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Thank you for coming and sharing in our morning activities.  I hope you enjoyed seeing first hand the growth each and everyone of our kiddos made!  This is always such a bitter sweet time as I know they are ready to leave me but I will truly miss each of them.  Thank you for sharing your most prize possession with me!  I feel so lucky to have worked with your kiddo!

Hands on Measurement!

The students participated in two fun math lessons on measurement… The first was an egg hunt.  Students had to find their egg and then measure its’ length, weight and capacity.  Once measured the students decorated their eggs.  The second lesson was an extension from The Foot Book.  Students were asked to trace their foot on construction paper.  Then they measured the length using paper clips, unifix cubes, and bear counters.  The students loved estimating how many cubes long the giant footprint was.  Of course we had to work as a team to find the answer.

Measurement Fun!

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Today the students had fun measuring themselves with a variety of objects.  Some chose bear counters, markers, crayons, gems, and others chose links, lincoln logs, tiles, unifix cubes.  We had a fun math lesson filled with measuring and counting.  Then we lined ourselves up from shortest to tallest!  What an engaging math lesson!  Stayed tuned for more exciting lessons!


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We had a great start to our Monday and kickoff to the exciting week.  A special visitor, Skipper from the Captains Baseball Team got the school excited for our right to read week!  We even had a Timmons version of the Ketchup, (Mr. Rogaliner) Mustard (Mrs. Hasenhorl), and Hot Dog (Mrs. Kubas) race.  Ask your child who came in 1st place.  To highlight this special week, we will be learning all about Mo Willems, a popular author and illustrator.