Agenda for the next week!

8th Grade Social Studies Agenda


Wednesday 2-8:


  1. Complete timeline sequencing activity-due Friday
  2. Work on color coded united States map – due at end of class Friday
  3. Work on Learning Targets- due tomorrow

HW:  Quiz over chapter 7 Vocab Words and learning targets due


  • Bicameral * depreciate * republic
  • Ordinance * depression * compromise
  • Manumission * proportional * federalism
  • Legislative branch *executive branch * judicial Branch
  • Electoral College * amendment *checks and balances


Thursday 2-9:

Location: Library


  1. Complete online Chapter 7 vocab quiz
  2. Begin argumentative writing piece for Articles of Confederation- read articles and map out points and evidence

HW: Work on writing piece


Friday 2-10:


  1. Finish Color Coded map activity from Weds- due at end of period
  2. Finish class notes/discussion
  3. Work on writing piece

HW:  Test over 7.1-7.2 (Articles of Confederation on Tuesday)


Monday:  2-13

Location- Library


  1. Independent work on Writing piece- due Thursday


HW:   Test over Articles of Confederation tomorrow


Tuesday: 2-14


Test over 7.1-7.2 (Articles of Confederation)

If time permits- work on writing piece

HW: Writing Piece due Thursday

“To Do”until Thanksgiving Break


What to Expect in Social Studies until Thanksgiving Break


*You will be broken into project groups and assigned a Taxation Act to complete as your project (follow instruction sheet)

* We will go over instructions for project- Project due by end of Monday’s class

* Remaining time will be used to work on Individual Chapter Work:

Chapter 5 Individual Work Assignment:

-Read chapter 5 with a purpose

-Complete Chapter 5 Assessment on pages 135-136 Questions 1-11

Make sure to support your letter for #11 with details from the chapter that shows   your understanding of the chapter

– Page 134- choose 1 of the 4 activities to complete (you may do a second one for extra credit)- DUE BY MONDAY


*Group time to work on your Taxation  Act Posters- gather information to all your questions- map out some of the visuals to go on poster

HW: Work on Chapter 5 individual work-due by Monday


* Library Computer Day

Utilize the computers to work process anything that you may need for you posters, print off and have ready to put onto posters on Monday

HW: Come Prepared Monday to Finish Posters- due by end of class

Chapter 5 individual work due Monday


*FInalize Posters- make them complete, colorful, easy to understand



*video- events that lead up the the Revolutionary War

HW: NONE Happy Turkey Day! Enjoy your time off!!!!!