Week 21

Wow!  A winter break followed by 3 inclement weather days sure gave us a long rest!  Students are back in action and working hard!

Good of the Order:

  • Congrats to our winners of the class spelling bee:  Abby and Becca.  Carson is our alternate.  They will go on to spell in the 4th grade Spelling Bee on January 25th at 9 a.m.
  • Our building looks fantastic all decorated for Invention Convention.  Come by and take a look!
  • We are off school January 15th for MLK Day.
  • Candid picture day will be January 18th.
  • On January 19th, our school will take a field trip to KHS to watch the KMS production of Beauty and the Beast.  We will leave at 9 a.m. and return prior to lunch.  Lunch and recess will be the same as usual.


Students have been hard at work on Topic 7: Factors and Multiples.  Here are a few videos to help you understand these concepts.

Here is a link to a website with games and videos on factors and multiples.


We are moving quickly through Topic 7 and will be ready to test on Wednesday, January 17th.  This test will take place even if we have another day for inclement weather.  Students will be allowed to use both their books and their notes to take this test.



Due to the three unexpected snow days, we are working on Math during Science time this week.  We will resume our Science with our landform paper and invention convention late next week.  Thanks for your patience.

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Week 18

Good of the Order:

  • Happy day after the snow day!
  • Students cannot sign/correct their Science tests.  The students will see their grade upon completion of the test and you will be able to see it on infinite campus later today.  There is not a hard copy for this test.
  • We will be taking a field trip to KHS to watch the KMS musical on January 19th at 9 am.
  • The last day to bring in donations for Women’s Safe is December 18th.
  • Report cards will be sent home in Friday Folders on January 5th.  Please sign and return the envelope ASAP.
  • Next Wednesday will be our winter class party!


Students are finishing up division by completing the reteach and practice test in their book.  Our test will be on December 19th.  Any students leaving early for break are expected to take the test prior to their leaving.  Please email me to make arrangements, if necessary.


Our test for science will be this afternoon.  Students will not be able to sign/correct.  Please see infinite campus for grades this afternoon.  Upon our return from break, we will be working on a whole class Invention Convention project and a research paper for landforms.  These projects are both completed in school.

Over the break, students should think of a problem they are having in their everyday life.  Later, we will compile a list of problems and use the best one as our Invention Convention project.


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Week 17

Good of the Order:

  • We are winding down to the end of the semester.  We will have one more test in Science on December 14th and one more test in Math on December 19th.  The science test cannot be signed and corrected as it is an online test.  The Math test will only be correctable if I am able to grade them all on Thursday after they take them.  I promise to try my best, but I recommend practicing a bit extra on the division in case it is not an option.
  • Congrats to all of our wonderful musicians on their 4th grade concert!
  • We will head to KHS on January 19th at 9am to watch the KMS musical.
  • We will have our winter party on December 20th.

Math:  Students are continuing to practice long division using the standard algorithm.  Please reinforce fact practice at home!

Science:  Use the study guide to help prepare for our Volcanoes and Earthquakes test.  They have their flip books and notes to help!

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Week 16

Good of the Order:

  • Tomorrow is a student council sponsored dress up day.  Students can dress up as their favorite characters from a book (no movies).  No face or hair paint permitted.
  • The music concert will be on Tuesday, December 5th at 7 pm.  Students should arrive at the Timmons Elementary School Gym at 6:30 pm.  It is helpful if you take their coats to your seats.   Students will be singing about a holiday roadtrip around the USA. Our class will be singing songs about Miami and NYC and can choose to dress up in anything reflective of those places.  If they do not wish to dress up, wearing any school appropriate clothes will be fine.  Also, please do not have them dress up during the day.
  • From 9-11 on Tuesday, December 5th, students will head over to Timmons for their rehearsal
  • We have a busy 3 weeks coming up.  For ample warning, our division test will be on Tuesday, December 19th.  Any child leaving early for the holiday is expected to take the test before they leave.
  • Our end of topic Volcanoes and Earthquakes online test will take place Thursday, December 14th.  There will not be any sign and correct option for this test, as it is taken online.  A study guide will come home shortly.
  • Our class will be participating in the Invention Convention.  Together as a group, we will be finding a problem and solution.  We will make a tri-fold board as a class.  This will all be completed in school.  In 5th grade, after getting some experience under their belts, students will complete this project independently!
  • Also upon our return from break will be our landform research paper.  This is a joint effort with ELA and will be completed completely in class.  Thank you for helping your child choose a topic!


Students are working hard on division.  I will send home extra optional practice sheets to students who want them.  Please feel free to assist your child at home on this difficult concept.  As stated above, our test will be Tuesday, December 19th.  On the 20th, we will have a major 24 battle against Mrs. Fogel’s class for all the glory!!!  Please help us win by encouraging your child to practice their math facts at home.  I need bragging rights!


Students are finishing up their volcano flip books. These will be a helpful resource to use to study for the test.  A study guide will be sent home to help prepare as well.  We will do a quick unit on earthquakes in the coming days to prepare for the Volcanoes and Earthquakes test.


