Ship to Shore News 8-18-17

Ahoy Everyone! We set sail and are off in smooth waters thus far. Your sailors may be a bit tired just from having a switch in routine and beginning to get their sea legs. They truly are off to an amazing start, and I was very proud of all of their efforts these past 2 days. Do your best to have all forms signed and returned timely, such that we can focus on other items for the start to our day. The school menu is a bit different this year. They have a hot lunch entre along with optional choice of a turkey and cheese wrap, salad, EZ Jammer, or Fruit and Yogurt Parfait. Please also know the first time you enter the building to volunteer or other, you will need to have your driver’s license scanned. You may wish to arrive a bit early in case office traffic is extra busy. Looking forward to seeing you all next Tuesday for Parent Orientation at 5:30. Happy Weekend! Please tell your kiddos how much I truly enjoyed meeting them and am just thrilled to have them along on our trip this year!

Captain Edwards : )

Ship to Shore Memo August 2017

Ahoy All!

In the report card envelope, the 1st grade teacher team sent home a summer reading packet for you to try and complete. Do your very best and please return it on our first day of school, Thursday August 17th.

If you are new to the district, please just record some of your favorite books that you read over the summer.

Your new first grade friends and I look forward to hearing about some of your summer reading adventures which we will be discussing together the first weeks of school.

Smile everyone! I cannot wait to meet you too!

Ms. Edwards,
Captain of our 1st grade Ship 2017-2018

Welcome to our “Caring 1st Grade Community!”

Ahoy 1st Officer Parents and Seamates of my 1st Grade Class 2017-2018!

I am so excited to be your Captain for the Journey we are about to embark upon this new school year!

Looking forward to meeting you at port very soon on drop off supply/meet the teacher day scheduled for Wednesday August 16, 2017 8:30-9:30 AM. If you and your sailor cannot make it, no worries at all, as I will be awaiting your child by our ship’s entrance, Room D26 (green pod left hand side corner) on the 1st day of school. 🙂

I will help everyone get to know each other and get our supplies organized the 1st week. To save you some time, I do not need all supplies, every pencil, or tissue boxes, etc. labeled. Please just label their scissors, 1 glue stick, and folders with names. When you come into our ship, there will be specific places to place all extra items. Flashcards will remain at home to work on math fact practice throughout the school year. Please note the second half of the year, we may need to ask for students’ supplies or tissues/wipes to be replenished.

See you all very soon!

Captain Edwards, D26
USS Caring Community
Setting Sail Thursday August 17th 2017
Bound for Fun and Lots of “Firsts!” with our Learning!

Captain Edwards’ Ship to Shore News May 19, 2017

Ahoy First Mates!

We will be arriving to port next Friday May 26th. It has been quite a voyage and pleasure serving as your Captain. Our sailors have worked beyond expectations and have done an amazing job this entire school year. It was a pleasure serving them and you on this voyage!


Next week we have school Monday-Friday.

Monday: 1st Grade visit to 2nd grade teacher’s classroom. Teacher will share information about 2nd grade expectations and expected summer reading.

Wednesday May 24th is Field Day. Students need to have sunscreen applied before coming to school. They must bring a LABELED water bottle and wear tennis shoes. They are supposed to wear “tie dye.” Just have them wear a bright color(s) if they do not have tie dye. It is fine! The only lunch this day is Fun on The Run. Pack if they do not want this.

Friday May 26th is the last day of school. Students will have carnival games and a PTO provided hotdog or hamburger lunch. If a child does not like one of those choices, please have them pack a lunch. Remember to apply sunscreen and if they would like to bring a beach towel to sit on for their picnic.

Reports will come home this day. Remember to check in your child’s envelope for important information. Hang the second grade teacher packet somewhere you can access it throughout the summer to have for the teacher Day 1 of 2nd grade. Consider ordering on line the school pack to save yourself the hassle. Look for other important handouts.

Please consider signing up your child for the free summer reading program at the Bainbridge Library. They offer different incentives. Ask your child about it as we had a pod talk last week all about the program or visit the website or library for more information.

Again, I have so much pride for this class! They are by nature excellent mathematicians and scientists because they are so curious, but ELA is the basis for all future learning! Even as they become more independent readers, continue to read aloud with them; modeling fluency and expression.

Thank you all so very much for all you did for your children and our classroom!

Logging out,

Captain Edwards 🙂
1st Grade 2016-2017

Ship to Shore Memo May 5, 2017

We continued working on poetry, geometry, and fractions this week. In social studies we worked on goods vs services.

