February 15, 2018

Our Valentine’s Day junkbox challenge was a big success!  Most groups were able to complete the challenge.

CAMP money and forms are due by February 23, please!

HW-  Needed for Monday, February 26—bring in one shoebox per partner pair- and start looking for any materials to build a diorama of the biogeochemical cycles (old toys of animals, trees, buildings, cars, cotton balls- things like that!)

Monday, February 19- No School- President’s Day

Tuesday, February 20-  Review water cycle- begin Carbon cycle- cut/paste activity

Wednesday, February 21-  Carbon cycle- puzzle activity- begin Nitrogen cycle

Thursday, February 22-  Nitrogen cycle game

Friday, February 23-  Nitrogen cycle notes and discussion  *camp $ and forms due!

Monday, February 26- Tuesday, February 27-  build a 3D diorama of the biogeochemical cycles in class with a partner

Bonus: same as last week as I put the bonus up late-  draw any cycle we are not discussing in our foldable notes:)  Turn in to me with a source of information.  If you did it already, feel free to do a different one.

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February 12, 2018

This week we are shifting gears and starting the study of biogeochemical cycles.  Students will make flip books which will be their notes for the unit.

We also will have our Valentine’s Day junkbox on Wednesday and Thursday- each group needs:  a cereal box, tape, 50 small candies (no peanut products), 10 straws, 5 pipe cleaners, 5 paper clips,  and tape.

HW- bring in supplies for junkbox

Monday, February 12-  get new textbooks, make flipbooks, preview video

Tuesday, February 13-  water cycle information

Wednesday, February 14-  Happy Valentine’s Day— junkbox!

Thursday, February 15- Junkbox Challenge- complete and present

Friday, February 16- No School- teacher professional development

Monday, February 19-  President’s Day- no school


Bonus:  Name and explain a biogeochemical cycle that is NOT in your flipbook:)  Put it in your words or draw the cycle.

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February 6, 2018

New plan…. our webquest website was being updated today so…

Today-Wednesday (2/6, 2/7)-  Cool Climate graphs- these will be due on Thursday.  We will quickly review chapter 4 at the end of class on Wednesday.

Thursday- (2/8)-  Ch 4 OPEN BOOK/WORKSHEET test- 65 points.... how well can you use the book to find the information- you should be able to do this test without even using the book based on the activities we’ve done and all our talk about climate through this entire unit.  There is no study guide- read the chapter:)

PARENT conferences are on 2/8-  if you have any concerns please stop up- we will be in the gym from 3-7 pm. 

Friday- (2/9)– Collect weather books- get new books for next unit- purge your notebooks- get Valentine’s Day junkbox List- watch some “bad” science movie clips


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February 2, 2018 Happy Groundhog’s Day!!

Our newscasts were exciting and well presented!  Moving on to climate regions and then our weather unit is complete.

All students going to camp received their camp paperwork packet with a “bill” if another payment is due.  All second payments and camp paperwork is due back to me by February 23, 2018 please.


***Homework-  finish webquest or climate graphing if not done 

Monday, February 5-   Edulastic activity- review of the entire year so far- how much do you remember???

Tuesday, February 6-  Climate region webquest

Wednesday, February 7-  Graphing activity- graph three different climate areas- compare and contrast

Thursday, February 8-  Finish up and complete the climate area graphing- turn in!

Friday, February 9-  Bad science in the movies- use your science knowledge to find the twisted science in popular movies:)

***Next junkbox Challenge is February 14-15 for Valentines Day!

Bonus:  Today is Groundhog’s Day.  Do some research about this event.  Where did it start?  What does it mean?  How accurate are the groundhog’s predictions?

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January 26, 2018

Students had an interesting week putting together creative newscasts that showcase their knowledge of the weather unit we have been studying.  After newscasts we will move on to climate areas and a fun Valentine’s Day junkbox challenge.

7th grade camp paperwork will be coming home on Friday, February 2- all forms and the second payment will be due by February 23.


HW-  work on newscasts- 

Monday, January 29–  newscasts

Tuesday, January 30– newscasts

Wednesday, January 31–  review newscasts-  begin discussion of chapter 4- worksheet

Thursday, February 1- complete worksheet and discussion of beginning of chapter 4

Friday, February 2-  Camp information day- forms passed out and discussed in science class~!

Bonus:  Why are scientists concerned about the melting of the permafrost in the arctic/antarctic regions?  Write in your own words and include a source of information.

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January 19, 2018

We made it through a week with no snow days— welcome to warmer weather!  Hopefully we can stay out of the super cold for the rest of the winter (wishful thinking I am sure).

Students did a really good job on the chapter 3 weather tests this week.  All grades are current on IC.  We are now using our knowledge to put together weather newscasts.  Students should be working on their portion of the newscast next week with presentations starting on Friday.

HW- work on newscasts!

Monday, January 22– time in library to work on newscasts

Tuesday, January 23–  time in classroom to work on newscasts on chromebooks

Wednesday, January 24– time in classroom to work on newscasts on chromebooks

Thursday, January 25– last day to work on newscasts- in library

Friday, January 26–  NEWSCASTS begin!

Bonus:  Watch a half hour newscast on any channel.  List 5 things that the newscasters did that you could use to help you with your newscast.  Turn in your list to me with the name of the channel and the date of the broadcast.

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January 17, 2018

Kahoot link to help review for test- chapter 3— tomorrow!!


Remember you need two devices- one to run the game and one to play:)


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January 12, 2018

Well… here we go again!  Another long weekend off from school- and no excuses- you can be studying!  Our test will be moved to Thursday, Jan. 18 to ensure that you are all ready and have a chance to ask any question you may have.  Quizlet is available, the study guide is on the website, and you should have your book at home because you are finishing up the assignment from Wed/Thurs….   so in other words- study!


Monday, January 15–  Martin Luther King day- no school

Tuesday, January 16–  Review- turn in weather station data map and questions!

Wednesday, January 17–  Review- kahoot!

Thursday, January 18–  TEST- chapter 3

Friday, January 19–  Review of all weather- introduction to NEWSCAST assignment!

Bonus:  We talked about different computer models for weather prediction- do some research- name 3 different forecasting models- which has been most accurate?  why do they differ?

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January 8, 2018

Happy Snow Day—- again:)

Turn in your parent-student science movie/documentary papers tomorrow as you walk in the room!

**PS- no ink?  no printer? no paper?  email it to me! or share on google drive.

No excuses.

See you tomorrow!


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January 4, 2018

Happy Snow Day!  See what a good, solid knowledge of weather teaches you???  We called it yesterday:)  Enjoy your days off!

Now to business:  PARENT-STUDENT MOVIE DUE MONDAY—- no excuses!  Get to it:)

Our schedule is now shifted– the test will now by on Wednesday, January 17– giving you PLENTY of time to review— get on quizlet, read chapter 3, review the air masses, fronts and storms.  Watch the weather— seriously— you can learn and review a lot by watching weather forecasts- or the weather channel!

Monday, January 8-  review worksheet we used to review–learn how to make a weather map with weather data- practice in class- video clips on weather maps

Tuesday, January 9- weather data plotting activity

Wednesday, January 10- finish up and discuss weather plotting activity- turn in

Thursday, January 11-  chapter 3 concept review

Friday, January 12-  chapter 3 concept review

Monday, January 15-  MLK day- no school

Tuesday, January 16-  kahoot review

Wednesday, January 17-  TEST- chapter 3

Bonus:  It is warmer in Alaska then here in Cleveland.  Track the Cleveland temps and Anchorage, AK temps for three days- what do you think is going on???

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