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Week 15

Good of the Order:

  • There is no school Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week in celebration on Thanksgiving!  Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!
  • Students had a Celebration of Learning to share their Math projects.  Students designed classrooms using a budget and set criteria.  It was fun to see how given the same parameters, their designs were remarkably different.  One observation I noted was that most groups were very thrifty!
  • We then had a Math 24 tournament bracket.  Mrs. Burkhard’s class competed against Mr. Jakacki’s class, while my class faced off against Mrs. Fogel’s class.  Congrats to Sam (Jakacki) and Logan (Beynenson) for winning their respective brackets.
  • This month’s peak character trait is gratitude.  Congrats to our student of the month, Sidney!

Math:  We have completed our unit on Multiplication.  Any amount of time you can spend working on 3×1 multiplication over the holiday weekend will make your child so much more successful upon our return.

Science:  Students continued to learn about our specific landform, Volcanoes.  We did some ELA crossover by reading and answering questions about volcanoes by analyzing pictures, words, and diagrams.  We also documented the steps to volcano formation and created a puzzle of Pangaea.  Pangaea is what the earth looked like prior to the plates shifting and creating separate continents.  Upon our return, we will complete our Volcano flipbook.

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Students were asked to choose a landform to research.  The project will take place in January.  It will be conducted 100% in school.  I sent out the permission slip to inform you about the project and have you make a decision more quickly so that when Mrs. Johnston (Integrated Tech) was teaching searching v. researching, we could get our sources and make the best of our time.  There is nothing pressing with the assignment.  All students who have not brought their permission slips will be given a topic at this point.  Sorry for any confusion the early permission slip may have caused.

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Week 14

Good of the Order:

  • Division will begin on Monday, November 27th.  Any help you can give at home to teaching your child 3×1 division is greatly appreciated.
  • Students were able to work with Mrs. Johnston to collect resources for their research papers and save them to their google drive.  They learned the difference between searching and researching.  The research papers will be completed in school exclusively.  We will begin them in early January.
  • There will be no school, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • We will be conducting our annual lock down drill November 28th at 9:30 am.  We use this time to instruct students on proper procedure.


Students enjoyed the design challenge of creating their own classrooms.  Given a budget and size parameters, students worked in small groups to purchase items necessary to make their classroom.  Students are working on their architectural drawings to represent their classrooms.  We will have a celebration on learning on Tuesday to admire all the different classrooms we created!  We will begin division after break.  Students will have their division test on December 19th.  Students leaving early for break will need to take this test prior to leaving.


Students are learning about volcanoes and earthquakes.  We will begin working on our Volcano flipbooks when we return from Thanksgiving break.  Students will have a Volcanoes and Eathquakes online test at the end of the unit.

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Week 13

Good of the Order:

  • Please wear red, white, and blue for our veteran’s day assembly.
  • Students have a government test on November 20th.
  • If you have not already, please send back your permission slips for the Science paper (more info coming soon).
  • In accordance with our dress code, shorts may only be worn when the high temperature is expected to be 70 degrees.  With our colder weather coming please send your child with coats, boots, gloves, hats, winter coats, etc. as we go outside for recess daily.
  • Please make sure your child has a set of extra clothes in their lockers.  I promise, it comes in handy during the winter when they get wet outside!


In Math, we finished Topic 4.  We will be taking our Topic 5 pretest on Monday.  We will not be using the book for Topic 5.   You heard me right, we are going rogue!  Our focus for the next several weeks will be long division using standard algorithm.  Think “old school” the way you learned it!  So here is where you can help.  Please feel free to teach your child as much long division as you can pack into the weekend.  It helps them understand better if they have seen it prior to coming to class.  4th graders are supposed to know 3X1 and 4X1 division.  Here is a video they can watch to help!



In Science, we are still working on our volcano unit.  We will be studying volcanoes in the book and making flip books to help us learn!  Then, we will learn about earthquakes.  Stay tuned for more information about our research paper, which will be completed in class.

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Math Test Postponed

Dear Room 117 and 119 Families,

Our Math test will be postponed to Thursday due to the calamity day.  Thanks for your patience!

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Week 12

Good of the Order

  • Thank you to our fabulous room moms and volunteers who helped make our Halloween party such a success.  The haunted hallway, Monster Mash Bash and classroom party were all a ton of fun!
  • Friday, November 10th, we will have a Veteran’s Day assembly.
  • We will have no school on November 22nd, 23rd, and 24th for Thanksgiving Break!


In Math, we continue to work on 2×2 multiplication.  We are going to spend the rest of the unit focusing on standard algorithm.  Here is a video to remind you of good old fashion multiplication:


Students are really enjoying our unit on Volcanoes.  We have learned that the earth has 3 main layers:  the core, which is divided into the inner and outer core, the mantle, and the crust.  We now understand that all the landforms we can see are on the crust.  Sometimes when the earth’s plates have a weak spot, magma from inside the mantle can escape and come up through the crust. Once the it comes out of the mantle and into the crust, it changes its name to lava.

Our landforms quiz is this Friday.  We are attempting to do this quiz online through a website called Edulastic.  This quiz will not have a sign/correct option because it is an online quiz.  This will help me decide if this type of quiz works well for the students or if paper/pencil tests are more effective.  I am excited to try this new method!

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