and learn Q 2 sight
3. Play Outside Each Night.
4. Get bat facts and complete
graphic organizer of your choice.

Ship to Shore Memo 10-17-17

Hello! Today starts our new quarter! Report cards will be sent home Friday.

Conferences are scheduled for Thursday 10-19 and 10-26 unless I rearranged with you.

There is homework this week due Thursday Oct. 19th. Last week we took a break to focus on STEAM questions and PTO fundraiser.

Remember the Magic Show is tomorrow at the high school auditorium. Please return white fundraiser envelopes.

FYI Students were asked to bring at least 1 to 2 diff. leaves to school tomorrow. Send in a plastic bag please. We need them for ELA and Science. Thanks.

Ship to Shore 10-6-17

Students have been working very hard! We will be assessing in various areas, thus NO HOMEWORK this coming week! Please continue to read, practice sight words, and math facts: both addition and subtraction.

Fund Raiser information coming home today! Big Event Magic Show Wednesday October 18th at the KHS. Get your tickets now!

Ship to Shore News 9-29-17

Ahoy Parents!
Wow what a month this has been! Your children have learned so much from how to transition to all day first grade to writing in complete sentences with a subject, predicate, capital letter, and period, recognizing the difference between fiction and non fiction, understanding math tools, strategies and the meaning of addition and subtraction, to rules and citizenship and what a scientist does.

Keep in mind 1st grade is a huge transition year. Be patient with your child. There is so much coming at them and they are doing a fantastic job! I’m so proud of their efforts, and I’ve seen first hand all of their growth thus far.

FYI You may want to save their calendar writing and letter that is coming home today in a folder. We will try to complete one each month such that you can see their growth too.

A math study guide is coming home for our Unit I assessment that we will be having next Tuesday. As we are coming to the end of the quarter, students will be showing all that they know. Please ensure they are getting a restful night’s sleep and healthy breakfast each day.

The new October Reading Calendar is coming home today too.  Please note there is a guided reading response section for you to help them with.  This month’s genre is a mystery.  Try buddy reading a Cam Jansen or other mystery book with your child.  When they buddy read with you or you to them, they can read books at a higher level.  However, remember for independent reading, the books need to be at their DRA level for optimal success.  Our end of the 1st quarter goal is to have them at independent D or if starting below to have moved up.  They can do it and are trying so hard every day!  I’m so proud of each student and his/her efforts!  This is a caring group who loves art and science!

Picture Day is Oct. 4th

Let me know if you ever have any questions.

Happy Weekend!

Captain Edwards : )