October 17, 2017


Chapter 1 test is THIS THURSDAY—  October 19— start studying now!  We are turning in the Astronomy books on Friday— if you don’t have it currently, you need to find it.  If it is still in KMS then we will get it once we return.

CAMP– payments are being collected now through the end of the month.  All camp information is on my website.

CAMP MEETING- rescheduled for THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26 at 6 pm at Gardiner Center in room C4.  This meeting is not mandatory- if you have any questions or have never sent a child to camp you may want to attend to hear all about the trip.

Have a great week!

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October 11, 2017

Wow… what a wild ride it has been!  We are all settling in to our new home at Gardiner Center.  We are getting our “groove” back and finishing up presentations.  Students went to so many unique and wonderful places this year including the sand dunes in Michigan, the Coke Ovens, Lake Hope, Kent State Science Labs, and many medical facilities.  Super job by everyone!

We are finishing up our unit on Astronomy.  The test on chapter 1- sections 1-3- will be on Thursday, October 19.  A study guide is attached in the blogroll of my webpage.  Students can start reviewing on quizlet, looking over all worksheets and reading the first three sections of the textbook.

After the Astronomy test, we will be collecting textbooks and beginning our long unit on weather and climate which will take us through the winter holidays and into the new year.

**Friendly reminder that 7th grade CAMP MONEY is due by October 27.  We will reschedule the camp meeting but if you have any questions please look at the powerpoint on this site and feel free to email me.

HOMEWORK-  review for the test:)

Thursday, October 12–  finish up presentations, talk about tides

Friday, October 13– Moon phases with Oreos- review tides

Monday, October 16– NO SCHOOL- teacher planning day

Tuesday, October 17–  review worksheets and discussion

Wednesday, October 18– Kahoot and Quizlet Live review

Thursday, October 19–  TEST-  chapter 1, section 1-3

Friday, October 20–  turn in Astronomy books- start Weather unit- get weather books **end of 1st quarter

Have a great day.

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October 5, 2017

Good morning!  I am just writing to let everyone know not to panic about projects… I’ve received some emails and so to ease everyone’s worries-  we will pick up and continue projects once we are back in school.  Our chapter 1 test currently scheduled for October 13 will be rescheduled later.

Also, for those who have asked, I am fine.  I plan to grade all those moon essays, and get lots of fresh air myself!  I also wanted to let you know that I have some doctor appointments previously scheduled for my son on Monday- so if we are back in school, I will be at the doctors that day.

My only concern at this point is that all my students are OK:)  Get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine!  See you soon:)

Ms. Burton

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September 29, 2017

We have had wonderful presentations of the parent-student field trip this year!  Students have gone to a variety of places including:  Holden Arboretum, Botanical Gardens, the Zoo, ThinkBox, The Glass Asylum, Great Lakes Science Center, West Woods, North Chagrin Reservation, Go Ape rope course and zip line, and learned about topics such as the Inner Ear, the Macula of the eye, why leaves change colors, how to prevent hearing loss and how to be a bee keeper just to name a few!   Only one week left for presentations.

Our goal is to complete the presentations and wrap up our unit on Astronomy by the end of the quarter.  If you have not already read chapter 1 please do so before the test.  Our first BIG test (100 points) will be on Friday, October 13.  Start reviewing now- use the quizlet to help, read the chapter, review all worksheets so far.  You will get a review sheet at the end of next week.

Next week we will be talking about camp.  There is a parent meeting for anyone interested in learning more about camp on Wednesday, October 4 from 6-7 pm in the Betty Patton room at KMS.  Why are we talking camp so early in the year?  We need to start collecting money for the camp trip and we are in the planning stages of another great week at camp. We literally start planning the next year’s trip at camp the year before.


***HOMEWORK this weekend:   Finish your moon phase essay and rubric.  Turn your essay in on google classroom and check off the rubric.  The rubric will be collected in class on Monday.

**Homework every day this week— finish up presentations if you aren’t done-  start reviewing for the test- read chapter 1- review notes:)

Monday, October 2–  turn in rubric—   CAMP!  info meeting for students- all 7th graders will be talking camp during science class on this day:)

Tuesday, October 3–  presentations-  review worksheets we’ve completed- notes/discussion on gravity

Wednesday, October 4– presentations-  finish notes on gravity if necessary- begin “Out of this World” activity

Thursday, October 5– presentations- finish up “Out of this World”

Friday, October 6–  last day for presentations- gravity videos

Bonus:  This is the LAST bonus for this quarter (no bonus opportunities the last week of the quarter:)—  due by October 6-    Find a song that has been played on the radio that has any of the terms we have been studying in astronomy.  Turn in the name of the song, who wrote/sang it, when it was popular and a few lines of the song that talk about astronomy:)

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September 22, 2017

Good afternoon!  I hope everyone enjoyed their calamity day and the break from the super hot, humid rooms.  Teachers were hard at work at KHS (in air conditioning) planning for the next few weeks.

