December 8, 2017

Hope all is going well at school!  My recovery is coming along… it is really hard to only use one leg to move around.  But I am getting there, slowly.  I have 5 more weeks of no walking on my right foot.

This will be the last opportunity for bonus points for this quarter.  Bonus:  This weather is crazy— why did the south get SNOW and we got no snow here in Bainbridge?  OR… What is the prediction for snow this week- why?

Monday, December 11–  Hurricane notes

Tuesday, December 12–  Hurricane tracking lab (may take 2 days)- if we use two days then everything will be pushed back by one day

Wednesday, December 13–  Winter storm notes –  junkbox challenge list passed out- need for 12/18

Thursday, December 14–  Winter storm notes- finish up- review all storms

Friday, December 15–  Storm quiz- use the note helper to help

Monday, December 18- Tuesday, December 19-  Junkbox Challenge

Wednesday, December 20–  last day of school before break

Happy Holidays!!  See you next year!


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December 1, 2017

Just wanted to let everyone know that my surgery went well and I am home recovering.  I cannot put weight on my foot so I have a knee scooter that I am using to get around!

I am hoping that you are all adjusting to Mrs. Sheehy and will enjoy having her as your teacher for the rest of quarter 2.

HW-  review notes- read the section of the books that the notes are about.

Monday, December 4– work on air mass notes

Tuesday, December 5–  finish up air mass notes, open note quiz

Wednesday, December 6–  thunderstorm notes

Thursday, December 7–  tornado notes

Friday, December 8–  video on storms

Bonus:  Talk to your parents about storms- what storm was the worst one they can remember from their childhood? Email me a paragraph about what they said about the storm.

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November 17, 2017

It was nice to see so many parents at conferences last night!  Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Our chapter 2 test will be on November 30- it is not too early to start reviewing for the test.  This test will be “open study sheet” which we are creating in class- however- you must be familiar with the material as you only have 42 minutes to take a 40 question test- no time extensions:)

So a bit of personal news- I will be having an operation on my right foot on November 30- this procedure requires that I do not put any weight on my foot for up to 6 weeks- so I will be recovering at home until we return from winter break.  Mrs. Sheehy will be my substitute while I am gone.  She is a very experienced teacher (and sub) and will follow the lesson plans that I am leaving for her.  She and I will be in close contact during my absence from school.  If you have any questions/concerns while I am out of school feel free to email me.  We will keep Infinite Campus updated as well as this website.  I know students will really enjoy having Mrs. Sheehy as a teacher:)

Monday, November 20–  Gizmos- weather.  Complete for homework if not done in class.

Tuesday, November 21–  Ducks, ducks, ducks- what can they tell us about ocean currents?  No homework- enjoy your family!!

Have a wonderful holiday- see you on Monday!

Monday, November 27-  Continue taking notes, discussion on ch 2

Tuesday, November 28-  Finish up notes, discussion on ch 2

Wednesday, November 29- Kahoot and Quizlet Live review for test

Thursday, November 30-  Mrs. Sheehy takes over—  Test on chapter 2

Friday, December 1-  Review test- begin chapter 3 activities, notes

Bonus:  Now that we are entering the holiday season it is important to take some time and think about what is truly important in our lives.  What are you thankful for?  Write a paragraph and send it to me.

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November 10, 2017

Students did really well on the chapter 1 test on The Atmosphere.  We are starting chapter 2 with partner research on a specific weather instrument.  Then we will move on to more of the basics of weather- wind, relative humidity, cloud formation, precipitation.  Look for a test on Chapter 2 after Thanksgiving break.

Homework:  review notes- work on presentation if not done- finish up Gizmos if not done in class

Monday, November 13-   Last day with chromebooks to finalize research presentations.

Tuesday, November 14-  Presentations and notes

Wednesday, November 15-  Presentations and notes

Thursday, November 16-  Open note quiz on presentation notes– Ch 2 notes- temperature scales, heat transfer, winds

Friday, November 17-  Ch 2 notes continued-  cloud formations, precipitation

Monday, November 20-  Gizmos- collecting weather data

Tuesday, November 21-   Ducks, Ducks and Ocean Currents

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bonus:  Why are we having a cold snap right now?  What is causing it?  How long is it supposed to last?  Make sure to list the source for your information.

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November 6, 2017

No school today….  revised plan for the week…

The day we go back:  (or Tuesday- whichever comes first)-  Review for the Test

The next day:  Test- chapter 1

After that:  research on weather measuring instruments

Now you have an extra day to study or clean your room or help your mom/dad/favorite adult or ALL of those!!   Enjoy the day.

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November 3, 2017

Great week in school!  Halloween was a fun day to celebrate in our new “digs” as all the teachers dressed up as gardeners:)  Students did a really good job on the Junkbox Challenge this week as well.

**HOMEWORK—- finish up worksheet packet on ch 1 if not done, finish up Smog City2 if you weren’t done in class today– STUDY!!