* We are working on writing creative skit stories based on different genres we were exposed to this year and have developed a mini performance we would like to share with you all on Wednesday May 17th. We will meet in my classroom at 1:30 and together walk to the outdoor classroom. Please note it may be muddy and it is a bit of a walk. Also, the space can accommodate 1 or 2 guests from each family only (and especially if we are rained out from the outdoor space, we will need to perform in the classroom). After the show we will travel back to the classroom for a snack together.

** If you desire you may take your child home with you afterwards; signing them out on a classroom sign out sheet. In order to be able to do so you MUST send a pick up note that you will take them after the performance.

Thank you. Please let me know if there are any questions.

P.S. There are NO costumes that need to be made or purchased. Students either have a hat, apron, costume piece, or other already at home they want to use. Otherwise, they are making things here.

Ms. E. : )

Grandparent Day Ship to Shore Memo

Hi! Update:
We are the salmon orange color.

8:30-9:00 Grandparents arrive, go to multipurpose room for refreshments and attend book fair if interested.
9:05-9:45 Grandparents come to our green pod and classroom where students will be awaiting their arrival. Together they participate in activities in the pod and classroom.
an announcement will be made and we switch stations.
9:55-10:25 Grandparents and student will travel back to the multipurpose room for a variety of games and activities and or to visit the Book Fair together.
an announcement will be made and we switch to a specials class.
10:30-11:00 Music
another announcement will be made and students will be dismissed to go and line up in the hallway to sing the guests out with A you’re adorable, etc.

When we travel we are to rotate stations staying to the right of the hallway as there will be many many guests tomorrow.

Thank you all for helping the grandparents to understand the schedule. We are so excited to have them visit.

Book Fair Tuesday rather than regular Library Next Week

On April 2nd, students do not need to return library books, but it may be a good idea to bring them here anyway to keep because we come back from Spring Break on a Tuesday which is library day. Rather they may bring money in a labeled envelope to purchase discounted books that they can read over break or for summer.

So either 1. Keep library books til the Tuesday after break or 2. bring them anyway to keep here as to not forget after break.

Either way, they are not having regular library, rather book fair.

Ship to Shore 3-31-17

No screen challenge form and Captain’s Reading Log due Monday April 3rd.

Grandparents’ Day is Friday 9:00-11:00. Our class color is salmon orange – guests go to the multipurpose room for refreshments and Book Fair 8:30-9:00. We will have our first rotation in our classroom: D 21 – look for salmon color. Then we will go to the multipurpose room followed by the last rotation in the music special. Then all children line up to sing out the grandparents to an A you’re Adorable ABC song.

Happy Spring!

Ship to Shore Memo 3-16-17

Hello Parents,

* Student musical rescheduled for next Tuesday!!!

** Friday St. Patrick’s Day wear green.

Students had homework due today Thursday Q 4 #1. With the snow days, I will give til tomorrow to hand in unless of course your child was absent last Friday and did not receive their packet. All students were given another opportunity to take another one home today if needed.

Captain’s Reading minutes were due Monday, but again with days of no school, most brought today. They are due weekly for 4 weeks every Monday. Again, I will allow students to bring tomorrow to still earn the prize. The next log is due Monday 3-27. Students filled in the date from the back of the packet to allow for ease of cutting out the weekly logs. Check the date lines. The goal is weekly at 90 minutes or more to earn a weekly prize which culminates in a Captain’s ticket if one reads and hands in all logs.

A reading calendar is still to be completed and is always handed in the last day of the month or if no school on that day, students may bring it one day early or one day after the calendar ends.

Quarter 4 has begun. Students should be able to communicate between home and school and school and home. They are always encouraged to ask questions and seek help as needed. They should be completing their homework. If something is too hard or they are confused, please write a note on the front of the packet and have your child communicate with me. There is always someone here who will help.

Quarter 4 sight words are much more challenging – look how far your child has come from quarter 1. : ) Please work with them weekly on sight word review. A packet of all words went home last week for quick review. Again, they must be able to read them quickly within 3 seconds to be fluent with them. Knowing these most common words will help them to become more fluent readers. Red words are words that cannot be sounded out and they are responsible for spelling as well. Students should be reading in phrases now more than word by word and cannot sound out each word (this will interfere with fluency) Use books at a level or 2 lower than their independent level to work on fluency.
Have them implement learned reading strategies: use picture clues, what would make sense, do they see smaller word parts, etc.?

Most of all, please continue to read to, with, and listen to your child read.