¡Hola!  I can’t believe it is already February!  As you know, mid-quarter grades have gone out.  If you are unhappy with your grade, I would like to remind you that you can REDO the Voces activities as many times as you like.  You just need to let me know if you do.

In Exploratory Spanish we are currently working with colors and numbers.  We will be moving on to days of the week and months of the year next week. (There is a quiz on colors and numbers next Tuesday.)

In Spanish 1 we are finishing up with possessive adjectives, family members, ser/tener/estar/subject pronouns, and question words.  There will be a test next week on possessive adjectives and the verbs.


Have a great week!

Nuevo Año

Welcome back and hola to all of my new students.  In Spanish 1 we will be working on family, ser vs. estar, and descriptions.  In the upcoming days, ask your student to tell you about his/her family in a few sentences.


In exploratory, students will be introduced to the language.  We have already taken a pre-test, and I am excited to see how much the students already know!  They have their first tarea (homework) to fill out the self-portrait page.  I look forward to leaning more about them!


We have been learning a lot in both Exploratory and Spanish 1.

My Second Quarter Explorers just got done with Days of the Week and colors.  Next week we will be focusing on school supplies and classes.

In Spanish 1 we have been getting into Subject Pronouns and verb conjugation.  I have asked all students to make sure they have their subject pronouns memorized as well as the endings for the -AR verbs.  We will continue to work on this, and next week there will be both a quiz and a dialogue.  With the addition of verbs, students will start to speak more in class, so please encourage your students to go over the vocabulary on Quizlet so that they do not fall behind! We are currently in Chapter 3 vocabulary.

Week of el veinticuatro de octubre

¡Hola todos!  First Quarter is over and a new quarter is well underway.  Spanish 1 will be having their 2 chapter test this week.  We have been covering time, classes, and classroom supplies.  Exploratory Spanish for 7th graders has been working hard on their alphabet.  We will be having a quiz on both the alphabet and greetings on Thursday.  We also will be gearing up for Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead which happens next week!  It is one of my celebrations, and hopefully your kids will be able to tell you what its all about next week.

Week of el veintiseis de septiembre (9/26)

Hola!  We have been learning a lot in Spanish!

Exploratory:  Students have been learning vocabulary about family members and relationships.  They should be able to say “I have”  and ask “Do you have…” certain family members.

Spanish 1:  we have worked with both definite and indefinite articles (el/la, un/una respectively), adjective agreement, singular subject pronouns and the matching forms of the verb ‘to be.’  The students also had to read an informational text (entirely in Spanish!)  and answer a few questions.  They completed their first dialog assignment, and are preparing for next Wednesday’s test.  On Monday of next week we will go through what will be on the test specifically, and on Tuesday we will play review games for all concepts.

Have a great weekend!

Week of el 19 (diecinueve) de Septiembre

This week in Exploratory:  We worked with school supplies and took a test.  The students also learned how to say :  I need, I want, I have, Do you have (tienes), and we played Pesca!  (Go Fish) for school supplies.

My Spanish 1 estudiantes learned about adjective agreement and descriptions.  They learned how to (very basically) describe themselves and others.  We ended the week by introducing Spanish subject pronouns.

Week of el doce (12) de septiembre

Hola!  This week in class we had our first test.  If you missed it, you need to make it up ASAP.  Also, jueves (Thursday) was the start of Hispanic Heritage Month.  We celebrated Mexico’s Independence Day on Friday with crafts and games.  Here’s what else we learned:

Exploratory Spanish:  We learned about some classroom objects, how to ask “what is it?”, and some basic sentence structure using colors.  In Spanish, the color follows the object it is describing. Example:  the backpack purple, la mochila morada.

Spanish 1:  Students learned how to say where they are from and basic descriptions of themselves and others.  They should be able to tell you basic things about you and other family members.


Note:  Although I was able to get in most of the quizzes and tests by the end of the school day, I was not able to get everyone in.  If your student’s score is not showing, it WILL be in by the end of the weekend.  Quizzes will be handed back Monday, and students will be able to make corrections if they got a B or lower.  They will earn enough points to get that test grade back up to a 90% if it is returned by Tuesday.

Don’t forget to check Quizlet for updated vocabulary lists!

Test On Tuesday!

Don’t forget there is a test on Tuesday!  You have many ways to practice on the Quizlet site.  If you didn’t register, email me and I will send a link to your Kenston email address.  We will go over how the test will be set up on Friday, and will review on Monday.  Make sure you are studying!


Week of Sept. 5

In Spanish 1 this week in class we have reviewed Alphabet, Greetings, and Numbers, and we have also learned Days of the Week and Months.


In Exploratory Spanish we have reviewed the Alphabet, Greetings, Numbers and Days of the Week.