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Welcome to Language Arts and Social Studies with Mrs. Burkhard 

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Week of January 22-26

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Please sign your child’s assignment notebook each night! 🙂
  • Be sure that your child has a silent reading book and is reading for 20 minutes each night.
  • Also, be sure that your child cleans out the “All Through – Keep at Home” back pocket of the red folder to stay organized.


Language Arts 

This week we will:

  • Build fluency, identify simile and long vowel words using the poem “Sparkling Snow”.
  • Use the writing process to compare and contrast Neil Armstrong and John Glenn.
  • Write Weekly Letters about independent reading books.
  • Begin our study of inventors using the “Who Was” book series.
  • Read Scholastic News and answers questions using close reading strategies.
  • You may access Scholastic News online at home by clicking HERE (password is besttrip9)

Language Arts Homework this week:

  • Read for 20 minutes each night.
  • Scholastic News due Friday, January 26th (class time will be given)
  • Weekly Letter due on your Day!

Weekly Letters

Each week, your child will write a weekly letter about his or her independent reading book. Your child may read any “just right” book that is on his or her independent reading level. In class, we have discussed weekly letters and looked at examples of good and not so good letters.  We will now begin writing about our independent reading EVERY week.

You child has been assigned a due date for his or her letter which will never change (Day A, B, C or D).  It is written inside his or her Reader’s Response Notebook.  Your child is welcome to work on the letter at home after reading.  However, please make sure that your child brings the notebook back to school.  We will also give class time for letter writing.  



Social Studies 

This week we will:

  • Illustrate and write about how the Historic Indians cooperated with each other to survive yet also experienced conflict during their time in history.
  • Begin our study of Europeans in North America using our Social Studies books.