Welcome to 8th Grade English 2017-2018

Career Project time!!!

The month of February  is a rigorous month filled beginning the Career Project (information to come) as well as the Holocaust unit. Students have taken a career inventory on Naviance and will be accessing those results on February 2nd and 3rd. Please sit down and have a family discussion about potential careers your child might want to investigate.  Remember: The number one goal is getting a good grade on the project and not that your child gets the best career possible for them. It is more important to pick a career that has enough sources to provide them for their research.

This will most likely be the hardest quarter for your child.  A lot of what we do in class will carry over to home. For the Career Project, students will be given a packet in the beginning with all the tasks needed and their specific due dates(handed out on Jan 31st). The best piece of advice I have is to make sure your child is here at school. Every day I provide a lesson on one Task, I model it, then the students work on it, print it up and put it in their binder. It is not informative for me to just hand the task over to the students the day they get back from a sick day and tell them to complete the task at home; they will be lost.  These days go quickly and a lot of info is given to them in short periods of time. Students need to stay on track and hold themselves accountable for doing the work that is not completed in class and not waituntil the very last day to finish the whole binder.

The note taking and binder process will begin on February 3rd. The supplies that must be purchased for each students are as follows:

  • 1″ Three ring binder with pockets and plastic sleeve on cover
    (student created cover will be slid into the plastic sleeve of the binder)
  • 1 pack of 4×6  lined note cards
  • 25 hole punched plastic sleeves for tasks
  • Optional creative supplies (stickers, scrapbook paper, glue, lettering) and anything that might help in decorating the front cover and back cover of the project.

Thanks very much for the support at home with this project!

Mrs. D

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