Monday, November 6-  Review for test- kahoot- quizlet live:)

Tuesday, November 7-  TEST- chapter 1

Wednesday, November 8-  Preview questions and crossword- vocab for chapter 2

Thursday, November 9-  Partner research- weather instruments

Friday, November 10-  Partner research- weather instruments

BONUS:  Choose three cities- make a prediction about their AQI- write it down- then find the AQI (air quality index) for the cities and compare your guess to the real air quality.  

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October 27, 2017

Another week down in our “new digs” and we are totally in the swing of things now!  We had a super well attended camp meeting on Thursday night and most people have put the deposit down for camp- if you have not yet paid, please send in a check to me on Monday.

For my period 7 class— since we are combined with Mrs. Fagerholm’s class due to both of our small size classes, please check her website as well as mine for updates and information.

**Homework— periods 2-3-6-8:  finish up and turn in the layers of the atmosphere worksheet on Monday!   All classes— bring supplies for junkbox challenge on Monday!

Monday, October 30-  Junkbox Challenge— day 1- make a plan and start building

Tuesday, October 31-  Junkbox Challenge- day 2- tweak your design and present to the class!   *Halloween!  Feel free to dress up- no masks or props though

Wednesday, November 1-  Switch day with Mrs Fagerholm- learn all about polymers

Thursday, November 2-  Review game for information on chapter 1

Friday, November 3-  Smog City game on chromebooks

***Chapter 1 test is Tuesday, November 7

Bonus:  Do some research to see which year had the best weather for trick or treating— this year, last year or 2015.  Explain how you know:)

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October 25, 2017

The time is here- we are starting our junkbox challenge assignments- we will do 4 of these this year.  The requirements and instructions are below.  On Monday, Oct 30 you will find out what we are making!  **The key point is this is a GROUP project— provide materials as a group— work together as a group!  And have fun- as a group.  All work is done in class.  *All materials are due in class by Monday.


Junk Box Challenge  #1-   October 30- 31-  50 point assignment

The purpose of these challenges is to use your creative and scientific skills to use your “junk” to perform a task.  This is a group challenge and every member of the group is expected to provide some of the materials and participate.  You will get a list of necessary supplies the week before the event.  On challenge day you will find out what you need to build. You will have two days to build, revise and then demonstrate the task.  You will receive a grade based on cooperation, positive attitude, the number of trials and revisions and your ability to succeed in the task.  Each challenge is worth 50 points.  

Remember that this is a group project- you should not be supplying all the materials for your group– the more you have, the more options you have, however, you do not need everything listed here to do this challenge! 

You need these materials in class by 10/30/17.  Groups that are not prepared will be given an alternate assignment and will not be able to participate either day.  You may bring materials in earlier.


Supply List….

Absolutely necessary:  piece of cardboard (at least 9 by 9 inches but no larger that 12 by 12 inches), tape (any kind) and a marble (bring a few in case they get lost)

Other items (as many different items as you can):  20 straws, 15 pipe cleaners, 3 paper towel or toilet paper empty rolls, 5 pieces of wrapped, small candy, 10 index cards, 2 plastic spoons, 3 pencils.

*You may not need all the materials to be successful- but the more items you have, the more options you have!  You MAY NOT use the bags or boxes that you used to bring the junk to school.

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October 20, 2017

We made it!!!  The first quarter is over and grades are current on IC (unless you didn’t take your test yet).

We have turned in the Astronomy books (some are left at KMS we know!) and we have issued the next textbook- Weather and Climate.  We will be studying weather for the next four months or so… please keep good track of your textbook.

Homework:  finish any worksheet that is not completed in class, review notes for an open note quiz

Monday, October 23–  Begin notes on weather- chapter 1- the atmosphere

Tuesday, October 24– continue notes/discussion of weather  * worksheet reviewing the notes- class time to complete on Wednesday after the quiz

Wednesday, October 25– finish up notes, open note quiz *finish worksheet if not done

Thursday, October 26–  Worksheet due from Tuesday.  Begin activity on the Layers of the Atmosphere  **Parent meeting for camp- 6 pm in Gardiner Center Room C4

Friday, October 27– finish up and turn in activity on Layers of the Atmosphere  *Layers of the Atmosphere due on Monday if not done in class

Bonus:  There is a story about the wooly bear being able to predict the winter ahead.  What is that myth?  What is the wooly bear saying about this winter?  Put in your own words and name a source for your information.

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October 17, 2017


Chapter 1 test is THIS THURSDAY—  October 19— start studying now!  We are turning in the Astronomy books on Friday— if you don’t have it currently, you need to find it.  If it is still in KMS then we will get it once we return.

CAMP– payments are being collected now through the end of the month.  All camp information is on my website.

CAMP MEETING- rescheduled for THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26 at 6 pm at Gardiner Center in room C4.  This meeting is not mandatory- if you have any questions or have never sent a child to camp you may want to attend to hear all about the trip.

Have a great week!

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