Week 5

Mrs. Burkhard will now be posting her information on her homepage, now active on the KIS website.  Here is a direct link:

Mrs. Burkhard Homepage

Please plan to check both pages weekly for information on important announcements and upcoming events in ELA and Social Studies.

Good of the Order:

  • Conference nights are October 19th and 24th.  You will sign up for them online using the KIS website.  When the sign up link is available, I will let you know.
    • Please make sure when you do sign up for conferences that you sign up for the type of conference that I request (single v. joint).
    • Hearing and Vision screening will be held on September 19th for all students.
    • We will have picture day September 22nd.
    • We will also have our student council elections September 22nd.
    • September 22nd is a busy day. We will have our Run-a-Thon assembly then, too.


Our Math topic for topic 2 includes number properties, mental math strategies (counting on, estimation, compensation, break apart) and addition and subtraction using the standard algorithm. Our test is tentatively scheduled for September 26th.    Here are some videos to help with this topic.



We just began our newest unit on Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition.  Weathering breaks down the rocks, erosion carries them away using wind, water, and ice, and deposition drops the sediment in a new location.  This process over millions of years creates landforms.

Here is a video created by a 4th grade class to help with understanding the difference.

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Week 4

Good of the Order:

  • September 11- Patriots’ Day Recognition
  • September 19th is hearing and vision screening at school.  All students will have their hearing and vision checked.  Students who wear glasses should bring them on this day.
  • September 22- Assembly for Run-a-thon fundraiser and student council officer’s speeches at 1:45 p.m.
  • September 22- Picture day
  • The cafeteria added a new “nut free” peanut butter and jelly option.
  • Please make sure to sign the assignment book nightly.
  • Please make sure your child’s Friday Folder is cleaned out, signed on back, and returned each Monday.
  • Please send in box tops!


We completed Topic 1 Place Value and are now moving on to Topic 2, Addition and Subtraction.  We will review borrowing and carrying and complete some fun activities to help our learning.  We will continue to work on place value skills during our Math Workshop times.   Looking ahead, the Topic 2 test is tentatively scheduled for September 21st. Here are some helpful videos for Topic 2:


We are having our Scientific Method Test on Tuesday.  A study guide was sent home for that.  Our next unit will be on Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition.  The big idea for this unit is that there are slow and quick changes that impact earth’s landscape.


We will begin our first class novel Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary.  We will be reading the novel together in class and discussing character traits.  Additionally, we will continue using Scholastic News to practice reading informational texts and answering questions using the look-back strategy.  A new weekly poem will be introduced.

Social Studies

We will continue our Map Skills Review unit.  We will practice using cardinal and intermediate directions to locate places on a map.  We will also study a map of Ohio and its borders.  There will be a quick check on Thursday.

Have a wonderful week!

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Week 3

Good of the Order:

  • Please send in box tops.
  • Hearing and vision screening is 9/19.
  • Picture day is 9/27.


This week, we continued with our reading and writing diagnostics to help better plan for leveled group work we will do in the coming weeks.  Next week, we will begin Scholastic News in class.  We will also begin reviewing genres continue our poetry study.


We will continue to review map skills and complete some fun activities in class.  We tentatively have a quick check scheduled for Thursday.


Students worked hard on place value to the millions place.  We learned to write numbers in expanded and word form, round numbers through the millions place, and compare and order numbers with the >, <, and = symbols.  Here are some helpful videos to watch.  Our test will be on Friday, September 8th.


We will continue our exploration of the Scientific Method.  We have several more experiments to do!  Our science test on the Scientific Method is tentatively scheduled for 9/12.

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Week 2

Hello room 117 and room 119 families!  I look forward to providing weekly newsletters  to update you on our progress.  Please check back here each Friday for the latest in KIS happenings.  I highly recommend subscribing to this site so you will be alerted when a new posting goes up.

Good of the Order:

  • Please send in box tops!  They are easy to collect and help our school!
  • If you child is running for student council, they must have their speeches by Thursday morning (Beynenson) or Friday morning (Ventimiglia).  We will know our winner by the end of the day on Thursday.  Students may only run for student council if they can be dropped off at the school at 7:45 a.m. on the first Tuesday of each month.
  • On Friday, students will bring home their Friday Folders.  Please sign and return them on Monday morning.
  • Important upcoming date:  Friday, August  25th will be our first Science Vocab quiz.  Students came home with note cards today to study.  They will also be expected to put the steps in order.  A worksheet with that information will come home tomorrow.  Please help your child study for this test.


After a series of pretests to determine each students needs, we finally began our first topic of place value!  Students in this topic need to be able to read, write, and compare numbers to the millions place.  There are three ways to write numbers:  standard, expanded, and number name (word) form.  Students also need to understand that each digit is 10 times the value of the digit to the right.  We spend a lot of time making a distinction between place (where a number is located) and value (how much a number is worth).



In Science, we begin by learning the scientific method.  This is a process scientists use to conduct experiments.   As mentioned above, our first quiz will be on Friday.  We will conduct a number of hands on experiments to start off the year, learning about controlling variables and how to draw conclusions about findings!



Our first theme is “It’s Tough to be a Kid”.  We will be using Dear Mr. Henshaw to teach character traits, find theme, and the difference between theme and main idea.  We are completing a project using the students’ summer reading Beverly Cleary book to practice matching character traits to their characters and find setting.   Leveled literature groups  around the theme “It’s Tough to be a Kid” will begin soon, where students will read a book with their group, practicing the above-mentioned strategies.

A goal for the year is to help the students to use textual evidence to support their answer.  Please support our class by encouraging your child to support their thinking in everyday life!

Social Studies:

Our first topic in Social Studies is map skills.  Some of the important topics this unit include identifying cardinal and intermediate directions, learning to read a map, legends, keys, symbols, and how to travel on a map.


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Welcome to 4th Grade!

I am so excited to begin the 2017-2018 school year! It will be a fantastic year for all of us and I cannot wait to get started. Our class is room 117, the last door on the right in the fourth grade hallway. I will be your Math and Science teacher. Your switch teacher will be Mrs. Ventimiglia. She will teach you ELA and Social Studies.  I will be checking my email throughout the summer so please feel free to contact me with any questions!

This website is updated frequently.  Please subscribe to receive updates or check back often (at least weekly).

I look forward to meeting all of you on “Meet the Teacher Day”!

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