We will continue with presentations next week- anyone who was to present today will do their presentations on Monday.  The quiz will also be on Monday.  This is only a 10 question quiz- OPEN NOTES.

So far the presentations have been amazing!  Keep up the good work.  Make sure you are ready for your presentation day.

Homework:  finish any work done in class that needs completed- see Thursday:)  Do not worry about any of the google classroom assignments that were on the gizmos for Seasons: Earth, Moon, Sun.

Monday, September 25-  Presentations!  Quiz- worksheet review on first section of notes.

Tuesday, September 26-  Presentations!  Gravity and moon phases notes.

Wednesday, September 27- Presentations!  Quiz gizmos on moon phases

Thursday, September 28-  Presentations!  ****Gizmos writing assignment- this will be due by Monday, October 2– turn in through google classroom.

Friday, September 29-  Presentations!  Gravity videos and discussions

Bonus:  What phase of the moon do we have now?  How do you know?  Explain the phase.  Put in your own words and cite resources used.

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September 15, 2017

It was so great to see so many parents last night at conferences!  Over half of my student’s parents came to talk about their student.  Thanks!

This is going to be a wonderful weekend— go out and explore…. do your parent-student field trips- work on your projects- and bring them in to class!!!  We will be starting presentations on Monday— who is ready?

Our unit on science processes is now complete.  We are moving on to a short unit on Astronomy.  Text books will be handed out- keep good care of your book.

HW-  review notes, read chapter 1 in book, work on presentations- no “paper-pencil” homework this week

Presentations can be any day this week— let’s get them started– depending on how many presentations we have each day these plans may be a bit different in each class but here is the framework for the week:

Monday, September 18–  Astronomy unit starts- text books and notes

Tuesday, September 19–  notes and discussion

Wednesday, September 20–  Find someone who?  activity

Thursday, September 21–  chapter 1- section 2- gravity— videos and discussion

Friday, September 22–  gravity exploration activity

BONUS— build your own density tower (like the one in class or on the quiz)— use common household liquids (no chemicals like bleach)— take a picture and send it to me or show me in class on your phone WITH an explanation of which liquids you used, where they are located in the tower and WHY!   You must answer all parts of the bonus to get the 5 points.  **DO NOT bring it in to class:)

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September 14, 2017


Parent-teacher conferences are tonight- 3-7 pm- in the KMS gym.   Conferences have an open format- so just drop in when you can and meet with all of your student’s teachers or just a few.  IF you cannot attend I have a reminder paper I am passing out to parents- you can get it by clicking the link to the right.

I look forward to meeting you tonight!

All grades are current for the “half way point” of first quarter.  Check Infinite Campus to see your current grade.

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September 8, 2017

Density- buoyancy- variables- scientific method- measuring…..   terms of the week.  We had to rearrange the schedule a bit but we are back on track.

Do not forget to do your parent-student field trips!  Let me know when you are ready to present to the class— almost any day will work.  Your projects are due at the latest on October 6!

Homework—bubble gum density lab if not turned in today (due Monday), study for quiz on Wednesday— get parent-student field trips done!

Monday, September 11-   any field trips ready to present??  density demo and discussions   get quiz review sheet- work on it to study

Tuesday, September 12-  kahoot review for quiz–

Wednesday, September 13-  Quiz!  on measuring, density, variables, scientific method

Thursday, September 14-  on chromebooks- google classroom activities- turn in through google classroom— may need to finish for homework if not done in school

Friday, September 15-  Astronomy introduction- video- discussion

Bonus:   It is definitely hurricane season!  Hurricane Irma is headed towards Florida, with Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Katia not far behind.  What is causing all of these hurricanes?  Briefly describe the forecasted path (so far) for each one.

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September 7, 2017

Sorry students….  due to my illness and absences this week, we will take the quiz on Monday.

Quiz will be over: measuring skills, graphing, independent and dependent variables….

I will update this again tomorrow with more calendar dates and information.

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August 31, 2017

Scientific method was the goal of the week- students designed their own experiment to test various laundry detergents.  This assignment is really hard for students to do well as there are so many variables to control and the lab report has to be very specific.  The idea is that anyone could replicate the experiment from their directions.

The LONG weekend would be a great time to work on the parent-student field trip!  Do not put it off as time is flying and these projects are due BY October 6-  the earlier they are presented to the class the better.


Homework:  Work on parent-student field trip assignments, go have fun at the Geauga County Fair or the Air Show or at a local park or out in your backyard…..

Monday, September 4-  Labor Day no school

Tuesday, September 5-    Measuring activity- using meter sticks, triple beam balances, graduated cylinders     *no homework

Wednesday, September 6-   Density demo day- the density of water activity   *review density concept

Thursday, September 7-  Density of bubble gum lab   *lab due on Friday

Friday, September 8-  Review of all concepts- measuring, scientific method, density


Bonus Points:  Hurricane Harvey??  Is it done yet?  Where is it now?  What is being done to help those in need?   Write a paragraph summary about this storm in your own words.  If you already did this bonus then add another paragraph about what has happened since your last paragraph.

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