Answer Key To Bell Ringer #1

Bell Ringer 1 Answer Key
1. What country colonized the New World to spread Christianity and trade with the Natives? ______________________France
2. The French founded the city of _______________________ in Louisiana. New Orleans
3. What is the name of the protestant religious group who fled France looking for religious freedom? ________________Huguenots
4. What country first settled on the eastern coast of the United States? _________________________English
5. England colonized the New World because they had a fast growing __________________, a _____________ population and groups that wanted _______________ freedom. middle class, surplus, religious
6. People that had little or no money to get out of debt was called _______________. debtor
7. What paper did Sir Walter Raleigh have to get before he could establish Roanoke? _________________________charter

1. What company formed the colony of Jamestown? _____________________________ Virginia Company
2. What did the colonists at Jamestown expect to find? _________________________gold
3. What Native American group did the Jamestown settlers encounter? ____________________________Powhatan
4. I was the leader of Jamestown. Who am I? ________________________John Smith
5. I made peace with the Jamestown settlers and saved John Smith’s life? Who am I? ______________Pocahontas
6. I brought the first tobacco seeds to Jamestown. Who am I? _____________________John Rolfe
7. What crop made Jamestown successful? _______________________tobacco

1. The Jamestown colony was located on the ___________ River in the Chesapeake Bay. James
2. A _______________ is a group of people who invest money to share losses and profits of a colony. joint-stock company
3. After John Smith left Jamestown, the colony suffered the _________________ in which they faced starvation.starving time
4. Because the water by Jamestown was __________, the settlers became deathly sick. brackish
5. An ____________________ is a person that agrees to work for a certain number of years in exchange for free passage to America. indentured servant
6. The arrival of _____________ at Jamestown meant that the colony had become stable. women
7. The _______________________ was the first law making organization in America. House of Burgesses

1. What was the first law making organization in North America? ________________________________ House of Burgesses
2. What group wanted to separate from the Church of England? _______________________ Separatists/Pilgrims
3. What is the name of the ship the Pilgrims were riding to the New World? _____________________________Mayflower
4. What did the Pilgrims sign that set up self-gov’t and established majority rule? ________________________ Mayflower Compact
5. We were the two Indians that saved the Pilgrims from starving. Who are we? _____________ and _____________ Samoset, Squanto
6. I was the leader of the Pilgrims. Who am I? ______________________William Bradford
7. What religious group settled Massachusetts Bay Colony? ____________________________Puritans

1. ____________________ founded the colony of Rhode Island and established religious freedom. Roger Williams
2. A _____________________ is a person who has a different opinion that the group. dissenter
3. During the _______________________, hundreds of people were accused of witchcraft and some were even executed. Salem Witch Trials
4. A ________________ is a type of government in which religious leaders make all of the decisions. theocracy
4. Gold is to _______________________ (colony) as the Puritans are to _______________________________(colony). Jamestown, Massachusetts Bay
5. Jamestown is to _________________________(Native American group) as Roger Williams is to _________________________(Native American group) Powhatan, Narragansett
6. Mayflower Compact is to _______________ (colony) as the House of Burgesses is to _________________(colony) Plymouth, Jamestown
7. Roger Williams is to _____________________(colony) as John Smith is to _________________________ (colony). Rhode Island, Jamestown